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Best Legendary Dragon Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Dragon Type Pokemon Ranked

When you think about Legendary Pokemon, you think of these grand and majestic beings. Dragon type sounds like something that’s perfect for a Legendary, don’t you think?

So today, we delved in and checked all the Dragon type Pokemon Legendaries the series currently has.

We’ve checked their Pokemon origins, base stats, popularity, and how they perform in competitive scenes. We’ve also included two bonus Pokemon because of their rarity status and Dragon typing.

Ready to meet these draconic Legendary Pokemon?

Update (January 23, 2023): We’ve added new Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

List of All Legendary Dragon Type Pokemon

Here is a list of every single Dragon Legendary Pokemon:

LatiasDragon/PsychicGen 34’07” or 1.4 m88.2 lbs or 40 kg
LatiosDragon/PsychicGen 36’07” or 2 m132.3 lbs or 60 kg
RayquazaDragon/FlyingGen 323′ or 7 m455.3 lbs or 206.5 kg
DialgaSteel/DragonGen 417’9″ or 5.4 m1505.8 lbs or 683 kg
PalkiaWater/DragonGen 413’9″ or 4.2 m740.8 lbs or 336 kg
Giratina (Altered Forme)Ghost/DragonGen 414’09” or 4.5 m1653.5 lbs or 750 kg
Giratina (Origin Forme)Ghost/DragonGen 422’08” or 6.9 m1433 lbs or 650 kg
Arceus (Draco Plate)DragonGen 410’6″ or 3.2 m705.5 lbs or 320 kg
ReshiramDragon/FireGen 510’6″ or 3.2 m727.5 lbs or 330 kg
ZekromDragon/ElectricGen 59’6″ or 2.9 m760.6 lbs or 345 kg
KyuremDragon/IceGen 59’10” or 3 m716.5 lbs or 325 kg
Black KyuremDragon/IceGen 510’10” or 3.3 m716.5 lbs or 325 kg
White KyuremDragon/IceGen 511’10” or 3.6 m716.5 lbs or 325 kg
Mega LatiosDragon/PsychicGen 67’07” or 2.3 m154.3 lbs or 70 kg
Mega LatiasDragon/PsychicGen 65’11” or 1.8 m114.6 lbs or 52 kg
Zygarde 50% FormeDragon/GroundGen 616’5″ or 5 m672.4 lbs or 305 kg
Zygarde 10% FormeDragon/GroundGen 73’11” or 1.2 m73.9 lbs or 33.5 kg
Zygarde Complete FormeDragon/GroundGen 714’9″ or 4.5 m1344.8 lbs or 610 kg
Silvally (Dragon Memory)NormalGen 77’7″ or 2.3 m221.6 lbs or 100.5 kg
Ultra NecrozmaPsychic/DragonGen 724’07” or 7.5 m507.1 lbs or 230 kg
EternatusPoison/DragonGen 865’7″ or 20 m2094.4 lbs or 950 kg
RegidragoDragonGen 86’11” or 2.1 m440.9 lbs or 200 kg
KoraidonFighting/DragonGen 98’02” or 2.5 m668 lbs or 303 kg
MiraidonElectric/DragonGen 911’06” or 3.5 m529.1 lbs or 240 kg

Here are these Legendary Dragon Pokemon ranked:

24. Guzzlord

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Guzzlord
Source: Bulbapedia

Guzzlord isn’t exactly a Legendary, and that’s why we’ve listed it at the top. But as an Ultra Beast, which was only introduced in Gen 7, its rarity might be akin to a Legendary.

Guzzlord is a Dark/Dragon dual type. Its size is huge! It’s known to guzzle big objects like mountains and buildings without excreting anything out.

Thus, some people speculate it’s a reference to black holes. It could also be a stand-in for the concept of greed.

Battle-wise, it’s a great offensive Pokemon with good coverage. Perhaps due to its size, it’s a bit slow, however.

23. Naganadel

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Naganadel
Source: Bulbapedia

Next in our bonus entry is Naganadel, a Poison/Dragon Ultra Beast. Just like Guzzlord, Naganadel isn’t really a Legendary but a rare Ultra Beast.

