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Best Legendary Steel Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Steel Type Pokemon Ranked

Need help against Fairy, Ice, and Rock Pokemon? No need to fear, Steel Legendaries are here!

Steel types are the answer when you’re looking for a reliable Pokemon to add to your team, a Pokemon that does not shy away from taking damage but is also capable of dishing out damage when needed.

These Pokemon were introduced in the second generation, and ever since, they have been wreaking havoc in the Pokemon universe!

Over the years, Game Freak has added many great Steel types to the game, especially the Legendary ones.

These Pokemon are supposed to be the face of a generation, so they have to look good and be super strong.

Currently, there are 7 Legendary Steel types in the game; some are pure Steel types, while some come in dual typing.

Regardless, these Steel-type Pokemon still manage to overpower a lot of Pokemon in-game.

These 7 Steel-type legendaries are powerful and valuable in their own way, but obviously, some of them are better than others.

So, we created a list in which we ranked all the Legendary Steel-type that exists!

7. Cobalion

Cobalion in the forest
Source: Bulbapedia

We start off our list with the calm and composed Cobalion, a Pokemon that is known to be a protector of Pokemon.

Many say it has a body and heart of steel, and will not hesitate to fight humans just to protect Pokemon!

Cobalion is part of the Swords of Justice and is its presumed leader. It definitely gives a commander aura!

Stats-wise, Cobalion was a great Pokemon back in its day, but it currently has the lowest total base stats in this list, hence its lowly position. However, the Pokemon’s dual Steel/Fighting typing is an advantage in many battles.

Unfortunately, with a mere 90 Attack and a Special Attack, Cobalion is not the best Pokemon to knock out your enemies. It can take a lot of hits, though.

Cobalion is efficient against Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type Pokemon, but for the rest of the types it is mostly not very practical or just does average damage.

Still, even with its flaws, Cobalion is still a pretty strong Pokemon!

6. Registeel

Registeel attacking
Source: Bulbapedia

Next up on the list, we have one of the many Legendary titans that inhabit the world of Pokemon.

Registeel is a pure Steel type Pokemon and the only Legendary pure Steel type in Pokemon that exists.

It is part of the Legendary Titans from Gen 3. All the Regi gang members are designed according to their type, and Registeel is definitely modeled after a spherical robot.

Fun fact, its material is sturdier than any other metal known to mankind. It is said that Registeel was created inside the Earth’s mantle.

Aside from its interesting lore, Registeel manages to come up above Cobalion because of its strong Defense and Special Defense stats.

But, apart from that, Registeel is not that good, especially with that 50 Speed, which ensures you never land the first hit.

Though Registeel has a massive 580 base stat, its shortcomings prevent it from realizing all of its potential.

It is a pure Steel type and weak against Fire, Ground, and Fighting.

5. Heatran

Heatran roaring
Source: Bulbapedia

The volcanic monster Heatran is on the number 5 spot in this list!

This Pokemon was first added to the game in the 4th generation, and since then has been a destructive force in the Pokemon meta-game.

He’s so cool (or in this instance, hot?) that we’ve featured it before in our Legendary Fire type list.

Heatran is one of the go-to Steel types and Fire types for competitive Pokemon players as it is only weak to Fighting, Ground, and Water-type Pokemon.

Its strengths outweigh its weakness, thanks to its massive 600 base stat, which will make sure you overpower almost every opponent you face in a battle.

The Special Defense and Defense are really high for Heatran. In addition to that, it also has a very high Special Attack stat. Heatran can definitely dish out as much damage as it can withstand!

4. Dialga

Dialga using its powers
Source: Bulbapedia

Make sure to make time for our next Pokemon — Dialga’s the God of Time, after all!

Dialga rules over the realm of time, as bestowed upon him by Arceus himself. In the Hisui region, Dialga was even worshiped as the All-Mighty Sinnoh!

This Temporal Pokemon is a big hit amongst players as it is one of the strongest Dragon-Type Pokemon in the main series games. This Pokemon also boasts a new Origin Forme, added in Legends: Arceus.

Dialga is one of the strongest Pokemon we’ve seen in the series. It has a base stat of 680, which is considered a lot. The stats are also very nicely spread out, making Dialga a versatile Pokemon.

The Dragon/Steel typing gives Dialga a lot of leeway in battle; it is only weak against Fighting and Ground types.

It is resistant to Normal, Flying, Rock, Psychic, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass, and Electric Type Pokemon. Quite an all-rounder!

3. Solgaleo

Solgaleo standing
Source: Bulbapedia

Solgaleo finds itself on the number 3 spot on this list, and rightfully so.

This lion-like Pokemon was one of the most popular Pokemon from the seventh generation, thanks to its massive base stat and unique Psychic/Steel typing.

Solgaleo evolves from Cosmoem in the Sun, Ultra Sun, and Sword versions of the game. If you level up Cosmoem in any other version, you’ll get a Lunala, which along with Solgaleo and Necrozma, are a part of the Light Trio.

Solgaleo also boasts another form that is activated when it fuses with the N-Solarizer to become the Dusk Mane Necrozma.

Solgaleo comes with a base stat of 680, out of which the Special Attack, Attack, and the HP are the highest. Overall, the stats are very well-balanced, making Solgaleo a beast in battle.

Solgaleo is only weak against Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark-type Pokemon. Apart from these types, Solgaleo pretty much overpowers everyone.

2. Crowned Shield Zamazenta

Crowned Shield Zamazenta with its shield
Source: Bulbapedia

In the runner-up spot, we have Crowned Shield Zamazenta from Gen 8’s Pokemon Shield.

Zamazenta is already powerful in its base state, but when it is given a Rusted Shield to hold it transforms into its Crowned Shield form. In this state, Zamazenta becomes a force to be reckoned with.

With a base stat of 720, this wolf Pokemon surely packs a punch. The Fighting/Steel typing makes it a very unique Pokemon, as now it is only weak to three types: Flying, Psychic, and Fairy!

Due to its shield, Zamazenta is always looked upon as the defensive of the Legendary duo from the Galar region, but this is far from the truth.

Zamazenta boasts a massive 130 attack, which is more than enough to KO many Pokemon! And that’s already on top of its incredibly tough defenses.

You get some pats, Zamazenta.

1. Crowned Sword Zacian

Crowned Sword Zacian with its sword
Source: Bulbapedia

Gracefully swinging its sword at the number one spot, here’s the formidable sword Pokemon from Galar — Zacian!

Befitting its weapon, Zacian was known as the Fairy King’s Sword in Galar lore. It is said that it is able to cut anything down with just one strike! We can’t emphasize enough how cool Zacian is.

Zacian actually has two forms: the Hero of Many Battles and the Crowned Sword form. When a Rusted Sword is given to a Zacian, it activates its Crowned Sword form, in which its base stat jumps to 720 from 680!

This massive base stat is utilized mainly for attacking purposes, making Zacian the most effective offensive Pokemon on this list.

The speed on Zacian is incredibly broken; you will never find a Pokemon that can outspeed a Zacian!

Being a Fairy/Steel type, Zacian becomes immune to some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, i.e., the Dragon types.

Zacian only has two weaknesses, Poison and Steel, making them a very versatile ally in any Pokemon team!

You definitely deserve some pats, Zacian.

Zacian and Zamazenta in the forest
Source: Nintendo/Game Freak

If we’ve piqued your interest on Legendary Pokemon, how about reading our list on Ice Legendaries? It’s perfect for the cold season!

And if we haven’t ranked your favorite Legendary type, let us know in the comments below. Who knows, maybe we’ll feature it soon!