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10 Best Farm Layouts in Palia—Including New Crops Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage!

10 Best Farm Layouts in Palia—Including New Crops Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage!

Palia might not have farming in its name but farming in Palia is an important aspect of its gameplay. It opens your world to more quests, character relationships, and earning lots of money.

But because of its unique system of crop buffs and boosts, planting your seeds requires a little more thought. Careful planning and arrangement are needed if you want an efficient and productive farm.

We understand if coming up with your own Palia farm layout is too taxing for the brain (our brain cells are not up for it too), which is why we turn to some amazing Palians with giga brains for help!

Here are some of the best farm and crop layouts in Palia! From profitable and low-maintenance layouts to ones that have all the crops, these are sure to help you with your own farm.

Beginner 3×3 Layout

Palia crops layout for beginners
Source: Plenum_Gaming

If you’re just starting your farming journey, consider this 3×3 layout from Plenum_Gaming.

This layout focuses on getting tomatoes and potatoes early on. Tomatoes are great for profit and can be harvested multiple times.

Meanwhile, potatoes can be turned into Pickled Potatoes through the Preserves Jar for a Focus-rich food.

Plenum_Gaming notes that with this layout tomatoes and starred potatoes will be turned into seeds for profit, while regular potatoes will be pickled for food.

Potato, tomato—sounds like a solid plan!

100% Water Retention and Weed Prevention with All Crops (Including Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage)

Palia farm layout with all crops
Source: ZentyAmbarenya

For those who have unlocked all plots, have apples and blueberry seeds already, and are looking to add the newly added crops to their farm, this Palia farm layout from ZentyAmbarenya might help!

This layout is perfect for those who don’t like watering and weeding their crops. It provides full coverage for Water Retain and Weed Prevention and even has a little boost from other buffs.

Most importantly, this layout has all the crops in the game to date. Yep, it has Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage, which were just added along with the Lunar New Year 2024 update.

If you’re the kind of farmer who wants to have a full stock of all produce at all times, this is a great layout to follow.

Lazy Farm Layouts for Those Who Hate Weeding

Farm layout with no weeding needed
Source: whiaer

Aside from watering your crops every day (if your crops don’t have the Water Retain buff), you also have to regularly check them for any weeds growing around them. Weeds stop plant growth, which can be a bit annoying.

For those who hate weeding, Reddit user whiaer came up with a bunch of lazy gardening layouts that have 100% Weed Prevention coverage.

From a general farm that can give you cotton, rice, wheat, and corn with a little tweaking to a blueberry-focused farm, whiaer shares six weed-free farm layouts with other Palians.

Whiaer notes that, as a Switch player, targeting the crops to remove the weeds can get tricky on the console. As a Switch player myself, I relate to that, whiaer!

Apples and Berries for Cake Parties

Farm layout for apples and blueberries
Source: OldFartwithKeyboard

If you’re the kind of farmer who wants to focus on the sweet things in your Palia life, try this apples and blueberries layout from OldFartwithKeyboard on Reddit.

They decided to farm for a lot of apples and berries in preparation for Cake Parties. Cake Parties are cooking sessions with other players where you make, well, cake!

The cakes need a few fruits for the recipe, so it’s best that you have some stock of apples and blueberries before joining or starting a party. You can even share some of the fruits with other players. Sweet!

AFK Set-Up with Harvest Boost and Lots of Apples

Palia gardening layout for AFK farming
Source: whiaer

Unlike other crops, getting apples and blueberry seeds takes more effort. You can’t just waltz in Zeki’s store and regularly buy ‘em since they’re quest rewards.

But once you have one, you’ll be sure to get more using the Seed Collector. This is where whiaer’s “AFK farm set-up” comes in.

Using lots of apple seeds and Harvest Boost fertilizers, you can have this Palia crops layout that you can just leave to do its own thing. And with its Water Retain and Weed Prevention, you can be AFK from the game with no worries.

Whiaer notes that you can swap out some crops, like replacing onion and carrots for rice, wheat, or corn to get Harvest Boost from them, and then use Weed Prevention fertilizers instead. It’s up to you, AFK farmer!

AFK Apple Plot

Source: TrogodorLLC

Here’s another AFK apple layout for farmers who are keen on the AFK farming life!

This “five-tree AFK apple plot” from TrogdorLLC also has full coverage for Water Retain and Weed Prevention and has a little Growth Boost buff to make things a bit faster.

Apple trees take 12 days before they first bear fruit, so any boost with time is a welcome help. And not only does it take long to harvest, but getting its seed is also tricky. Better stock up, farmer!

AFK Chili Dumpling Farm Plot

If you’re not concerned about money anymore and would just want a farm to make food like Chili Oil Dumplings, here’s a great thread on Reddit about it.

SerBlackfyre came up with a 6×6 plot that’s focused on Spicy Peppers and other veggies needed for the recipe. Chili Oil Dumplings need Spicy Pepper, wheat, rice, and any vegetable.

This Palia farm layout might not be as grand as others, but it gives you 100% Water Retain and Weed Prevention, will give everything you need for the recipe, and will even have excess veggies that you can sell!

Chili Dumplings are a great dish to cook in Palia since they give 350 Focus for the regular version and up to 525 Focus for the starred version. Yum!

Low-Maintenance Farm with All Crops (Including Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage) and No Fertilizer Needed

Low-maintenance farm layout with no fertilizers
Source: spicyJellyfish

Don’t like watering and weeding? Can’t spare extra gold or time for fertilizers? Want to grow new crops too? This newly updated Palia crops layout from spicyJellyfish sounds perfect for your farming needs!

This layout incorporates the recently added Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage and won’t require you to spend money or craft for fertilizers.

It’s absolutely low-maintenance too due to its full Water Retain and Weed Prevention coverage, so you don’t have to worry about your crops halting their growth.

So if you want to stock up on all crops currently available in the game for the low, low price of zero fertilizers and effort, this is the layout for you.

Low-Maintenance Farm with All Crops but with Fertilizers

Low-maintenance farm layout with fertilizers
Source: spicyJellyfish

Layouts that don’t use fertilizers are all well and good. However, if you don’t mind buying or making fertilizers, spicyJellyfish also has another crop layout for a fertilizer-rich farm.

The previous layout only has a bit of buff from Harvest Boost and Growth Boost. These two buffs ensure that you have more yield and that your crops grow a bit faster.

With 53 SpeedyGro and 28 Harvest Boost fertilizers, this fertilizer layout amps up your Harvest Boost to 100% and your Growth Boost to 75%, which is definitely a leap from the previous 67% and 25%, respectively.

So, farmer, are you yay or nay on fertilizers? The choice is yours.

Late-Game Layout for Profit, Low-Maintenance, and More Apple Trees

Farm layout for profit
Source: Upbeat_Ad6608

We know that for some Palian farmers, profit is king! Their farms are for one purpose only: Gold.

Which is why we saved this amazing layout from Upbeat_Ad6608 for last. It might not have all the crops planted in its layout, but it’s low-maintenance and can give you a whopping 110,000 gold after 20 days!

Do take note that you’ll need a fair few apple trees for this setup. You’ll also need 45 HydratePro and 32 WeedBlocker fertilizers but will still need to check on some apple trees for weeds since the layout’s Weed Prevention is not 100%.

But that’s a small price to pay for getting more than 110k, right?