The Naganadel evolution line, with its pre-evolution Poipole, is the only Ultra Beast that can evolve. Thus, it’s a bit special.

It might be special and cool-looking, but you better dodge its needle! According to its Pokedex entry, Naganadel is known to store hundreds of liters of poisonous liquid in its body! Yikes!

22. Regidrago

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Regidrago
Source: Bulbapedia

Regidrago is one of the newest members of the Regi Legendary titans. Along with Regieleki, it was introduced in Sword and Shield’s DLC.

Regidrago is pure Dragon in typing.

In combat, its high health and good attack and special attack stats help it a lot. Plus, Dragon Dance can boost its attack and speed. Sadly, its really low Defense and Special Defense make it susceptible to a lot of hits.

Still, its Pokedex entries say that its arms were possibly from an ancient dragon’s head. Its body is essentially crystalized dragon energy! Maybe we’ll see something extraordinary from Regidrago in the future.

21. Koraidon / Miraidon

Source: Bulbapedia

Zooming in at number 21 are the motorcycle Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon!

These two are the newest additions to the Dragon Legendary family. Koraidon is Fighting/Dragon, while Miraidon is Electric/Dragon.

They are the game mascots of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In the games, the player finds them all tired and weak, but they slowly regain their strength and abilities the more Herba Mystica they eat.

It turns out that they are some sort of distant relative to the Pokemon Cyclizar. Koraidon is an ancient ancestor and Miraidon is a descendant in the far future.

Their designs reflect their eras as well. Koraidon has wild plumage and webbed feet, and doesn’t know how to use its wheels properly. Meanwhile, Miraidon is robot-like and has legs that retract like jet engines.

Stats-wise, they are mostly the same, except Koraidon excels at Attack and Miraidon specializes at Special Attack. Unga-bunga hits versus futuristic zaps? Your choice.

20. Giratina (Altered Forme)

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Giratina Altered Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

Slightly spooky, has anger issues, but maybe a bit misunderstood – Giratina’s Altered Forme gets the 20th spot.

In old tales in the Pokemon world, a lot of people feared Giratina due to its violent nature. It even formed a grudge against its creator, Arceus.

It’s also known to show up in cemeteries and is said to live in the reserve side of the Pokemon world. Creepy! The Upside Down, anyone?

But despite that, this Ghost/Dragon Pokemon’s history is possibly misconstrued. It actually wants to maintain the balance of its world and ours.

Combat-wise, it does provide balance and support by clearing hazards with its Defog move. Its Pressure ability can deplete PPs too. But other than that, you’re better off with other Dragon Legendaries.

In Pokemon Go, however, it is not only one of the best legendaries but best Pokemon, period.

19. Giratina (Origin Forme)

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Giratina Origin Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

Unleashing its true form, Giratina’s Origin Forme ranks at number 19 on our list.

In its Origin Forme, Giratina’s serpentine body looks more dragon-like and suits its Ghost/Dragon typing. As mentioned, this is its true form.

For its stats, it trades its Defense and Special Defense for more power. With more Attack and Special Attack, you should utilize it by using moves like Hex and Shadow Sneak.

It can also continue to be a defogger. Its Levitate ability makes it good against Ground types too.

Still, there are other better defoggers and Dragon Legendaries out there. But if you want a spooky dimension dragon, give Giratina a try.

18. Zygarde 10% Forme

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Zygarde 10% Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

Zygarde’s 10% Forme amusingly looks like a dog. So is it a dragon and dog combo with a Dragon/Ground dual typing? Nobody knows, but apparently it’s a reference to one of Loki’s children.

Loki’s children are Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hel. This 10% Forme is said to be based on Fenrir, who was a wolf.

Whatever Zygarde’s 10% Forme is, it’s definitely a good and fast doggo. Its Speed numbers are pretty good and can definitely outspeed a lot of offensive threats in the game.

And with its signature move Thousand Arrows? Zygarde can hit Flying types with ease, thus outclassing other Ground types in certain situations.

17. Ultra Necrozma

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Ultra Necrozma
Source: Bulbapedia

Shining bright at number 17 is the Psychic/Dragon Ultra Necrozma!

