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Best Legendary Water Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Water Type Pokemon Ranked

Our Legendary train hasn’t stopped yet! We’ve been featuring a lot of Legendaries lately, and this time we’re making a big wave with Legendary Water type Pokemon!

Legendary Water Pokemon are usually depicted as calm and serene souls, although some of them can be brash and boiling hot! There aren’t a lot of them, so we included some Mythical ones, as well as bonus entries.

We considered their origins, character design, and combat abilities when ranking them. Each of them is truly unique and we can’t wait to see more Water type Pokemon in the upcoming games.

Let’s splash around and find out more about them, shall we?

14. Bonus: Phione

Legendary Water Pokemon Phione
Source: Bulbapedia

Phione’s status as a Mythical or Legendary Pokemon is contested. It’s part of the Sea Guardians duo with Manaphy, but it’s unclear whether it has the same status as its partner.

Still, we decided to include this Water Pokemon on this list as a bonus entry.

Legendary or not, Phione is an interesting Water Pokemon. It has a flotation sac on its head, plus a lengthy ribbon-like antenna attached to it.

It likes to inhabit warm waters. You’ll see it drift and float around with its inflated flotation sac – sometimes in packs!

It can excellently camouflage in the water due to its blue color, though, so it’ll be tough spotting it.

Curiously, no matter where it ends up drifting, it always comes back to the place it was born. There’s no place like home for Phione!

13. Bonus: Arceus (Splash Plate)

Legendary Water Pokemon Arceus Water Type (Splash Plate)
Source: Bulbapedia

Arceus with a Splash Plate is another bonus entry on our list! 

While this Mythical Pokemon is normally a Normal type, when you give it a Splash Plate it turns into a Water type Pokemon.

You can see it in action in the anime! In the fourth special episode of Pokemon Journeys, Arceus reveals its Plates.

It then used a Splash Plate and transformed into Water type Arceus and wowed everyone with its power by making an ocean in the sky!

12. Palkia

Legendary Water Pokemon Palkia
Source: Pokemon Fandom

We’ve featured Palkia in our Legendary Dragon Pokemon list, so check that out if you want to see its Dragon typing. For now, let’s see what makes Palkia a Water type. 

Palkia is a fascinating Water Dragon Pokemon because it doesn’t really look like one. Honestly, not much about Palkia’s Pokedex entries talk about its Water typing.

It was, however, worshiped by the Pearl Clan. It also has pearl orbs on its shoulders. Those are the biggest links to water for Palkia.

Combat-wise, Palkia has very high Special Attack. You can definitely make it a STAB specialist wallbreaker with water using Hydro Pump!

11. Palkia – Origin Forme

Legendary Water Pokemon Palkia Origin Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

When given a Lustrous Globe, Palkia transforms into its Origin Forme!

It is said that this is its true form. Instead of being bipedal, it turns into a centaur-dragon hybrid. Palkia resembles Arceus in this form!

According to one of its Pokedex entries, transforming into this is a strategy to gain Arceus’s powers.

Still, Palkia Origin Forme lacks water features in its design. It does get a boost in its Speed and Attack stats, and its Special Attack is still high. Thus, using Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, and Aqua Tail should still be good.

10. Manaphy

Legendary Water Pokemon Manaphy
Source: Bulbapedia

The Prince of the Sea graces us with its presence at number 10!

Manaphy’s domain is the cold seafloor. Its body is made up of 80% water, so it can easily get affected when its water environment changes. Like Phione, it always swims back to its birthplace.

As a Mythical Pokemon, Manaphy is quite an enigma. It’s the only Mythical Pokemon that can breed, but its offsprings are all Phiones. We still don’t know much about these two, but that’s royalty for you.

In combat, Manaphy’s Hydration ability helps a lot when used with Rain Dance. It can cure its status ailments thanks to the rain. Luckily, Manaphy can naturally learn Rain Dance when leveling up.

Bring on the rain, Manaphy!

9. Suicune

Legendary Water Pokemon Suicune
Source: Bulbapedia

Breezing through our list at number 9, here’s the divine and elegant Suicune!

Suicune is one of the Legendary Beasts resurrected by Ho-oh. Along with Entei and Raikou, they were the three Pokemon who perished during the burning of the Brass Tower.

Suicune represents the rain that put out the fire of the tower. It’s why it’s a Legendary Water Pokemon.

Lore-wise, Suicune shows its Water type abilities by walking on water and purifying muddy waters with just a touch. It’s also known as the embodiment of north winds and will elegantly run like the wind on grasslands.

