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Top 25 Best Pokemon Costumes for Adults

Top 25 Best Pokemon Costumes for Adults

The Pokemon Company have perfected the formula for cute and cool Pokemon. Even the trainers and NPCs are popular!

A lot of us just can’t help but dress up as these mighty and adorable creatures and characters.

So if you’re looking for Pokemon costume ideas for Halloween or an upcoming cosplay convention, we’ve got you covered. We have 25 of the best adult Pokemon costumes for you to scroll!

25. Pikachu Hoodie

Girls Wearing Pikachu Hoodie
Source: (Left), Pinterest – (Middle), and Forever 21 (Right)

Let’s start with the iconic mascot of the Pokemon series – Pikachu!

Pikachu is the face of the franchise for a good reason. Its adorable voice, squishy cheeks, and overall cuteness are aww-inducing.

So if you want to be cute and show your love for Pikachu in an adorable way, try out this Pikachu cosplay idea! Grab a Pikachu hoodie and carry around your favorite Pikachu plushie.

This is also a great Pikachu Halloween costume. You will be adorable and quite comfy and warm for the night! Best of both worlds!

24. Pokemon Onesies

Pokemon Onesies
Source: PRISM Cosplay

Cosplaying with friends is always fun. Share the cuteness and comfort of cosplay with these Pokemon onesies!

This is a great Pokemon cosplay group idea since the onesies are soft, loose, and comfy. Plus, you can each pick your favorite Pokemon. 

Fan of Pikachu? Do a Pikachu cosplay with this onesie! You’re more of a Pancham fighter? You can rock that panda Pokemon easily.

Whether you’re out doing a Halloween costume party with the gang or roaming the vast anime convention floors together, you’ll all be cute and comfortable the entire time.

23. Ash and Pikachu (With Your Dog!)

Ash Ketchum Costume and Pikachu Dog Costume
Source: sidekick-cosplay on Tumblr

Here’s another excellent Ash Ketchum costume idea! 

As mentioned before, instead of going solo with your Ash cosplay, you can have a friend tag along and be your Pikachu sidekick.

And what better friend to have as Pikachu than man’s best friend!

That’s right, your dog can definitely do a Pikachu cosplay.

There are hoodies and Pokemon dog costumes suitable for pets. This way, you can share the fun of dressing up with your animal companion in an adorable way.

22. Misty

Misty Costume
Source: Sakura Amai (Top Left), Bella Hestella (Bottom Left), TUNA (Right)

Be the pretty water Pokemon trainer you’ve always dreamed of with these Misty cosplay ideas!

All you need is a yellow tank top, jean shorts, and red suspenders. The orange hair might be a bit tricky and the Togepi plush is optional, but the rest of this Misty costume shouldn’t be too hard to find.

You can even have your picture taken by the beach or at the pool! And if you want to get creative with your hijab, you can use it as Misty’s hair!

21. Pokemon Dog Costumes

Pokemon Dog Costume
Source: u/miniebunny on Reddit (Left), aolesin on Thingiverse (Right)

Got inspired by that earlier entry with dog Pikachu? Here are more Pokemon dog costume ideas for fur parents who want to cosplay with their fur pals.

While the internet is full of Pokemon suits for pets, the one with Magikarp is a hilarious idea. Your dog can flop on the floor to look like Magikarp’s splash move!

The Cubone mask is also an adorable look! User aolesin on Thingiverse shared their 3D print file for this, so you can make it for your own Cubone too.

If a DIY Pokemon dog costume is more of your thing, definitely give this a try.

20. Squirtle Squad

Squirtle Squad Costume
Source: cosweplayproject on Instagram

Is having a cool group cosplay your squad goal? Gather the squad and let them know about this Pokemon cosplay idea.

Ash’s Squirtle went through a troublesome time during its early days. It caused chaos with its gang and pestered travelers.

But through the power of friendship, Squirtle and his friends reformed and used their skills for good. They became firefighters!

If your friends haven’t finalized their Pokemon Halloween costumes for this year, how’s this for an idea? It’s quite inspiring and super rad!

19. Eevee Gijinka

Eevee Gijinka Costume
Source: Fayren7 on Deviantart (Left), Alexia Faye on (Right)

Still looking for a cute Pokemon to cosplay? How about Eevee?

Gijinka is the idea of anthropomorphizing nonhuman things. With Pokemon, you can have fun with it and make dresses, kimonos, and suits with Pokemon details and elements.

As for Eevee, you can focus on its fluffy fur for your gijinka. Your hair can be wavy and fluffy to represent Eevee’s fluffiness. You can also make an Eevee-themed kimono-seifuku dress!

18. Pokemon Gijinka

Pokemon Gijinka Costumes
Source: Cosplay Corner, Kyrios Lim, A.R.C. Photography, Micho Teh Photography

Let’s continue the gijinka idea with our 17th entry – Pokemon gijinka. You can expand your Eevee cosplay and include the rest of the Eeveelutions!

This is also a wonderful Pokemon cosplay idea for your friends. You can all cosplay together but still retain a theme for the group. 

