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Best Legendary Fairy Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Fairy Type Pokemon Ranked

Fairy type Pokemon are mysterious and curious creatures as is. The Legendary ones are even more so!

Let’s take a peek at the whimsical and magical Legendary Fairy type Pokemon. 

A lot of them are peculiar beings, and just like real-life faeries you’re at the mercy of their whims. Most of them have a helpful heart, others fickle and playful, while some can be a bit terrifying.

Since there aren’t a lot of Legendary Fairy Pokemon, we included Mythical ones. Here’s hoping we’ll see more in future games.

Let’s get to know them, shall we? Don’t worry, oh great fae folk. We’ll tread carefully.

12. Enamorus Incarnate Forme

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Enaorus Incarnate Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s start this list with the brand new and stand-out Pokemon from Legends: Arceus – Enamorus!

Enamorus is a unique addition to the Legends game because it’s the only Pokemon that’s entirely new and not an evolution or a different form of an existing Pokemon.

It’s a Fairy/Flying Legendary and joins the ranks of Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, who are known as the Forces of Nature. 

They all have a humanoid form when in their Incarnate version. For Enamorus, you’ll see references to different spring, fertility, and snake-bearing goddesses from different cultures. 

While known as the Herald of Spring, Enamorus won’t just grow you flowers. Its high Special Attack, decent Attack, and good Speed mean it can hit its enemies hard and fast.

Unfortunately, its dual typing combo gives it a lot of weaknesses. It doesn’t have any Flying type moves either. What’s up with that, Pokemon Company?

11. Enamorus Therian Forme

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Enamorus Therian Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

Using a Reveal Glass, Enamorus becomes turtle-like in this transformation. The rest of the Forces of Nature all have animal transformations when exposed to a special item.

In this version, they all seem to be partially based on the Chinese Four Symbols. The four auspicious beast guardians from that myth are a dragon, a bird, a tiger, and a tortoise, which coincide with the Forces of Nature.

In this form, Enamorus trades its Speed stat to increase its Defense and Special Defense. The change is so drastic that it feels like a totally new Pokemon!

However, this change is good. Since its Fairy/Flying typing gives it a lot of weaknesses, the boost of its defenses can help protect it. 

Its Contrary ability is fitting for its physical build too, so it can focus on attacking and defending in this form.

It’s really odd that Enamorus doesn’t have any Flying type moves. But since this Pokemon is new and was just added in Legends: Arceus, we’ll see what the game series has in store for it in the future.

10. Tapu Bulu

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Tapu Bulu
Source: Bulbapedia

The Grass/Fairy guardian of Ula’ula Island gets the 10th spot on our list!

Tapu Bulu’s character design probably reminds you of a bull. It has very noticeable horns on its head and there’s a nose ring dangling from its nose.

But don’t be scared! Tapu Bulu isn’t a bull in a china shop. In fact, some people think it’s lazy because of how inactive it can get.

The reality is that Tapu Bulu just prefers peace. And if it can avoid confrontation from people and Pokemon by ringing its tail bell, it’ll pick that 9 times out of 10!

Since it’s a Grass Fairy Pokemon, it can command vegetation and will protect plant life. If anyone harms nature, it will unleash its wrath by swinging trees like clubs!

Its rare aggressive nature shows in its combat side too. It has high Attack and good Defense, so you can easily mow down Pokemon.

Its Grassy Surge ability might seem helpful for recovery, but it recovers enemies too. Tapu Bulu is just too helpful sometimes!

9. Tapu Koko

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Tapu Koko
Source: Bulbapedia

The Electric/Fairy Legendary guardian of Melemele Island is here! Hear the air crackle with Tapu Koko!

If Tapu Bulu resembles a bull, Tapu Koko has rooster features instead. Like some angry chicken, Tapu Koko can be fickle, grumpy, and won’t immediately lend a helping hand.

It closes its shell to store electricity and can explode it onto its enemies along with its temper. Hilariously, after bursting out its anger, it immediately forgets why it was mad in the first place.

It’s one curious bird-like Electric Fairy Pokemon, though. Sometimes, it will play or fight with people and Pokemon to get to know them.

