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What Is the Best Keepsake in Elden Ring?

What Is the Best Keepsake in Elden Ring?

At the start of Elden Ring, you get to choose your starting class along with one of the game’s 9 Keepsakes.

A Keepsake is essentially a perk that provides in-game benefits to the player.

In this article, we’ll discuss which Keepsake is the best to pick for each starting class.


Best Keepsake to Pick

Elden Ring Choose Keepsake Screen
You can choose one Keepsake when creating a character in Elden Ring

The best Keepsake varies for each starting class.

However, there is a specific Keepsake starting item that all classes can benefit from, which is the Golden Seed.

The Golden Seed basically increases the number of your Sacred Flasks by one.

Golden Seed Keepsake Description
The Golden Seed is considered one of, if not the best Keepsake in Elden Ring

Having an additional Flask early in the game lets you heal your HP or recover your FP, depending on your class, more frequently in combat.

This gives you an advantage in all enemy encounters you will face, making it suitable for all starting classes.

Another Keepsake starting item that all classes can benefit from is the Stonesword Key.

This key item allows you to access specific locked imp statutes seals throughout the game for valuable loot.

As a result, having one of these at the start of the game will come in handy given how rare these Stonesword Keys are.

Stonesword Key Keepsake Description
The Stonesword Key Keepsake is another popular choice

It’s worth mentioning that having a Keepsake starting item for one class can also benefit another class as well. Some of the best examples of this are Cracked Pot, Bewitching Branch, and Boiled Prawn.

For more information on starting classes check out our Best Starting Class to Use in Elden Ring article.


The best Keepsake for the Astrologer class is the Fanged Imp Ashes. This is because it benefits from the additional help the Ash of War will offer.

Ashes of War can be used for a variety of objectives, including inflicting damage and distracting enemies.

Given the Astrologer class’s nature as a spellcaster, it will undoubtedly profit from having more companions to distract other enemies while he deals damage from a distance.

This will help you to avoid direct fights more frequently and keep you safe while constantly dealing damage.


The best starting item for the Wretch is Shabriri’s Woe because it gives you a far more challenging journey in Elden Ring.

Only those looking for a more tough experience should choose the Wretch class in Elden Ring.

Shabriri’s Woe is a suitable starting item for this particular class because in general, veterans like to take the challenge to the next level.

Doing so will really put your skills up to the test in Elden Ring.

So before choosing this starting class and item, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.


The Lands Between Rune is the best starting item for the bandit class because it will allow you to gain extra levels early in the game.

The Bandit class starts with level 5 and is probably the lowest in all starting classes.

That’s why having extra runes to level up will be beneficial for this specific class and will allow you to have 4 or 5 free Runes levels right from the start.


The best Keepsake for the Samurai class is the Crimson Amber Medallion because the additional HP gives you the most benefit.

Most players consider the Samurai class the best starting class in Elden Ring.

Being versatile and well-rounded, any Keepsake starting item will be a good choice for this class.

However, the increase in maximum HP will help the Samurai engage more in fights and heal less often.

List of All Keepsakes and What They Do

KeepsakeWhat It Does?
Crimson Amber MedallionIncreases your max HP by 6%.
Lands Between RuneA consumable item that grants 3,000 Runes.
Golden SeedIncreases your Sacred Flask charges by one.
Fanged Imp AshesSummons two Fanged minions to join you in battle.
Cracked PotA container required to create specific Throwing Pots.
Stonesword KeyUsed to unlock areas gated by imp statues. It breaks after it’s been used.
Bewitching BranchA consumable item that turns enemies into allies. It Consumes FP.
Boiled PrawnA consumable item that is used to boost physical damage negation.
Shabriri’s WoeOnce equipped, it constantly draws the attention of enemies.