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What Is the Best Eevee Evolution? All Eeveelutions Ranked

What Is the Best Eevee Evolution? All Eeveelutions Ranked

The Eeveelutions are some of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise.

But as cute as they are, we have to face the fact that not all Eevee evolutions are created equal. The truth is some are loved by fans more than others – and for good reason!

So for this Pokemon article, we aim to answer the pressing question: Which Eevee evolution is the best?

We’re ranking all Eeveelutions based on their appearance and character design, stats, moves, and typing. Not only are we judging its looks and cute-meter, but each Eeveelution’s combat abilities are also examined.

We’re also considering how they perform in Pokemon Go. Although it’s a Pokemon game, PoGo does things a bit differently than the mainline games. So combat-wise, Eevee and its Eeveelutions behave distinctly in the mobile game.

Without further ado, let’s grab our magnifying glasses and clipboards and start our Eevee evolution assessment! Junior professors, let’s go.

8. Leafeon

Eevee evolution Leafeon looking sad and concerned
Source: Bulbapedia

Ranked lowest in our list is Leafeon, Eevee’s Grass type evolution.

It is known as the Verdant Pokemon. In the main games, it evolves using a Leaf Stone or if it levels up near a Moss Rock.

To show Leafeon’s Grass typing in its character design, they made its ears and tail look like huge leaves. There are also tufts of grass on its body. 

Its paws are also brown, giving the impression of being buried in soil. The Pokedex also notes that Leafeon can photosynthesize.

Despite its cute plant look and interesting trivia regarding its appearance, it usually gets ranked lowest by players due to its stats.

That’s because its HP is abysmally low. And together with its Grass typing, Leafeon becomes very vulnerable in combat.

Its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed are nothing to write home about. However, it does pick itself up a bit with its high Attack and very high Defense.  Its ability, Chlorophyll, is actually useful too.

So Leafeon fans, don’t fret too much! There is still a way to properly use your Leafeon in combat, like further boosting its Attack with Swords Dance. But keep in mind that it’s still sort of a niche player.

Meanwhile, for Pokemon Go, Leafeon is okay due to its decent bulk and defense. Still, you’re better off with other Grass Pokemon.

Sorry, Leafeon fans. Maybe reading up on these Leafeon nicknames might cheer you up.

7. Glaceon

Eevee evolution Glaceon looking ready for battle
Source: Bulbapedia

Next on our list, and unfortunately second to last, is the Ice type Eeveelution Glaceon.

Categorized as the Fresh Snow Pokemon, Eevee turns into Glaceon using an Ice Stone or an Ice Rock.

It shows its icy elements really well through its blue fur color and sharp diamond-like patterns on its body. It sort of looks like an arctic fox.

And unlike other Eevee evolutions, it has two thin ribbon-like flaps dangling on the side of its face. They look like icicles hanging from the ceiling!

Overall, Glaceon is a well-designed Ice type Pokemon. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to save it from its awful typing and stats situation. It’s the reason why it’s always ranked so low.

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Glaceon has the lowest Attack among the Eeveelutions. Meanwhile, its Health, Speed, and Special Defense range from bad, so-so, to okay.

It sadly tries to redeem itself with its high Defense and Special Attack, but it’s not enough. Ice type is known as the worst type when it comes to defense. It is only resistant to its own type and is weak to four other types.

Its high Special Attack isn’t that useful as well. Among its moveset, it only has three Special Ice moves, with only two of those notable for later levels. You can’t even use its high Special Attack that much!

But it’s truly not all bad for Glaceon, which is why it’s not at the bottom of this list. Its ability, Snow Cloak, is not as bad as the others, since hail helps protect you. 

Its typing also shines in Pokemon Go. You see, Ice type isn’t that easy to come across early in the game. For your Ice Pokemon needs, Glaceon is not that difficult to get if you’re in a pinch. Thanks, Glaceon.

6. Flareon

Eevee evolution Flareon looking a little sad
Source: Bulbapedia

Burning through our list at number six, here is Eevee’s fire evolution – Flareon!

Design-wise, Flareon is definitely better than Leafeon and Glaceon. Its fire element is presented better in an aesthetically pleasing manner than Glaceon. In addition, it’s not too obvious like Leafeon.

A Gen 1 Eeveelution, Eevee becomes Flareon with a Fire Stone. Its red-orange fur and yellow neck fluff and tail incorporate fire colors in its design. The Pokedex even notes that it fluffs its fur to release some heat!

But fluffiness aside, Flareon ain’t that fun in combat.

Yes, it’s the strongest Eevee evolution with its high Attack and decent Special Attack, but there isn’t much variation in its moveset.

Aside from its Fire and Normal type moves, you don’t have a lot of notable options. You do get Smog and Bite, which are Poison and Dark moves, but that’s about it.

Flareon’s hit points are heartbreakingly low. Like Glaceon, its Speed isn’t even enough to at least hit first. Fire type can also be vulnerable, and its Special Defense isn’t enough to protect it.

Its ability isn’t good either! They changed Flash Fire to make it better. But it’s still a silly ability because who would even think about hitting Flareon with fire?

The one good thing we can say about Flareon, combat and Eeveelution-wise, is that it’s the only Eevee evolution that has type advantage over two Eeveelutions. Sorry Glaceon and Leafeon, you get dunked on once again.

In Pokemon Go, Flareon retains its high Attack, but honestly, you’re better off with other Pokemon for PvP, Raids, and Gyms. Spend your resources on other Pokemon or Eeveelutions instead.

But hey, at least Flareon is fluffy and cute! We can’t stay upset at it for too long.

5. Jolteon

Eevee evolution Jolteon looking fierce
Source: Bulbapedia

Like a lightning bolt, Jolteon zaps its way to our list!

Much like the other Gen 1 Eeveelutions, you get a Jolteon by exposing Eevee to a Thunder Stone. It’s appropriately categorized as the Lightning Pokemon.

Jolteon has one of the coolest designs among the Eeveelutions. Like Flareon, it excels in its simplicity. Its yellow fur is sharp and jagged to give the impression of lightning and crackling electricity.

And just like Zeus and his bolts, Jolteon hurls lightning at its enemies when it’s angered. Its Pokedex entries note that it charges power whenever its mood changes, and then launches its spiky fur at you

Yikes! Someone’s touchy. But does it use this moodiness in battle?

Unfortunately, all that anger isn’t channeled through its Attack. Its HP is also not good, especially when it’s partnered with a really low Defense.

Similar to Flareon, Jolteon also suffers from a terrible ability. Volt Absorb restores a tiny bit of HP when Jolteon gets hit with electric attacks. But let’s be real, not a lot of people would think about hitting an Electric Pokemon with electric moves.

So where does Jolteon shine? Well, Jolteon embodies Lightning McQueen’s “I am speed” motto.

Its Speed is the highest among the Eeveelutions. And as a bonus, its Special Attack is also pretty good.

Jolteon hits fast and hard with lightning. You can even have fun with it with Volt Switch!

The slight downside to this is its lack of moveset variation. In Pokemon Go, Jolteon is also what you would consider a budget-mon – good enough but not the best.

Still, when it comes to being fast, Jolteon comes first among the Eeveelutions. Ka-chow!

4. Umbreon

Eevee evolution Umbreon in battle
Source: Bulbapedia

Tiny but a tank, here is Eevee’s Dark type evolution – Umbreon!

Added in Gen 2, Umbreon shakes up the usual Eeveelution requirements. Instead of stones, you need high friendship and leveling up at night.

And just like the night, