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Best Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Ranked

It’s time to rank the best Legendary Ice type Pokemon has to offer!

Unfortunately there aren’t too many. Ice type Pokemon is the rarest type in all of the games, as mentioned in our Pokemon Type Combinations article.

So it’s no surprise that there aren’t many Legendaries either. Still, this is a mighty group of Legendaries, with interesting lore and origins!

We’ll be ranking them based on their uniqueness, character design, abilities, and overall Ice type characteristics.

Ready to plunge into the icy waters and know more about them?

Update (January 23, 2023): Added new Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet!

8. Bonus: Arceus (Icicle Plate)

Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Arceus with Icicle Plate
Source: Bulbapedia

With its unique ability to change its type anytime, we had to include the almighty Arceus on our list!

The ability, called Multitype, can make Arceus change its type depending on the plate it holds. Normally (heh), Arceus is a Normal type.

But if you give it an Icicle Plate, it will change its typing into Ice. Take note that although Arceus will get all the pros that come with this type, it will get its weaknesses as well.

Arceus is known to have shaped the universe, as well as created some notable Pokemon. In fact, people believe that Arceus made the entire Pokemon world!

7. Chien-Pao

Source: Bulbapedia

Pouncing on our list, we have newcomer Chien-Pao from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Chien-Pao is one of the Legendary Pokemon introduced in Gen 9. Along with three other Legendaries, they make up Gen 9’s Treasures of Ruin.

You get to open Chien-Pao’s shrine, as well as the other Treasures of Ruin shrines, after getting all the cursed stakes scattered around Paldea. Chien-Pao represents the Sword of Ruin, a sword that has slain plenty of people in the past.

The hatred from all of its victims made Chien-Pao have a physical form. It looks like a saber-toothed cat or snow leopard with the broken sword as its fangs.

Chien-Pao is said to have great control over snow, triggering avalanches willy-nilly and playfully leaping over it. This is mirrored on its stats, with Speed and Attack as its top two highest ones.

Welcome to the Ice Legendary family, Chien-Pao!

6. Regice

Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Regice
Source: Bulbapedia

Meet the Regi gang’s icy member! At number 6, Regice stomps and smashes onto our list!

Known as the Legendary Titans or Legendary Giants, this group of Legendary Pokemon consists of Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regieleki, and Regidrago. They were created by their master, the Legendary Pokemon Regigigas.

Fans like to call them Legendary Golems too!

They were created when Regigigas pulled continents into place. They were each fashioned after certain materials or terrain.

For Regice, it was made after an icy mountain. Like the other Titans, Regice was sealed away to stop it from destroying or terrorizing the land.

Stats-wise, its Special Defense is very high! It currently holds the highest base Sp Def among all Ice types.

However, its Attack is not so good. You’re better off using Special Attack moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard.

Still, Regice is a pretty cool Ice type Legendary Pokemon due to its golem or Ice Age origins.

5. Articuno

Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Articuno
Source: Bulbapedia

With its icy wings, Articuno flies in at number 5 on our list!

When it comes to Ice Pokemon Legendaries, Articuno is a classic favorite among old Pokemon fans.

The Legendary Birds of Kanto, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, were the first Legendaries introduced to fans.

Not only were these birds magnificent to behold, but they also had interesting dual typings, themes, names, and overall character designs. With Ice/Flying typing and uno in its name, Articuno is the first one among the Legendary Birds.

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Its blue plumage immediately shows its Ice typing. On its forehead are icy shard-like feathers.

When it flaps its wings, it can make the air around it immediately cold. It definitely has the power to control ice and prefers to stay in icy mountains.

While staying in such a cold environment, it helps out travelers stranded in blizzards or lost in such hostile places. Nature can be brutal, especially in the cold, but Articuno definitely helps out!

Combat-wise, Articuno is definitely on the defensive side. Its highest stat is Special Defense, followed by Defense. Still, its Attack, HP, and Special Attack are not that bad.

Articuno fits on specific playstyles and needs support from other Pokemon, but can act on defensive and defogger strategies. Its Pressure ability can help target enemy PPs too.

4. Kyurem

Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Kyurem
Source: Bulbapedia

The fearsome Kyurem crashes to our list in an icy blast!

As featured in our article on Legendary Dragon Pokemon, Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice dual type. It is known to have crashed Earth in a meteor, which mirrors real-world science and how meteors contain icy waters. Essentially, Kyurem is an alien Pokemon.

Kyurem is part of the Tao Trio, along with Reshiram and Zekrom. While those two are the yin and the yang, Kyurem is the absence of both. However, Kyurem can fuse with the two!

According to its Pokedex entries, its entire body is frozen. But certain parts are missing and it waits for a hero to help fill it with something, particularly truth or ideals. Seems like it really needs fusion.