Although Necrozma is normally a Psychic Legendary Pokemon, it changes its typing and form when it fuses with Solgaleo or Lunala. And when it uses Ultra Burst in these new forms, it can then transform into Ultra Necrozma.

In this blindingly bright form, Ultra Necrozma looks like a wyvern or a fallen angel. Its Attack and Special Attack go through the roof, while its Speed increases as well.

And when Ultra Necrozma holds an Ultranecrozium Z, its signature Photon Geyser move becomes the Z-Move Light That Burns the Sky.

Sadly, Ultra Necrozma is only possible in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Still, this is one Legendary Dragon Pokemon that can blind you with its majestic and glorious aura!

16. Latios and Latias

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Latios and Latias
Source: Bulbapedia

The cute red and blue Eon duo gets the 16th spot on our list.

They both share this rank since they’re practically the same. The only difference is that Latios has a higher Special Attack, while Latias has more Special Defense.

They look quite interesting for a Dragon type Pokemon. Both of them have plane-like features, like how their wings look like jet plane wings. Their forelegs can retract and be tucked when flying too.

Interestingly, their Pokedex entries note that they can outfly planes and jets. They can also turn invisible and communicate through telepathy.

Aside from their own stand-out stat, their Attack or Defense are just okay. Keep that in mind if you want to have a Latios or a Latias!

15. Kyurem

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Kyurem
Source: Bulbapedia

The Dragon/Ice Legendary from Gen 5 graces us with its presence!

Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom seem to be based on the concept of yin and yang. While Reshiram and Zekrom are the yin and the yang, Kyurem is the absence of both.

In folklore, it is said that Kyurem arrived on Earth through a meteor landing. In real life, researchers have found that meteors contain fossilized frozen water in its rocks. See the icy similarities?

Speaking of ice, Kyurem can do the damage-dealing Ice move Glaciate. It is a signature move that is unique to Kyurem.

Unfortunately, when it comes to attacks and defenses, Kyurem’s other forms and other Legendary dragons outclass it.

14. Black Kyurem

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Black Kyurem
Source: Bulbapedia

We’re not done with Kyurem yet! At number 14, here’s Black Kyurem flying by in its fused form.

Kyurem becomes Black Kyurem when it fuses with Zekrom using DNA Splicers. Combined like this, it gets the highest base stat total among all Ice types along with White Kyurem.

It also has the highest Attack stat among Ice types. It’s a good idea to use moves like Fusion Bolt, Outrage, or Freeze Shock when battling.

If you teach it Dragon Dance, it can be a Dragon Dance sweeper on your team. It stands out from other Dragon Dance sweepers because of its Ice typing.

However, that same typing can give it problems when it comes to defense and weaknesses. Just keep that in mind when battling with this yin fusion Pokemon.

13. White Kyurem

Legendary Dragon Pokemon White Kyurem
Source: Bulbapedia

The ice cold Kyurem sweep isn’t stopping! Here’s White Kyurem at number 13!

To turn into this form, regular Kyurem has to fuse with Reshiram. You’ll notice that it gets extra icy details on its design.

As mentioned earlier, Black and White Kyurem have the highest base stat total among Ice Pokemon. It also has the highest Special Attack stat among the same group.

White Kyurem truly is one of the strongest Special Attack Pokemon. It’s got great Speed and good combo moves, too. You just have to juggle its weaknesses, especially in competitive battles.

But as long as you capitalize on its Special Attack specialty, with moves like Freeze-Dry and Ice Beam, you should be coolio.

12. Reshiram

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Reshiram
Source: Bulbapedia

Flying at number 12, the fiery Reshiram is here to rev up its engine tail!

Yes, its tail absolutely looks like a jet engine! It flares up and shoots out flames when Reshiram speeds up or flies away. Interestingly, it is said that its tail can actually alter the weather.

Tail aside, if you’re looking for a Legendary to help you get through highly defensive Steel types during competitive combat, Reshiram’s your Pokemon.

Its Dragon/Fire combo can give you moves like Blue Flare and Fire Blast. This works well with its very good Attack and Special Attack stats. Its Speed is not bad either.

Unfortunately, if its dual typing gives it an edge, it also gives it major weaknesses to watch out for.

