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Best Legendary Fire Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Fire Type Pokemon Ranked

Put the oven mitts on – we’ll be serving you sizzling Fire Legendary Pokemon today!

Fire-type Pokemon are ferocious and this becomes even more true when they’re Legendary. Just stay away from Ground, Rock, and Water types, though!

These legends have been ranked based on their origins, character design, and combat abilities. We’ve included snippets of their history to make your reading quite interesting!

Let’s start, shall we? Fire it up!

Update (January 23, 2023): We’ve added a new Fire Legendary from Scarlet and Violet!

11. Bonus: Blacephalon

Legendary Fire Pokemon Blacephalon
Source: Bulbapedia

Since there aren’t a lot of Fire Legendaries, we thought we’d include bonus entries to our list.

Ultra Beasts or UBs are unique rarities, almost up to par with Legendaries due to their extradimensional origins.

One particular UB, Blacephalon, is a Fire/Ghost type. It sort of resembles a jester, but its special move and fire attacks are no joke.

Because of its high Special Attack, it can easily blaze you up with Fireblast and Flamethrower. As a cherry on top, it will explode using Mind Blown.

Its defense is pretty low, so you can chip at it bit by bit. Still, watch out for this clown!

10. Bonus: Arceus (Flame Plate)

Legendary Fire Pokemon Arceus (Flame Plate)
Source: Bulbapedia

Another bonus Pokemon we added is Arceus.

Because of its Multitype ability, Arceus can assume any typing. So long as you have a Flame Plate, your Arceus can become a Fire type Pokemon.

Arceus is believed to have created the Pokemon world. Having such a deity as a Fire type Pokemon would be quite something!

9. Chi-Yu

Source: Bulbapedia

A new Fire Legendary joins the list, thanks to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Without further ado, here’s the fiery goldfish Chi-Yu!

It might look like a fish, but this ain’t a Water Legendary! Chi-Yu is actually a Dark/Fire dual type Legendary Pokemon. It is a member of the Treasures of Ruin Legendaries and represents the greed of humans.

The Treasure of Ruins are cursed artifacts that got corrupted due to the negative emotions of humans. For Chi-Yu, its true form is actually a pair of curved jade beads used for sacred ceremonies and rituals.

Sadly, a lot of people coveted said beads, and their greed and envy corrupted it and gave existence to Chi-Yu’s fish-like form. The flames in Chi-Yu’s body burn quite high and can easily melt rocks into lava!

Seems like that’s a commentary on how a person’s jealousy can burn you inside.

8. Moltres (Kantonian)

Legendary Fire Pokemon Moltres
Source: Bulbapedia

The Gen 1 Fire/Flying bird Moltres swoops in to get the 8th spot!

Along with Articuno and Zapdos, Moltres is one of the Legendary Birds of Kanto. 

As a Fire Legendary, fire is good for it. Its body and feathers are covered in flames – it even sheds some embers whenever it flaps! To heal, Moltres would do a quick dip into magma.

Its ability, Flame Body, is pretty apt. This ability can burn anyone who touches Moltres. Take that as a cue not to stroke its plumage no matter how mesmerizing it is!

7. Reshiram

Legendary Fire Pokemon Reshiram
Source: Bulbapedia

This Unova legend and a member of the Tao trio gets the number seven rank!

To show its Fire typing, the designers made its tail look like a jet engine. It roars to life and emits flames whenever Reshiram takes off.

Its fire tendencies also show in its myths and legends. According to folklore, Reshiram is all about sticking to the truth. If a kingdom ignored the truth due to greed, Reshiram would not hesitate to burn it to the ground.

Terrifying, right? It sure is, even in in-game combat. Reshiram’s unique move, Blue Flare, has a 20% chance to burn its target.

Reshiram also features in our Dragon Legendary Pokemon article, due to its dual typing. You can check that out to know more about its dragon side!

6. Victini

Legendary Fire Pokemon Victini
Source: Bulbapedia

The Psychic/Fire Mythical Victini gets snug and cozy at number six!

Don’t underestimate this pint-size cutie! This Psychic Fire Pokemon is loaded with infinite energy and can assure victory to any friendly trainer.

It can even hurl at you with its special move V-create! Not only will this move hurt its target, it can lower Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. Talk about kicking you some more while you’re down, right?

Strategy-wise, Victini needs good prediction and planning when it comes to competitive combat. It’s a good wallbreaker, you just have to plan well!

5. Entei

Legendary Fire Pokemon Entei
Source: Bulbapedia

Erupting like a mighty volcano, here’s Fire Legendary Entei at number five!

Entei’s origin is a tragic tale. During the burning of the Brass Tower, three unknown Pokemon died from the fire but were resurrected by Ho-oh. Entei is one of them.

