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22 New Eevee Evolution Ideas for Future Pokemon

22 New Eevee Evolution Ideas for Future Pokemon

Eevee and its evolutions have been one of the most compelling concepts in the Pokemon series.

The newest Eevee evolution is still Sylveon from Gen 6. That means we haven’t had a new eeveelution in 10 years!

We have yet to see an Eevee for Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, and Steel – so there are plenty of options for new ones.

Let’s take a look at the best 22 Eevee evolution drawings we’ve come across.

22. Fighting Type Eevee

Fighting type Eevee evolution abz-art
Source: u/abz-art on Reddit

A fierce and punchy Eevee would be a great addition to the team! Reddit user and artist u/abz-art envisioned Fighting type Eevee to be fluffy but ferocious.

Aside from its x-shaped fluff on its body, it also has an x-shaped scar on its head. We don’t know how it got its scar, but maybe it’s for the best we don’t ask this Eevee. We don’t want to get sucker punched.

21. Dragon Type Eevee – Drakeon

Dragon type Eevee evolution Drakeon
Source: u/JhayAlejo on Reddit

Dragon type Eevee can also be quite cute and colorful, as drawn by artist u/JhayAlejo on Reddit. The name Drakeon, which comes from Drake, is adorable too!

It has scales on its back and down to its tail. Another noticeable detail is that the tail fluff, body marks, inner ears, and eyes all have the same RGD LED light-esque design.

20. Steel Type Eevee – Guardeon

Steel type Eevee evolution Guardeon
Source: SplatterParrot on DeviantArt

For their Steel type Eevee idea, SplatterParrot on DeviantArt made this Eevee look like an armored knight!

Its head design looks like a helmet, while its chest armor looks like a shield. It has back plates to protect its back, as well as steel protection for its paws. Steel-toed boots, anyone?

It’s appropriately named as Guardeon. Ser Guardeon, may you protect our kingdom!

19. Ghost Type Eevee – Obliveon

Ghost type Eevee evolution Obliveon
Source: u/abz-art on Reddit

Eevee’s creepy side can come out in this Ghost type form. With wisps of black smoke or aura coming from its body, it’s definitely eerie-looking!

Reddit user u/abz-art also mixed purple and black fur to give this Eevee a goth appearance too. Add in some glowing red eyes and tada — a Ghost type Eevee that will leave you stupefied!

18. Another Fighting Type Eevee

Fighting type Eevee evolution Pixiv id 8166966
Source: Pixiv id 8166966

The fight’s not ever yet for Fighting type Eevee!

For this design, simplicity is the key. The ears and tails have jagged and uneven ends to show the shagginess and rowdiness of this Eevee.

It also has a tiny scar on its snout. Battle scars are always pretty cool!

And for the cherry-on-top detail, it has bandages wrapped around its limbs. We’re cheering for you, Fighting type Eevee!

17. Rock Type Eevee

Rock type Eevee evolution 50shadesofhelio
Source: @50shadesofhelio on Twitter

To show its sturdy nature, this Rock type Eevee by Twitter user @50shadesofhelio has a pronounced helmet on its head. The helmet looks like a gourd or clay pot, which seems appropriate for a Rock type Pokemon.

You see this material on other parts of its body too. It’s on the ends of its ears and tails, on the back of its neck, and on its top limbs. Perhaps it also serves as protection for this Eevee.

16. Psychic Dragon Eevee – Energeon

Dragon psychic type Eevee evolution Energeon
Source: u/JhayAlejo on Reddit

There’s never been a dual type Eevee before.

Reddit user and artist u/JhayAlejo played with the idea of a Psychic Dragon Eeveelution. Its got some features of Espeon, but also a dragon-like tail.

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The fluff on the ends of its tail looks like it’s glowing. In fact, its horns, cheek ribbons, and eyes have the same glowy effect.

This Psychic Dragon Eevee, interestingly named Energeon, looks mesmerizing!

15. Flying Type Eevee

Flying type Eevee evolution 50shadesofhelio
Source: @50shadesofhelio on Twitter

Let’s take it to the skies with this Flying type Eevee!