Since each of the Eeveelutions are distinct and unique, your friends can pick which ones they like or ones that reflect who they are.

And if they add another Eeveelution in the upcoming Pokemon games, that’s one more to choose from!

17. Mimikyu Mascot

Mimikyu Mascot Costume
Source: Rale Photography, Sea Of Rabbitz on Facebook

If you want to show your inner Pokemon fan and go all out for your Halloween costume, dressing up as mascot Mimikyu might make you the star of the show.

Mimikyu just wants to be loved. Unfortunately, it can’t help itself but be creepy and spooky! According to its Pokedex entries, a scholar witnessed what was underneath its Pikachu disguise and died from the shock.

From that lore alone, a Mimikyu cosplay sounds fitting as a Pokemon Halloween costume. Just don’t scare anyone who wants to see the real you!

16. Silent Hill Nurse Joy

Silent Hill Nurse Joy Costume
Source: Tamlin-Haven on Deviantart

Speaking of Nurse Joy cosplay possibilities, how about giving her a scary spin using this Silent Hill Nurse Joy idea?

It’s spooky but also hilarious, and a lot of video game fans out there will get a kick out of this combo. Alas, Nurse Joy succumbed to the stress of hospital life.

We’re still a couple of months away from Halloween, so you still got time to do this Pokemon Halloween costume and to practice the creepy Bubble Head Nurse movements.

For a more traditional Nurse Joy keep scrolling!

15. Princess Pokemon

Pokemon Princess Costume
Source: Council of THR33 Cosplay

Disney princesses? How about Pokemon princesses instead!

Dazzle everyone with your beauty and charm by being a Pokemon in a poofy dress. Glide and twirl around the ballroom as you dance with your charming prince – which could be a Gyarados full of flair. Don’t worry, you won’t turn back into a Pokemon after midnight!

You can match the color of your gown with the color of the Pokemon of your choosing. I’ve never considered pink in the shade of Slowpoke before, but I’ll keep that in mind for my next gala.

14. Maid Gastly, Haunter, Gengar

Maid Gastly Haunter Gengar
Source: Council of THR33 Cosplay

If you’ve wondered how you can mix Pokemon, Halloween, and cute for your costume, you’ve got your answer right here.

This maid costume idea is pretty creative. The tulle or petticoat underneath the maid skirt is in purple, which is the perfect color for this trio.

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are one of the most popular Pokemon trios in the series. Not only are they excellent Pokemon, but they’re also pretty memorable due to how you can only evolve Gengar through trading.

And for sure, you and your friends will be quite memorable with these outfits!

13. Cool Cloyster

Cool Cloyster Costume
Source: @sr_hkam on Twitter

If you would rather be cool and gentlemanly with your Pokemon costume, be like this cool Cloyster cosplayer instead.

Not only will the mask protect you from the heat, but the overall outfit can also go well with any of your black clothing from your wardrobe.

Dapper, dashing, and cool!

12. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokemon Trainer

Legends Arceus Pokemon Trainer Costume
Source: karara on

Dressing up as a Pokemon trainer is a good idea. But it’s even cooler if you attempt the Pokemon trainer costume from Legends: Arceus!

Legends: Arceus takes place in the distant past, and so a lot of the outfits, gadgets, and technology look ancient. Still, all of it has a cute charm that works well as a Pokemon cosplay.

Optional but highly recommended: Eat some potato mochi too!

11. Ball Guy

Ball Guy Costume
Source: Baggincats Cosplay on Instagram

For a Pokemon cosplay that truly stands out, be the helpful Ball Guy who always cheers for Pokemon trainers!

The tricky part of this Pokemon costume is the headwear. But with some patience, resourcefulness, and arts and crafts knowledge, you should be able to make one!

Ball Guy will cheer for you and you bet he’ll be proud.

To make it even more fun, you can hand out Poke Ball stickers to people, just like how Ball Guy hands out Poke Balls to trainers in the games.

10. Eevee Mascot Cosplaying Eeveelutions

Best Pokemon Costume - Eevee Mascot
Source: @ilovuchem on Twitter

And now we’re down to one Pokemon costume left, which is the cutest of them all. Here’s mascot Eevee cosplaying its Eeveelutions!

During a Pokemon event in Japan, this Eevee mascot put on the headdresses of its Eeveelutions. It wore a Vaporeon headband that featured Vaporeon’s fin-like ears. At one point, it also had Sylveon’s bow and ribbons.

If you’re planning on an Eevee costume, you can probably spice it up by wearing Eeveelution headdresses like this. Just like Eevee, the cute possibilities are in your hands!

9. Samurai Gyarados

Samurai Gyarados Costume
Source: dorncosplay on Instagram

Gyarados’s character design partially takes inspiration from koinobori or carp windsocks flown in Japan for traditional reasons.

So it makes sense to fuse Gyarados’s traditional concept with the traditional samurai getup.