11. Zekrom

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Zekrom
Source: Bulbapedia

Hear the air crackle with electricity as Zekrom gets the 11th spot!

Zekrom is the yang to Reshiram’s yin. While Reshiram is all white, Zekrom is all black.

This Dragon/Electric Legendary is also known to cause thunderstorms in certain areas. When it wants to disappear from everyone, it hides behind thunderclouds. Don’t worry, everyone deserves some privacy, Zekrom!

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While Reshiram’s tail looks like an engine to show its Fire type side, Zekrom’s tail looks like an electric generator because of its Electric type. It charges up and produces energy for its attacks.

And boy can Zekrom attack! Its high Attack and Special Attack can strike fear to those with Flying and Dragon Pokemon in their teams. Bolt Strike, Dragon Claw, and Fusion Bolt can be quite terrifying!

The only downside is its lagging Speed. Try to mitigate that and you should be zip-zappy good.

10. Dialga

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Dialga
Source: Bulbapedia

What time is it? It’s Dialga time! Part of the Creation Trio and ruler of time, here’s Dialga at number 10.

You might not expect it to be a Dragon type due to it having a sauropod-like body, but Dialga is a Steel/Dragon Legendary. It was created by Arceus, along with Palkia and other Legendaries.

Because of its powers over time, Dialga can actually speed up, slow down, and stop time. It can time travel, devolve things, and even destroy and create the concept of time. The whole thing is equally awesome and terrifying!

In-game combat-wise, Dialga’s high stats on the offense, coverage for different enemies, and sturdy defense due to its typing are pretty decent.

However, you have to plan your actions carefully. If you make a wrong move, the whole battle can topple over. Sadly, Dialga can’t rewind time during in-game combat, so predict carefully!

9. Palkia

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Palkia
Source: Bulbapedia

Give this mighty Pokemon some space! Marching in at number 9 is the dominion ruler of space, Palkia!

Together with Dialga and Giratina, this Water/Dragon Legendary is part of the Creation Trio and was made by Arceus.

It has dominion over the concept of space. It can warp, teleport, make dimensions and portals, and create or destroy space itself. Wouldn’t it be cool to just create a small bubble or pocket of space to be alone sometimes?

But just like Dialga, Palkia relies on proper combat predictions during competitive battles. It seems to be primarily used to counter Kyogre too.

Every move counts when battling with Palkia. Remember to have its really strong moves like Hydro Pump and Spacial Rend!

8. Mega Latios and Mega Latias

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Mega Latios and Mega Latias
Source: Bulbapedia

The red and blue duo of Latios and Latias Mega Evolves into a fantastic purple team! Soaring in at number 8 are Mega Latios and Mega Latias.

Now in their Mega form, these Dragon/Psychic Legendaries are better than ever.

All their base stats have increased, especially their specialty stats. Mega Latios has higher Attack and Special Attack, while Mega Latias also boosts its Defense and Special Defense.

However, there are downsides to their coolness. Mega Latios can’t fit all the useful moves for competitive battles. On the other hand, Mega Latias lacks power. This can be fixed with a good team to back them up!

7. Zygarde 50% Forme

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Zygarde 50% Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

After its dog-like form, Zygarde 50% Forme now looks closer to a serpentine-like dragon.

Continuing its Norse mythology origin, it seems to be based on Loki’s second offspring, Jormungandr, also known as the sea serpent that wraps around the world.

Despite looking futuristic, Zygarde really cares for the environment and will reveal its power to anyone who threatens the ecosystem. In its 50% form, it is quite ruthless. Litterers, watch out!

In battle, its enemies should watch out too. Zygarde 50% can be very versatile, thanks to its typing. It can be a good offensive or supportive player, especially with its Power Construct ability that helps it when in a pinch.

But its Dragon/Ground typing can be a double-edged sword too. Watch out for its weaknesses!

6. Zygarde Complete Forme

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Zygarde Complete Forme
Source: Bulbapedia

Zygarde Complete Forme unleashes its true power in 6th place!

In this transformation, all of its cells and cores have united. Since the cores for its wings and tails are separate, those parts can think and decide independently. Pretty cool trait!

