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23 Best Fan Made Pokemon Games (2023)

23 Best Fan Made Pokemon Games (2023)

With its familiar and winning gameplay formula of catching ‘mons and battling other trainers, Pokemon games continue to be successful year after year.

But despite their yearly releases, some of us just can’t get enough of Pokemon. Thankfully, we’ve got fanmade Pokemon games to turn to!

These fanmade creations are either modified from real Pokemon games (i.e., ROM hacks) or made from the ground up using different programs. Some even have their own “Fakemons” added!

So whether you just want more Pokemon games to play or are eager to try something different that the mainline games can’t offer, these fanmade Pokemon games are for you.

Some are simple ROM hacks but amped up to 11 in difficulty, while others introduce completely new gameplay, like adding JRPG-like quests or turning it into an MMO.

Best Pokemon Fan Games List

The below table lists all the best fan made Pokemon games in alphabetical order.

Below that you’ll find all of these games ranked with more information about each of them.

GameRelease DateBased OnWhere To Find
PokeMMO2012Gen 3-5PokeMMO
Pokemon Ash Gray2010FireRedPokemon Ash Gray
Pokemon Clockwork2018Gen 1-4Pokemon Clockwork
Pokemon Clover2014FireRedPokemon Clover
Pokemon Creepy Black2011FireRedPokemon Creepy Black
Pokemon Dark Rising2017FireRedPokemon Dark Rising
Pokemon Emerald Kaizo2017EmeraldPokemon Emerald Kaizo
Pokemon Ethereal Gates/
Sea and Sky
2015Gen 1-4Pokemon Sea and Sky
Pokemon Fire Ash2015Gen 3Pokemon Fire Ash
Pokemon Godra:
Remastered Version
2020Gen 4-5Pokemon Godra: Remastered
Pokemon Infinite Fusion2015Gen 1-5Pokemon Infinite Fusion
Pokemon Insurgence2014Gen 3Pokemon Insurgence
Pokemon Light Platinum2008RubyPokemon Light Platinum
Pokemon Orange Islands2017FireRedPokemon Orange Islands
Pokemon Phoenix Rising2018Gen 4-5Pokemon Pheonix Rising
Pokemon Prism2016Gen 2Pokemon Prism
Pokemon Radical Red2020Gen 3Pokemon Radical Red
Pokemon Reborn2012Gen 3Pokemon Reborn
Pokemon Rocket Edition2016FireRedPokemon Rocket Edition
Pokemon Sage2014Gen 5Pokemon Sage
Pokemon Sweet2014FireRedPokemon Sweet
Pokemon Uranium2016Gen 4Pokemon Uranium
Pokemon Xenoverse2016Gen 5-6Pokemon Xenoverse

23. Pokemon Creepy Black

Pokemon Creepy Black
Source: PokeHarbor

Hold on to your seats – we’re starting this list with something spooky!

Pokemon Creepy Black started as a Creepypasta about a bootleg Pokemon game found in a flea market.

In the game, according to the storyteller, you have a peculiar Pokemon called GHOST.

GHOST uses Curse at other Pokemon and even at Pokemon trainers.

It is implied that the ones who get “cursed” don’t just faint. They actually leave a tombstone behind.

Because of how interesting the story is, some fans couldn’t help but make their own fanmade game version of it.

In one version made by Creepy, the game remained true to the Creepypasta, down to the tombstones and the looping Lavender Town tune.

A word of warning – this game isn’t for young players!

22. Pokemon Dark Rising

Pokemon Dark Rising

The Pokemon world is about to get destroyed by calamities and disasters, and it seems like it’s up to you to protect it.

The twist is this heroic mission comes to you in a strange dream.

Created as a Pokemon FireRed ROM hack by DarkRisingGirl, Pokemon Dark Rising is a fanmade Pokemon game that adds dream-like mysteriousness to its plot, which definitely separates it from the usual Pokemon stories.

Aside from its unique story, it adds equally unique features that make the gameplay exciting.

There are more than 300 Pokemon featured from different Generations, abilities related to dreams, and you can even challenge Nurse Joy in a Pokemon battle!

It even features Misty but you’ll have to wait and see whether Ash and Misty have any romantic interest.

21. PokeMMO

PokeMMO screenshots

While the mainline Pokemon games are already super fun, what if it can turn into an MMO game where you can share your Pokemon adventures with other players?

That’s the beauty of PokeMMO! It’s a fanmade Pokemon game that allows you to play with other trainers online.