Just like Shaymin’s Sky Form, this Eevee has wings on its ears. They’re not just tiny wings too — the wingspan is quite impressive!

To show more of its Flying type side, it has balls of fluff on its neck and ankles. Imagine this Eevee floating up in the sky like a bunch of clouds! Great design, @50shadesofhelio.

14. Flying Type Eevee – Hawkeon

Fighting type Eevee evolution Hawkeon
Source: elbdot on Tumblr

We’re not done soaring the skies yet! Here’s another Flying type Eevee called Hawkeon!

This Flying type Eevee design takes inspiration from birds, particularly hawks.

Its fur and feathers are in different shades of brown, just like a hawk’s. Its wings are also on its ears, and its tail is a beautiful plume of feathers.

Tumblr user and artist elbdot even included a shiny version in minty colors! Now that’s a must-catch shiny!

13. Rock Flying Type Eevee – Impacteon

Flying rock type Eevee evolution Impacteon
Source: chrisjalejo on Tumblr

How about combing both Rock and Flying types? Tumblr user and artist chrisjalejo had the exact idea!

Hurling from the sky in all its flaming, flying and rocky glory, here’s Impacteon!

This dual type Eevee merges Rock and Flying features to look like a crashing meteor.

It’s honestly such a cool and creative concept, and we hope we get to see something like this in a future generation.

12. Fighting Type Eevee – Champeon

Fighting type Eevee evolution Champeon
Source: @VivinkArt on Twitter

Here’s another entry for a fighting type Eeveelution concept. Meet Champeon!

What makes this Fighting type Eevee stand out from the rest is the cape. The front paws even look like boxing gloves! It has a crown-like hair too, which goes well with the cape.

This Eevee is definitely rocking the boxing champ persona and is a winner above everyone else. You could say it’s a champion.

You can almost hear the Rocky theme song now.

11. Dragon Type Eevee – Draconeon

Dragon type Eevee evolution Draceon
Source: @VivinkArt on Twitter

Hear this little Eevee roar! For a Dragon type concept, Twitter user and artist @VivinkArt came up with a tiny dragon Eevee.

It almost looks lizard-like, with its scaly belly, long tail, and reptilian-slitted eye corneas. Unlike the Flying type Eevees featured above, this one has dragon wings on its back.

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The name comes from the Latin word for snake or dragon, which is draco. Roar and soar high, little dragon!

10. Ghost Fighting Type Eevee – Mummeon

Fighting ghost type Eevee evolution Mummeon
Source: u/JhayAlejo on Reddit

Here’s another dual type Eevee that’s truly unique. This combo fuses Ghost and Fighting types together to form a one-of-a-kind Eeveelution — Mummeon.

Bandages help treat wounds on fighters, but it’s also used to wrap around mummified corpses. So for this Ghost and Fighting Eevee, it’s cleverly bandaged-themed.

There are bandages wrapped around its body. The tips of its ears and tail are bandages as well. On its head, the bandage looks like a Taoist talisman, which is used to purify spirits and shoo away demons.

What a creatively made Eeveelution!

9. Ground Type Eevee – Terrareon

Ground type Eevee evolution Terrareon
Source: Pixiv id 8166966

This one’s a simpler design but gets the idea across!

A Ground type Eevee with a grounded look is a great idea. Its fanmade name, Terrareon, relates to terrain.

It has colors related to soil, like sandy beige and clay red. And with its flat tail, it can easily do Ground type abilities, such as Sand Tomb and Sand Attack.

Wag and blow them away with sand, Terrareon!

8. Mega Espeon

Mega Espeon Phatmon
Source: Phatmon on Deviantart

Eevee doesn’t really have a Mega evolution — not yet anyway. But Phatmon from Deviantart entertained the idea of an Eeveelution that Mega evolves!

This one is a Mega Espeon. Phatmon expanded on Espeon’s features, like its dual tail tips, ear fluffs, and gem.

In this form, Mega Espeon gets more fluffs, its dual tail tips become fluffier too, and it now has more gems. The paw tips and fluff tips are also in a darker shade than its overall color.

Lovely and mysterious.

7. Mega Leafeon

Mega Leafeon godzilla1030
Source: godzilla1030 on Deviantart

Another magical Mega idea is godzilla1030’s Mega Leafeon!