Its entire personality is reflected in combat too. Tapu Koko is speedy with a decent Special Attack and Defense, but its coverage is limited and can quickly get worn down.

8. Tapu Lele

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Tapu Lele
Source: Bulbapedia

The adorable duality of Tapu Lele gets the 8th spot!

Don’t get too comfortable with this cute Psychic/Fairy Legendary. This butterfly-like guardian of Akala Island can be absolutely ruthless and cruel. It won’t even feel guilty!

Combat-wise, it has high Special Attack and Special Defense. It’s scarily lethal with Moonblast and Psyshock. And if you teach it Calm Mind, it will keep increasing its Special stats!

But Tapu Lele isn’t all scary. If it sees someone who needs help, it’ll scatter glowing shards that can heal people and Pokemon. 

It’s known to gain energy from the wonderful scent of flowers too. Tapu Lele is all about aromatherapy!

7. Tapu Fini

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Tapu Fini
Source: Bulbapedia

Let the fog settle as we welcome the mysterious Tapu Fini of Poni Island!

Like the rest of the guardian deities, Tapu Fini’s design is based on a creature. However, that resemblance seems to be a combination of a swordfish, clam fish, and sirens or mermaids.

It’s not just its design that’s interesting. Lore-wise, Tapu Fini has special water that can purify anything. 

Sadly, dishonest and evil people attempted to get it before, so Tapu Fini developed distrust towards humans. It will protect itself with a fog, and people trapped in it will be in a harmful trance-like state.

Its lore shows up in its stats and combat abilities. Tapu Fini has good Defense, but you should still watch out for faster enemies, especially ones that have an upper hand in typing.

Still, Tapu Fini is an exciting Water Fairy Pokemon to use. While there are other Water types with better defenses, Tapu Fini stands out because of its Misty Surge ability.

6. Magearna

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Magearna
Source: Bulbapedia

We give this list’s 6th spot to a very special man-made Pokemon. Here’s Steel/Fairy Mythical Pokemon Magearna!

Magearna looks like an old-timey robot with its gears and metal parts. But at its heart, it’s anything but robot-like!

Its core, called Soul Heart, was made using Pokemon life energy. Thus, Magearna is very empathetic to Pokemon and can easily feel their plight.

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To reflect this, its highest stat is Special Attack, with Soul Heart as its ability. Its Special Attack increases when another Pokemon faints, so use moves like Fleur Cannon and Flash Cannon.

Magearna was actually created by a scientist 500 years ago. Magearna had red and gold colors, and was a royal gift to a princess who dearly loved it.

Now, its metal is all gray, with faded colors showing the passing of time. What a sad but beautiful tale.

5. Diancie

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Diancie
Source: Bulbapedia

Diancie, a Rock/Fairy Mythical, sparkles and shines at number 5!

Diancie’s origins are quite interesting. It seems to be a Carbink that mutated into something special. A real-life explanation of this could be eusociality or rock metamorphism.

And just like a diamond, Diancie is one hell of a defensive Pokemon. Along with Carbink, it has the highest base Defense stat among Fairy types. Its Special Defense is high too.

But while it’s like a sturdy wall, it’s super slow and its health is not that good. 

Don’t worry, it protects itself further with the move Diamond Storm, which gives it a 50% chance to increase its Defense for every Pokemon hit.

Low health doesn’t matter much if their hits barely hurt you!

4. Zacian

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Zacian
Source: Bulbapedia

One of the heroes of Galar graces us with its sword. Here’s Zacian, also known as The Hero of Many Battles!

Zacian is a mighty Fairy type that fights with a sword. It’s swift and graceful with its sword movements, which makes its combat look like a dance.

But don’t get mesmerized. It is said that its sword can slice through anything – even Gigantamax Pokemon!

Its awesomeness isn’t just the stuff of legends. Based on its stats, it’s a decent Pokemon that has high Speed and Attack with good Defense and Special Defense. 

This means Zacian can strike quick and hard, and it won’t even be scared to take some hits! It’s a pretty unique Legendary Fairy type, when you think about it.

3. Mega Diancie

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Mega Diancie
Source: Bulbapedia

Diancie’s gem-like uniqueness gets an upgrade. Shining and gleaming brightly at number three is the beautiful and dazzling Mega Diancie!