You get to make your own character and even pick a starting region. You can then explore multiple regions, like Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

On top of that, you can even pick your preferred gaming platform. PokeMMO plays on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

The game started in 2012 and has continued adding updates and new features. It also has a very welcoming and helpful community!

20. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum
Source: PokemonCoders, PokeHarbor

Made way back in 2008 by Wesley FG, Pokemon Light Platinum is arguably a bit dated when compared to newer fan made Pokemon games available now.

However, make no mistake – it still holds up! There’s a reason it’s still fondly remembered by fans even 15 years later.

Aside from paving the way for more ROM hacks in the community, it’s a knockoff Pokemon game done right.

It’s a ROM hack of Pokemon Ruby, and while it doesn’t reinvent the gameplay and story too much, there are still new things in it that make the experience fresh.

You get new regions, new rivals, Pokemon from different generations, and there’s even a secret language involved in its story.

But the part where Light Platinum shines is in its graphics. Its tiles and sprites look absolutely stellar!

19. Pokemon Emerald Kaizo

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo
Source: TVTropes, PokeHarbor

Some fans say that mainline Pokemon games are getting easier.

Well, if you’re someone who’s looking for a challenge, we suggest Pokemon Emerald Kaizo!

This fan made Pokemon game by SinisterHoodedFigure is simply Pokemon Emerald but in an insane and unforgiving hard mode.

The difficulty is amped up to 11, and its AI is definitely no walk in the park. One wrong move and you’re out!

In the video game streaming world, it has even become famous for being very difficult to go through, Nuzlocke-wise.

Aside from its tedious hard mode, the game does offer other things, like more Pokemon to catch and more boss battles. Battle-crazy Pokemon fans will get a kick out of this!

18. Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red
Source: soupercell

Make way for one of the newest fan-made Pokemon games that has swept the community into a frenzy! 

Made by Soupercell and released in 2020, Pokemon Radical Red is a ROM hack of FireRed that amps up the difficulty level of the base game. 

Essentially, it is a difficulty hack at its core, and there aren’t any notable changes in the story.

However, it also offers enhancements and quality-of-life features that make the journey fun and far from being tedious despite the difficulty.

One of its notable enhancements is balancing combat and buffing those who need it. This way, you can enjoy the game with any playstyle and team that you want!

17. Pokemon Godra: Remastered Version

Pokemon Godra: Remastered Version

Pokemon Godra is a game where your choices matter. Not only will your answers affect your game, but it will also change your story and adventure as well.

Right at the start, you can pick whether you want to begin your journey in the eastern or western side of the Godra region.

West Godra is a militarized state where you can be a soldier and work your way up the ranks. Meanwhile, East Godra lets trainers roam around more freely.

The towns and cities you can explore first depend on your chosen home. You’re also given the option to take up jobs to fund your Pokemon journey.

Your starter Pokemon also gets picked based on your answers to a bunch of questions. Think of it as a Sorting Hat situation but with 128 starter Pokemon possibilities!

16. Pokemon Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash Gray
Source:, PokemonCoders

If you’ve always wanted to experience Ash Ketchum’s journey, you can do so with this FireRed-based Pokemon game by metapod23!

In Pokemon Ash Gray, you essentially play as Ash Ketchum.

The adventure closely follows what happens to him in the earlier parts of the anime, which means you can catch Pokemon in the same order Ash did!

New features and quality-of-life upgrades are also added, such as better sprites, tools for HMs, rock climbing, and a teleport system for easy traveling. 

And if you catch and use the same team Ash has, you even get a bonus!

15. Pokemon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash

Can’t get enough of playing as Ash? Here’s another one for you!

This Ash-centric fanmade Pokemon game lets you experience this plucky trainer’s Pokemon journey – from Kanto to Alola!

You battle Ash’s rivals, challenge lots of gym leaders from different regions, have Mega Evolutions, Alolan Forms, and even have Ash-Greninja. Of course, Pikachu follows behind you too.

And National Dex fans will be happy to know that it has over 800 Pokemon up to Gen 7.

You can expect more updates too, since Reinhartmax, its creator, is quite dedicated to this project. It was made in two years and has since gotten updates even five years later.

14. Pokemon Orange Islands

Pokemon Orange Islands
Source: kalarie

Continuing this Ash-inspired Pokemon journey, it’s only befitting to add Pokemon Orange Islands as our next entry.

This fanmade Pokemon game focuses on Ash’s adventure in the eponymous Orange Islands.