This Complete Forme only shows up when there is a huge threat to the ecosystem. It attacks this threat by generating energy from its chest!

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In in-game battles, its stats are highly improved from its 10% and 50% Formes. Its Health is super high, while its Special Attack slightly increases.

Its Speed suffers a bit in this transformation. Just take advantage of its HP and Special Attack boost by using its unique moves like Thousand Arrows.

5. Silvally (Dragon Memory)

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Silvally (Dragon Memory)
Source: Bulbapedia

Silvally is one of the most unique Dragon Legendary Pokemon in the games. Not only is it made in a lab and can change its typing, but it also seems to be based on a very special Pokemon.

Silvally is actually a Normal type Legendary Pokemon. But due to its RKS Ability, it can change its type based on the memory discs you give it. So if you give it Dragon Memory, it becomes a Dragon type!

Its pre-evolution is Type: Null. It was created in a lab with cells from all types of Pokemon so it can shift its type with ease. But it went berserk, and the project Type: Full was deemed a failure. Thus, it became Type: Null.

It was later discovered that with high friendship with its trainer, it can evolve into Silvally! It’s a beautiful tale about trust and friendship.

4. Eternatus

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Eternatus
Source: Bulbapedia

At number four, the extraterrestrial Pokemon Eternatus joins our list!

Yes, Eternatus is definitely an alien Pokemon! According to its lore and Pokedex info, it crash-landed on Earth 20,000 years ago in a meteor.

It’s also connected to the Dynamaxing phenomenon in Sword and Shield. It will come as no surprise that it currently holds the largest Pokemon title in terms of height.

Eternatus is one of the more mysterious Legendary Pokemon with a Poison/Dragon typing. Where did it come from? Why can it make Pokemon huge?

All we know is that a lot of competitive players have it in their teams. It’s pretty good, offensive-wise due to its high HP, Special Attack, and Speed. It’s also excellent at poisoning its enemies!

You can customize it depending on your team. Just keep in mind its problems with weaknesses!

3. Rayquaza

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Rayquaza
Source: Bulbapedia

Holding dominion over our atmosphere, the great Rayquaza gets the third spot on our list!

A Dragon/Flying Legendary from Gen 3 and part of the Super-Ancient Pokemon or Weather Trio, Rayquaza is a favorite of many. It can calm down Groudon and Kyogre with ease!

Its character design is pretty unique. With its wings, fins, and tail tips, it kind of looks like a serpentine missile. We’ve featured it before on our Best Snake Pokemon list.

As a missile-looking Pokemon, you definitely don’t want this Pokemon zooming toward you. It’s a popular choice by a lot of competitive players due to its very high Attack and Special Attack.

Watch out for its combo moves like Dragon Ascent, Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed, and Outrage!

2. Mega Rayquaza

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Mega Rayquaza
Source: Bulbapedia

If you think Rayquaza is pretty impressive already, get a load of Mega Rayquaza right here.

Its already high Attack and Special Attack gets even higher. Its Defense, Special Defense, and Speed even get a slight boost. No wonder a lot of players pick it when it comes to offense!

Character design-wise, Rayquaza gets even cooler in its Mega form. Shichishito marks show up near its eyes, it now has glowing tendrils floating around it, and it has more rudder-like horns or fins on its longer body.

Mega Rayquaza is indeed mega cool.

1. Arceus (Draco Plate)

Legendary Dragon Pokemon Arceus (Draco Plate)
Source: Bulbapedia

And for the numero uno of our Legendary Dragon list, bow down to the great and mighty Arceus!

We can’t give the top spot to another Pokemon. Arceus is the god Pokemon in the series, said to have made the Sinnoh region, molded the Pokemon universe with its thousand arms, and possibly created the entire Pokemon world.

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Pokemon scientists even tried to replicate its power by creating the man-made Pokemon Type: Null. And we all know how that turned out.

Arceus is actually a Normal type Pokemon. But because of its Multitype ability, it can change its typing into any of the existing Pokemon types. Thus, Arceus can technically be a Legendary Dragon Pokemon.

Whew, that’s a lot of Legendary Dragons! Tune in next time as we rank other Pokemon categories. Who knows, maybe your other favorite Pokemon will show up!