Mega Diancie is the only Mythical Pokemon that can actually Mega evolve. 

It’s also called the Royal Pink Princess due to its looks. The gem on its forehead becomes heart-shaped, it comes out of its rock, its dress becomes longer, and it even gets white ribbons from its head.

It’s not just a pretty Pokemon, though. Together with Mega Tyranitar, Mega Diancie has the highest base stat total among Rock types. It also has the highest base Special Attack among them.

While its Special Attack goes up, its Defense and Special Defense considerably goes down. I guess this gem gets a bit brittle! Keep this in mind when you Mega evolve Diancie.

2. Crowned Sword Zacian

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Crowned Sword Zacian
Source: Bulbapedia

The sword-wielding Legendary Fairy gets even cooler!

When you give Zacian a Rusted Sword, it gets a new form called Crowned Sword Zacian. Not only does its appearance change, but its typing also becomes Fairy/Steel.

In this form, Zacian gets a crown helmet and a pair of wings and shows off its really cool sword too.

That’s not the only thing that’s cool about Crowned Sword Zacian. Currently, it has the highest base Attack and base stat total among all Fairy types. It also has the highest base Speed for both Fairy and Steel types.

Because of these impressive stat boosts, we give the number two crown to Crowned Sword Zacian. May your reign be glorious!

1. Xerneas

Legendary Fairy Pokemon Xerneas
Source: Bulbapedia

And for the best Legendary Fairy type Pokemon, bow down to the great, mighty, and mystical Xerneas!

This Legendary Pokemon is actually based on the extinct cervid species Eucladoceros. Said creature roamed the lands with its huge antlers millions of years ago.

In Pokemon lore, Xerneas existed many years ago too. It has the power to share everlasting life and can cure those who got petrified by Ylvetal. When it uses too much life energy, it transforms into a tree and goes to sleep for a thousand years.

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In the competitive scene, Xerneas is one of the favorites. With its high HP, impressive Attack and Special Attack, and decent Speed, Defense and Special Defense, Xerneas is a beast in the arena.

Its ability, Fairy Aura, can boost Fairy type moves. And together with its special move Geomancy, which can boost its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed, Xerneas will blow you away on the battlefield.

That’s not all! Its move, Moonblast, can damage enemies and lower their Special Attack. And when you give it Power Herb? Oh boy, it can cut the two-turn move Geomancy, making it boost itself way quicker.

Since it’s a pure Fairy type, you only really have to worry about two weaknesses. And as a cherry on top, its antlers gleam and light up.

Beautiful, powerful, and mesmerizing – what a majestic creature!

Best Legendary Fairy Pokemon Xerneas
Source: Bulbapedia

List of All Legendary Fairy Type Pokemon

Here is a list of every single Fairy Legendary Pokemon:

Enamorus IncarnateFairy/FlyingGen 85’3″ or 1.6 m105.8 lbs or 48 kg
Enamorus TherianFairy/FlyingGen 85’3″ or 1.6 m105.8 lbs or 48 kg
Tapu BuluGrass/FairyGen 76’3″ or 1.9 m100.3 lbs or 45.5 kg
Tapu KokoElectric/FairyGen 75’11” or 1.8 m45.2 lbs or 20.5 kg
Tapu LelePsychic/FairyGen 73’11” or 1.2 m41 lbs or 18.6 kg
Tapu FiniWater/FairyGen 74’3″ or 1.3 m46.7 lbs or 21.2 kg
MegearnaSteel/FairyGen 73’3″ or 1.0 m177.5 lbs or 80.5 kg
DiancieRock/FairyGen 62’4″ or 0.7 m19.4 lbs or 8.8 kg
ZacianFairyGen 89’2″ or 2.8 m242.5 lbs or 110 kg
Mega DiancieRock/FairyGen 63’7″ or 1.1 m61.3 lbs or 27.8 kg
Crowned Sword ZacianFairy/SteelGen 89’2″ or 2.8 m782.6 lbs or 355 kg
XerneasFairyGen 69’10” or 3.0 m474 lbs or 215 kg

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