It features the entire Orange Archipelago, lets you pick Pikachu as your starter, and adds a bunch of quality-of-life upgrades for its gameplay and visuals.

One notable change is that you won’t lose a Pokeball after a failed attempt at catching! Whew, that saves you some Pokedollars.

Storywise, it closely follows Ash’s journey in the islands in the anime.

It might not be high up in terms of difficulty, but among anime-based ROM hacks Pokemon Orange Islands captures the anime feeling quite well!

13. Pokemon Rocket Edition

Pokemon Rocket Edition

Tired of playing as the hero? How about experiencing the wild side of the Pokemon world as a Team Rocket grunt!

This fanmade Pokemon game by colonelsalt lets you play the story of FireRed but from the perspective of Team Rocket.

Its dark and twisted tale runs parallel to Red’s adventures, and you even get to cheat and steal Pokemon from other trainers to work your way up the ranks.

However, the game does have a morality system and offers you options not to do any of the bad stuff. The game will branch out and reward you based on your deeds.

Well, Pokemon trainer, which side do you choose?

12. Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Have you ever wondered what an Eevee and a Ninetails would look like when fused? How about Hitmonchan and Bidoof together?

Don’t let your Pokemon fusion dreams be dreams. Turn them into reality with Pokemon Infinite Fusion! Thanks to Schrroms’s stroke of genius, we now have this idea as a real Pokemon fan game. 

Story-wise, it’s not much, and it’s essentially just Pokemon Red but with fusions.

However, fusing Pokemon, no matter how weird it gets, is such a delight, and the game actually has visuals for the fused ‘mons.

Got an idea on who to fuse first? We’re thinking Dugtrio and Machamp.

11. Pokemon Sage

Pokemon Sage

Pokemon Sage got its start when a bunch of anonymous posters on 4chan’s /vp/ or Pokemon board got together and tried to make a fan-made Pokemon game.

The idea took off, and we now have a Pokemon fan game set in a region based in Latin America! Its geography, culture, and Fakemon are wonderfully inspired by the area.

Currently, the game’s not finished, but it has a demo available that covers up to the third badge of the adventure. There is also an official forum where the creators encourage you to share feedback and bug reports.

Overall, Pokemon Sage is an inspiring project that shows us that random internet people can band together to make something meaningful.

10. Pokemon Sweet

Pokemon Sweet
Source: PokeHarbor

Let’s get to the immediate sweet core here – yes, we’re ranking Pokemon Sweet quite high due to the sole fact that it turns beloved Pokemon into desserts! Totally a sweet idea, right?

In Pokemon Sweet, Kanto seems to be dessertified and it’s up to you to protect your sweetrolls from evil teams trying to steal them.

Brownisaur as a brownie with a cherry on top? Squirpie as an apple pie? Strawmander as a strawberry red Pokesweet? It’s all too cute! Oh, and yes, Pokemon here are called Pokesweets instead.

And as you slowly collect Pokesweets, you fill up the pages of your Cookbook instead of the traditional Pokedex.

This game is a delight!

9. Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism
Source: PokemonCoders

Pokemon Prism was almost an abandoned and forgotten Pokemon fan game project.

Thankfully, a group of fans called RainbowDevs, who are independent from the original developer, breathed new life into the game.

The story is about Prism, a child of a renowned Pokemon trainer.

They get trapped in a landslide and end up in the industrialist region of Naljo, where they realize that something’s not right with the world.

This ROM hack of Pokemon Crystal might look dated but it offers loads of new features and content.

Aside from a new region called Naljo, the game also has new Elemental types (Gas and Sound), lets you mine and smelt, and even has Pokemon-only areas where you play as your Pokemon!

We’re glad this fan game got revived.

8. Pokemon Clockwork

Pokemon Clockwork

Let’s go through a time traveling journey with this next Pokemon game. 

In Pokemon Clockwork, you get to travel between the past and the present to save the world from Team Epsilon. This villainous group seems to be planning on using an ancient power for themselves!

Aside from the cool time traveling mechanic, the game also has a quest system, and day and night cycles. Most importantly, Celebi is understandably a mascot in the game!

Of course, when time travel is involved, Celebi has to be your mascot.

7. Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn

Pollution, crime, and man-made destruction have ruined the region of Reborn. It is now up to a hero to revive what once was a thriving metropolis.

This Emerald-based Pokemon fan game has a riveting story and new gameplay mechanics to spice up your Pokemon adventure. 