Similar to Mega Espeon, this Mega Leafeon just adds on the features Leafeon already has.

Leafeon has tail and ear tips that look like leaves. There are also random leaf-looking fluffs on its body.

As a Mega Leafeon, the tail and ear leaves have become longer and have sprouted flowers! Some of the leaf-looking fur fluffs have become leaves or vines too. It’s absolutely beautiful!

We’re crossing our fingers that Mega Eeveelutions will be a thing next gen!

6. Dark Steel Type Eevee – Axeon

Dark steel type Eevee evolution chrisjalejo
Source: chrisjalejo on Tumblr

Let’s get back to the concept of dual type Eevees, shall we? It’s just such a cool idea to pass up!

This Eeveelution is a Dark and Steel combination. To show aspects of these two types, artist chrisjalejo on Tumblr made this Eevee have jet black fur with an axe tail. It’s appropriately nicknamed Axeon.

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It even has spikes protruding on its neck. And its sclera? Steel-colored too.

5. Ghost Type Eeeve – Spireon

Ghost type Eevee evolution ImNotitachi
Source: u/ImNotItachi on Reddit

Fan-made Eeveelutions shine the best when the design and details are simple and not overwhelming or overcomplicated. Just from one look, you immediately know what the Eeveelution is all about.

This is the case with Reddit user u/ImNotItachi’s creation. This Ghost type Eevee named Spireon immediately evokes a spooky, spirit wispy-like image.

The ears and tail float like a will-o’-wisp, while its neck and limbs have a ghost-like fur. The color even reminds us of Gastly!

Spireon definitely deserves the top five spot on our list.

4. Poison Type Eevee – Contageon

Poison type Eevee evolution Contageon
Source: Pixiv id 8166966

Contageon might be contagious, but we don’t mind this Poison type Eeveelution one bit!

A poisonous smoke emanates from it from its neck to replace Eevee’s usual fluffy fur. Its ears also look dripping or melting because of poison.

Design-wise, it’s one of the simplest ones on this list, but it definitely gets its point across.

Don’t mess with Poison type Contageon!

3. Poison Ghost Type – Smogeon

Ghost poison type Eevee evolution Smogeon
Source: u/JhayAlejo on Reddit

Let’s amp up the eeriness of Poison type Eevee by mixing in Ghost type as well. Here’s Smogeon at number three, spreading its sinister toxins!

Smogeon’s black fur is perfect for its Ghost type side, while its translucent tail and floating purple aura fit well for Poison. Seems like merely touching Smogeon will instantly poison and curse you!

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And can you imagine seeing its wide and glowing eyes in the dark?

You wouldn’t want to see this Eevee inside Viridian Forest!

2. Bug Type Eevee – Hunneon

Bug type Eevee evolution Hunneon
Source: u/Will0Wisps on Reddit

Buzzing in at number two is the adorable Bug type Eeveelution, Hunneon!

We’ve seen a lot of Bug Eevee ideas, but this one stands out for its cute bee concept. There’s even an explanation regarding its evolution!

You just have to let Eevee hold Honey while evolving to turn into Hunneon. Buzzingly clever!

It also has all of Eevee’s design elements adapted into bee form. Eevee’s fluff is still there but as a bumble bee’s soft hair. Its tail is now the striped abdomen of a bee too.

Pretty sweet idea from Reddit user u/Will0Wisp, don’t you think?

1. Normal Type Eevee

Normal type Eevee evolution glacianoyoroi
Source: glacianoyoroi on Tumblr

We’ve tackled all the remaining types so far. From Fighting to Bug, we’ve seen amazing and witty Eevelution ideas from talented and creative artists on the internet.

But what if Eevee gets a Normal type evolution, just like its own type? This is what Tumblr user and artist glacianoyoroi wanted to show.

They suggested that this Eevee should get a very varied move set that includes all the Pokemon types. It should also get Protean as an ability, which makes it change its typing depending on the move it’s using.

That’s amazingly clever and it makes us want to see a Normal type Eeveelution now.

If you’re more interested in actual Eevee evolutions then check out our best eeveelution rankings.