Interestingly, its Speed stat is not like the wind at all. Suicune’s highest stat is Defense and Special Defense, followed by HP.

If you’re wondering if Suicune is a big dog or cat, let us settle the debate with what Muneo Saito said, Suicune has a leopard-like design. It’s likely based on Fujin, the shinto god of the north wind.

8. Tapu Fini

Legendary Water Pokemon Tapu Fini
Source: Bulbapedia

Tapu Fini, the Water Fairy Pokemon guardian of Poni Island in her swordfish shell, gets the 8th spot on our list!

We’ve featured Tapu Fini in our Legendary Fairy Pokemon article before. This time, let’s see what its Water type side is like.

As a Water type Legendary and a deity to an island, Tapu Fini can control water and even gain energy from ocean currents.

Tapu Fini also possesses a special water that can purify anything it touches. This special water is so valuable that a lot of greedy humans tried to get it for their own nefarious reasons.

This has made Tapu Fini pretty wary and distrustful of humans.

Another mystical thing Tapu Fini can do with water is make a water clock. Water clocks are old measuring instruments that use water to track the passage of time.

Tapu Fini can then link the world of the living and the dead with a water clock and mist.

Don’t stay too long in the mist, though! It can trap you if you feel too much anguish from seeing a dead loved one!

Tapu Fini definitely merges her fae powers with her Water type abilities.

7. Keldeo – Ordinary Form

Legendary Water Pokemon Keldeo Ordinary Form
Source: Bulbapedia

Appearing from beautiful waterfronts is Keldeo, the unicorn-like Water Fighting Pokemon!

Keldeo is one fascinating Mythical Pokemon. With its forehead horn that grows because of harsh battles, it resembles a unicorn. One of its Pokedex entries notes that it can even walk on water thanks to its jet hooves!

It likes to travel and move around in order to train. This characteristic is definitely shown in its stats. Its Special Attack is pretty high, followed by Speed.

Its Water/Fighting dual typing is excellent when dealing with some meta-favorite Pokemon. And if you like Keldeo now, wait till it grows a magnificent horn!

6. Keldeo – Resolute Form

Legendary Water Pokemon Keldeo Resolute Form
Source: Bulbapedia

When taught the move Secret Sword, Keldeo turns into its Resolute Form!

It’s now more unicorn-like in appearance, and its horn is definitely more obvious in this state. Secret Sword is a signature move of Keldeo and it slashes its target with its horn!

Keldeo’s origin is actually a sad tale. A fire broke out in its forest home due to a war caused by humans. Upon fleeing, Keldeo got separated from its parents.

Fortunately, the Swords of Justice (Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion) found and took care of Keldeo. They were the ones that trained Keldeo and taught it its secret move!

So it’s not all sad for Keldeo. Be free and enjoy life, little water unicorn!

5. Volcanion

Legendary Water Pokemon Volcanion
Source: Bulbapedia

Shooting up like a geyser at number five, here’s the Mythical Fire Water Pokemon Volcanion!

Volcanion is one unique Pokemon. It’s the only Pokemon with a Fire/Water dual typing.

We’ve featured it in our Fire Legendary Pokemon list, but in this article we’ll be focusing more on its Water side.

For starters, its ability Water Absorb lets it heal whenever it gets hit with a Water type move. Pretty handy, don’t you think?

It has excellent Water attacks, such as Scald, Hydro Pump, and Steam Eruption. The last one is its signature move and is great to use because of its Same-type Attack Bonus or STAB.

It’s also categorized as the Steam Pokemon because it can make powerful steam with its water and fire moves. Not only can it do Water and Fire type attacks, but it also has notable Ground and Poison coverage.

A unique Water type Pokemon with balanced coverage for combat? Volcanion is quite es-steamed!

4. Urshifu – Rapid Strike Style

Legendary Water Pokemon Urshifu Rapid Strike Style
Source: Bulbapedia

Like a serene river, Urshifu in its Rapid Strike Style flows its way to number four on our list!

Urshifu is a newcomer among Legendaries. This Fighting Water Pokemon was added in Gen 8, during Sword and Shield’s Expansion Pass.

Its pre-evolution is Kubfu. Depending on how you train Kubfu and what scroll you give it, you can either get the brash Single Strike Style Urshifu or the calm Rapid Strike Style Urshifu.

Rapid Strike Urshifu would rather observe its opponents in a tranquil manner. And like a river, it swiftly flows its body to avoid attacks and then rapidly hit opponents with strikes. 