Ever since then, legends say that a new Entei gets born every time a new volcano shows up. Whenever it roars, it can trigger a volcanic eruption somewhere.

Stat-wise, Entei has the highest base HP out of all Fire type Pokemon. Its Attack stat is pretty high too, so a lot of trainers have Entei use moves like Sacred Fire.

Wondering whether Entei is a dog, cat, or lion? We featured Entei in our Lion Pokemon article before, so check it out to know its character design origins!

4. Volcanion

Legendary Fire Pokemon Volcanion
Source: Bulbapedia

Time to release some steam with the one-of-a-kind Volcanion at number four!

Volcanion is one of the most unique Pokemon in the series due to its typing. It’s currently the only Fire/Water Pokemon, and a Mythical to boot.

Because of its unique Fire/Water typing combination, Volcanion is known to create very strong steam with its fire and water. It can even blow away mountains with it!

And have you seen its body build? Its origins are a combination of a komainu, a tank, and a steam engine with geyser-like moves!

Speaking of moves, you better take advantage of its Flare Blitz, Overheat, and Steam Eruption. Volcanion’s highest stat is Special Attack, so it’s good to utilize it with these attacks.

3. Heatran

Legendary Fire Pokemon Heatran
Source: Bulbapedia

Bringing in the heat, we have the Fire/Steel Legendary Heatran!

This Gen 4 Fire Steel Pokemon has been observed to use its claws to dig deep in caves. It can pop in and out of walls and can use its sticky feet to climb or cling to any surface.

Despite these observations, not much is known of Heatran’s curious body.

Legends say that Mt. Coronet’s hidden magma helped create this Pokemon. Still, its physique remains an unsolved mystery.

Combat-wise, its potential is not a mystery at all!

It’s known to be one of the best wallbreakers due to its powerful move Magma Storm. It traps its target in a fire whirlwind for four to five turns. Brutal!

2. Primal Groudon

Legendary Fire Pokemon Primal Groudon
Source: Bulbapedia

Things are definitely heating up on our list. At number two, Primal Groudon roars and sets the stage ablaze!

Groudon is actually a Ground type Legendary. But when you give it a Red Orb, it becomes a Ground Fire Pokemon and turns into Primal Groudon!

The scales on its skin look like tectonic plates, so when it transforms into its primal form the plates separate and get magma flowing underneath!

Unlike other Pokemon who transform, Primal Groudon doesn’t lower any of its stats. It simply boosts its Attack, Special Attack, and Defense.

Give your foes a taste of its Eruption, Fireblast, and Precipice Blades!

1. Ho-oh

Legendary Fire Pokemon Ho-oh
Source: Bulbapedia

And soaring to the top, with all its blazing glory, is the great and mighty Ho-oh!

Just like that moment when Ash sees Ho-oh in the clouds, we’re always mesmerized by Ho-oh’s greatness.

Not only is it a magnificent Fire/Flying Legendary, but it also has a compassionate heart.

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Ho-oh revived three unknown Pokemon burned at the Brass Tower. Not only did Ho-oh give them another chance at life, Ho-oh turned them into Legendary Pokemon as well.

In the competitive scene, Ho-oh can fill in lots of roles in your lineup. Its Regenerator ability can help it survive hits targeted at its weaknesses, such as Rock.

If you want to use Ho-oh in-game, you have to remember that careful planning is the key to winning!

Best Legendary Fire Type Pokemon Ho-oh
Source: Bulbapedia

List of All Legendary Fire Type Pokemon

Here is a list of all Fire Legendary Pokemon, as well as Mythical ones and bonus entries on this list:

BlacephalonFire/GhostGen 75’11” or 1.8 m28.7 lbs or 13 kg
Arceus (Flame Plate)FireGen 410’6″ or 3.2 m705.5 lbs or 320 kg
Chi-YuDark/FireGen 91’04” or 0.4 m10.8 lbs or 4.9 kg
Moltres (Kantonian)Fire/FlyingGen 16’7″ or 2 m132.3 lbs or 60 kg
ReshiramDragon/FireGen 510’6″ or 3.2 m727.5 lbs or 330 kg
VictiniPsychic/FireGen 51’4″ or 0.4 m8.8 lbs or 4 kg
EnteiFireGen 26’11” or 2.1 m436.5 lbs or 198 kg
VolcanionFire/WaterGen 45’7″ or 1.7 m429.9 lbs or 195 kg
HeatranFire/SteelGen 45’7″ or 1.7 m948 lbs or 430 kg
Primal GroudonGround/FireGen 316’5″ or 5 m2204 lbs or 999.7 kg
Ho-ohFire/FlyingGen 212’6″ or 3.8 m438.7 lbs or 199 kg

Whew, that was a blazing hot read. I wouldn’t blame you if you were sweating.

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