You get new field effects, strategize your combat with the terrain, utilize Pokemon and mechanics from Gen 1 to Gen 7, pick from 21 starter Pokemon, and even battle Gym Leaders of every Pokemon type.

If all those sounds enticing for a fan-made Pokemon game, better jump right in. Be the hero Reborn needs!

6. Pokemon Ethereal Gates/Sea and Sky

Pokemon Ethereal Gates/Sea and Sky
Source: PerihelionProductions,

This next game stands out from other Pokemon fan games for its story about the world of the living and dead, all while still having bright and poppy visuals.

Featuring new and unique Fakemon, their own protagonists, professor, and rivals, as well as its own soundtrack, fans are excited to see the culmination of this game’s development soon.

It’s currently undergoing a huge change, with the developers renaming the whole project as Sea and Sky.

Fans who have tried Ethereal Gates’ demo are confident they’ll have a grand time with the final game.

5. Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover

It’s rude, it’s crude, and downright offensive – but this fan-made Pokemon game full of politically incorrect jokes has smitten the hearts of a lot of longtime Pokemon fans for its content, uniqueness, and excellent use of dark humor.

Pokemon Clover started out as a parody project among 4chan’s /vp/ posters, which explains its crass jokes.

However, it eventually evolved into a proper fan game with rich content that can even rival the mainline games.

You get to explore two regions, have difficulty levels fit for veteran players, and have more than 300 originally designed Pokemon to choose from.

As great as this all sounds, the game isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re okay with vulgar comedy, have a go at it!

4. Pokemon Xenoverse

Pokemon Xenoverse

Interdimensional shenanigans, a search for a missing father, and a fishing minigame await you in our next recommended Pokemon fan game.

From the get-go, you can immediately see the high production level of Pokemon Xenoverse.

It has its own Fakemon that try to emulate the Pokemon style to a tee, as well as its own rich post-game content and DLC.

It also stands out from mainline Pokemon games for putting more importance on the story and finding out what happened to your father, instead of just focusing on gym battles.

Made by a group of Italian Pokemon fans, it originally came out in Italian only, but recently received an English translation.

Overall, it’s a great Pokemon fangame that we highly recommend!

3. Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium screenshots

When it comes to fan made Pokemon games, Pokemon Uranium is one of the most lauded among Pokemon fan game communities.

And it’s no surprise that fans love it. It has its own new region to explore called Tandor, more than 150 original and custom-designed Fakemon, an original type called Nuclear, and the ability to do online trading and online battling.

It was so good that it ended up flying too close to the sun. Due to its popularity – even reaching a million and a half downloads at one point – Nintendo sent the developers multiple DMCA takedown notices. The developers had no choice but to stop.

Luckily, we can still play it today, all thanks to some devoted fans who picked up the pieces and hosted it under new management. The legend of Uranium continues!

2. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising screenshots

Quests, old but new Pokemon, and choices that actually affect the story? Expect all that and more with Phoenix Rising!

This fangame rose to the occasion of giving something new to long-time Pokemon players.

Perhaps you’re tired of the usual story and gameplay beats of the mainline games. Maybe you want to see RPG mechanics in Pokemon.

Well, Phoenix Rising is the game for you!

The beauty of this Pokemon fangame is that it doesn’t reinvent the loved and tried-and-true parts of mainline Pokemon games.

Instead, it adds just enough new elements that make the whole experience fresh, exciting, and a tonne of fun.

It’s got mainline quests and sidequests, and it has Relic Pokemon, which are extinct versions of current Pokemon.

The best part? A non-traditional storyline with RPG elements, morally ambiguous decisions, and an ending crafted by you and your choices.

We pick you too, Phoenix Rising.

1. Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon Insurgence screenshots

If we’re talking about a Pokemon fangame that’s rich – and we mean absolutely rich – in content, Pokemon Insurgence is probably the king right now.

It has quests and side stories that breathe lots of life into its world, its own variant version called Delta Species, customization of your character and your very own secret base, and even online trading and visiting of secret bases. 

And if Game Freak cut off Mega Evolutions, Insurgence continues it with its own Mega creations.

Suffice it to say, there is so much to do in Insurgence that it might feel overwhelming to others, or absolutely a blast to those who love soaking in all the worldbuilding that’s happening.

However, the most notable element of Insurgence is its darker story which involves dangerous cults.

We don’t want to give any spoilers but you start the game with barely any memory.

We’ll let you figure out the rest. What a way to start your Pokemon adventure!