While its primary typing is Dragon, and Ice is only secondary, Kyurem excels a lot with its Ice moves like Freeze-Dry and Ice Beam. It also has its Ice signature move Glaciate.

Still, a lot of people mainly use Kyurem as a PP staller. Offensively, Black and White Kyurem outclasses it.

3. Kyurem – Black and White

Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Black and White Kyurem
Source: Bulbapedia

Fusing with Zekrom or Reshiram, Black and White Kyurem emerges on our list and shares the third spot!

Using DNA Splicers, Kyurem becomes Black Kyurem or White Kyurem when it fuses with Zekrom or Reshiram. This process is called Absofusion in the games.

Black and White Kyurem still maintains the Dragon/Ice typing. However, its offensive stats get a major boost!

While Kyurem’s Attack and Special Attack base stats are good already, it becomes even more powerful in these new forms. White Kyurem gets a Special Attack boost, while Black Kyurem ups its Attack stat.

If you want to see them in action in the anime, check out the Pokemon movie Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice. In it, White Kyurem freezes the Swords of Justice trio!

2. Glastrier

Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Glastrier
Source: Bulbapedia

At number two, Glastrier gallops with its icy steps up our list!

This pure Ice type Legendary Pokemon was just recently added during Sword and Shield’s DLC. It looks like a white horse Pokemon with ice freezing up its hooves and legs. 

In addition, it has an icy mask but only on the left side of its face. It connects to its mane, which looks like sharp and jagged ice shards. The mask is noted to be a hundred times more sturdier than diamond!

Glastrier’s origin is an interesting one. It could be based on unicorns, which is Scotland’s national animal. It could also be based on some water horses from Celtic and Nordic folklore.

The nykur is a folkloric water horse whose neighs sound like ice cracking on frozen waters. Quite chilling, don’t you think?!

Glastrier actually has a signature ability called Chilling Neigh. When Glastier makes another Pokemon faint with a damaging move, its Attack increases.

It already has Attack as its highest stat already. And with Chilling Neigh and Swords Dance together, Glastrier is quite a powerhouse of a horse!

1. Ice Rider Calyrex

Legendary Ice Type Pokemon Ice Rider Calyrex
Source: Bulbapedia

The icy ride doesn’t end yet! For our pick for the best Legendary Ice type Pokemon, may we present the majestic and kingly Ice Rider Calyrex!

Calyrex, a Psychic/Grass Legendary also introduced in Sword and Shield’s DLC, has two forms. Using the key item Reins of Unity, it can fuse with Glastrier or Spectrier. Calyrex basically uses reins to tame these horses!

Once fused with Glastrier, it becomes Ice Rider Calyrex, a Psychic/Ice Legendary Pokemon.

In this form, it learns a unique Ice type signature move, the Glacial Lance. This move basically hits other Pokemon with a blizzard-coated lance!

Its origins point to the real-life legend of Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland, and the Celtic shape-changing beast Puca. Since the Galar region is based on the United Kingdom, this fits the setting.

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According to legend, this Puca was a mischievous fairy horse, but Brian was able to tame it using a special bridle. It also asked it not to attack people anymore. 

This is very similar to Ice Rider Calyrex’s lore in the games! Calyrex, a king-like Pokemon, tames Glastrier or Spectrier using Reins of Unity and stops it from attacking the Crown Tundra residents.

But it’s interesting lore is not just the reason it got the first spot on our list. Combat-wise, it majorly boosts its Attack stat, making it a terrifying physical wallbreaker in battle! Its high HP also helps it take hits bit by bit.

With a compelling origin, unique design, variety of moves available in combat, and incredible strength and bulk, picking Ice Rider Calyrex as the best Legendary Ice Pokemon wasn’t a tough decision at all.

List of All Legendary Ice Type Pokemon

Want to know more about these Pokemon? Here’s the full list of Legendary Ice type Pokemon:

Arceus (Icicle Plate)IceGen 410’6″ or 3.2 m705.5 lbs or 320 kg
RegiceIceGen 35’11” or 1.8 m385.8 lbs or 175 kg
ArticunoIce/FlyingGen 15’7″ or 1.7 m122.1 lbs or 55.4 kg
KyuremDragon/IceGen 49’10” or 3.0 m716.5 lbs or 325 kg
Black KyuremDragon/IceGen 410’10” or 3.3 m716.5 lbs or 325 kg
White KyuremDragon/IceGen 411’10” or 3.6 m716.5 lbs or 325 kg
GlastrierIceGen 87’3″ or 2.2 m1763.7 lbs or 800 kg
Ice Rider CalyrexPsychic/IceGen 87’10” or 2.4 m1783.8 lbs or 809.1 kg
Chien-paoDark/IceGen 96’03” or 1.9 m335.5 lbs or 152.2 kg

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