Akin to a river, Rapid Strike Urshifu flows but is also unyielding. Don’t get swept away!

3. Gigantamax Urshifu – Rapid Strike Style

Legendary Water Pokemon Gigantamax Urshifu Rapid Strike Style
Source: Bulbapedia

Like a huge river, Rapid Strike Style Urshifu in Gigantamax form comes crashing down with all its might!

Although Gigantamax is unique to Sword and Shield only, we just had to include this Pokemon to our list because of how cool it is!

It retains Rapid Strike Urshifu’s disposition. It’s still calm and shows control with its stance by balancing on one leg.

It’s noted in its Pokedex entry that one glare from it can vanquish the evil lurking in anyone’s heart.

Gigantamax Rapid Strike Urshifu is the perfect example of “beware the calm and quiet ones!”

2. Kyogre

Legendary Water Pokemon Kyogre
Source: Bulbapedia

Well, well, whale – we have the gentle giant Kyogre at number two!

Kyogre is normally a calm and peaceful whale-like Pokemon. This Legendary Water Pokemon can actually control water and rain, helping places affected by drought.

While that sounds endearing and sweet, don’t ever let it meet its rival Groudon because Kyogre will be anything but sweet! The two are known to get aggressive with each other.

Kyogre’s battle-ready side is shown in its stats and during combat. Kyogre remains to be one of the favorites in the metagame. It has impressive Special Attack, excellent Special Defense, and good Attack and HP.

Its Drizzle ability is great too! It powers up its STAB Water type attacks like Water Spout, Origin Pulse, and Hydro Pump.

1. Primal Kyogre

Legendary Water Pokemon Primal Kyogre
Source: Bulbapedia

If you think Kyogre is already great, you’ll have a whale of a time when it transforms into its Primal Form!

At the top spot, Primal Kyogre comes splashing into our list!

Regular Kyogre turns into Primal Kyogre when given a Blue Orb. It still retains its whale-like body, but now has glowy yellow eyes and translucent parts. 

The see-through parts reveal a yellow organ inside its body. Its body can give off a sapphire glow too.

Those aren’t the only changes Primal Kyogre has. Its Attack, Special Attack, and Special Defense all increase making it a sturdier and stronger Kyogre.

If you want to see it in action, check out X and Y’s special episode. In it, Primal Kyogre fights with Primal Groudon over a mysterious item called Giant Rock. 

The item is said to be a mysterious energy source that can help them expand continents or the seas. You see, Primal Kyogre has the ability to raise the water level of oceans and even expand it! 

This whale wants more water, alright. But oh majestic Primal Kyogre, we can only offer you the #1 spot on our list.

Best Legendary Water Pokemon Kyogre and Primal Kyogre Wins!
Source: Bulbapedia

List of All Legendary Water Type Pokemon

Here is a list of all Water Legendary Pokemon, as well as Mythical and bonus entries:

PhioneWaterGen 41’4″ or 0.4 m6.8 lbs or 3.1 kg
Arceus (Splash Plate)WaterGen 410’6″ or 3.2 m705.5 lbs or 320 kg
PalkiaWater/DragonGen 413’9″ or 4.2 m740.8 lbs or 336 kg
Palkia Origin FormeWater/DragonGen 420’8″ or 6.3 m1455.1 lbs or 660 kg
ManaphyWaterGen 41’0″ or 0.3 m3.1 lbs or 1.4 kg
SuicuneWaterGen 26’7″ or 2 m412.3 lbs or 187 kg
Tapu FiniWater/FairyGen 74’3″ or 1.3 m46.7 lbs or 21.2 kg
Keldeo Ordinary FormWater/FightingGen 54’7″ or 1.4 m106.9 lbs or 48.5 kg
Keldeo Resolute FormWater/FightingGen 54’7″ or 1.4 m106.9 lbs or 48.5 kg
VolcanionFire/WaterGen 65’7″ or 1.7 m429.9 lbs or 195 kg
Urshifu – Rapid StrikeFighting/WaterGen 86’3″ or 1.9 m231 lbs or 105 kg
Gigantamax UrshifuFighting/WaterGen 885’4″ or 26 mUnknown
KyogreWaterGen 314’9″ or 4.5 m776 lbs or 352 kg
Primal KyogreWaterGen 332’2″ or 9.8 m948 lbs or 430 kg

Whew, hopefully, that was a refreshing read. Why not check out our best Pokemon costumes/cosplays!