Samurai armor consists of many parts. To name some, there’s the spaulders for the shoulders and upper arms, fauld for the hips, crest for design, and forehead plate to protect the head and face

All of those elements creatively become Gyarados-themed. The armor has Gyarados scales and the plate has Gyarados’s intimidating face!

Wonderful work!

8. Charizard Gijinka and Charizard Armor

Charizard Gijinka Costume
Source: dorncosplay and amberskyecosplay on Instagram

Charizard is one of the most popular Pokemon in the series, so I can’t blame you if you want to do a Pokemon cosplay with this fiery and ferocious Pokemon.

You can get creative with your Charizard costume too. Turn it into armor with a fang-filled helmet for a hardcore look. 

You can also become a blazing goddess with a beautiful headdress and incandescent heeled steps. Take your pick!

7. Battle Armor Pikachu

Battle Armor Pikachu Costume
Source: SpiritRising7 on Deviantart

Love mecha armors? Want to see one more Pikachu costume? You’re in luck!

With light-up parts, a huge sword, and a cute logo, here’s battle armor Pikachu ready to face the cosplay arena!

Making armor out of cardboard, foam sheets or moldable plastic takes time, talent, and absolute patience. So it always wows us what cosplayers can do with their passion and dedication.

With this costume, they turned adorable Pikachu into a badass fighting machine. And golly, it works!

Some shoulder pads here and a hunk of the shield there, Pikachu is ready to zip and zap its way to victory.

6. Armored Umbreon

Armored Umbreon Costume
Source: Jackie and B1NH Photography on Facebook

Let’s get a bit futuristic with this armored Umbreon idea!

Because of its evolution requirements, Umbreon has always been a Pokemon of the night. So turning Umbreon into a mech suit or robot is such a cool idea.

They even made the head have glowy red eyes like Umbreon’s!

Go forth and be cool, armored mecha Umbreon.

5. Ash Ketchum (and Misty)

Ash Ketchum Misty Couples Costume
Source: Sam Yagami (Left), MK Ho and Taufu Yen (Right)

Do you want to wear the very best Pokemon cosplay, like no other cosplay ever was? You can give this Ash costume idea a try!

With Ash’s numerous cap styles and vests over the years, you have a range of Ash costumes to pick.

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From his classic outfit to his shirts from his latest adventures – you can be Ash in multiple cosplay events and on Halloween.

The great thing about this Ash cosplay is that it’s the perfect Pokemon costume for couples, too!

4. Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy Cosplay
Source: edeets on Deviantart (Top Left), u/SunflowerSquirrel on Reddit (Bottom Left), cosplaykingdom on Tumblr (Top Right), Shwintron on Imgur (Bottom Right)

The kind and helpful Nurse Joy definitely gets a spot in our Pokemon cosplay list!

Because of her pink hair, adorable nurse outfit, and overall cuteness, Nurse Joy is a favorite among Pokemon cosplayers.

We can see why – you can come up with a lot of fun ideas with a Nurse Joy costume! 

With a bunch of friends, you can go as a group of Nurse Joy cousins. With a BFF, you can have Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny duo. You can even have a Brock who fawns over you!

Coming up with your own Nurse Joy costume shouldn’t be too difficult. Just like Officer Jenny, she later gets different hairstyles and nurse uniforms.

There’s even a tanned Nurse Joy who traveled from one island to another to help sick Pokemon.

3. Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny Cosplay
Source: anzu_cos on (Left) and @JaharaJayde (Right)

Hold up! You’re under arrest – for being a cutie!

Cheesy jokes aside, you can help keep the peace and order of things with this cute Officer Jenny cosplay. You can bring a Poke Ball with you or have a Growlithe plushie as your assistant.

There are also other Officer Jenny uniforms and hairstyles to try if you want something different

In Pokemon Black and White, she has shorter hair and wears a khaki outfit. In Alola, she wears a vest and black pants.

2. Leon

Leon Pokemon Trainer Costume
Source: @Leon_Chiro on Twitter

The charismatic champion of the Galar Region gets a spot on our list!

With his fluffy cape, standout purple hair, and mighty Charizard, Leon is an amazing character to cosplay. He’s cool and inspirational, and you can even bring along a Charizard plushie with you!

If you have a little bro who wants to cosplay with you, he can be your Hop and do a cosplay duo together!

1. Team Rocket

Team Rocket Jessie James Cosplay
Source: Kifir on Flickr, Ryoko, Rei/Malro-doll

A Pokemon cosplay list won’t be complete without having one of the best duos in the series ever. Make way for the dazzling, fashionable, and iconic Team Rocket!

Before you go out there to protect the world from devastation, there’s more to this cosplay than just their Team Rocket outfit.

While there are a lot of good Team Rocket cosplays out there, what makes this one stand out is the hair. A Jessie Pokemon cosplay needs that gravity-defying red hair!

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Meanwhile, James’ hair might seem simple, but it needs the right zigzaggy edges to capture his hairstyle right.

Keep those in mind and you should be excellent. Now grab your bestie and rock this Team Rocket costume!

For more ideas on which Pokemon to dress up as, check out our Top 30 Cutest Pokemon ever!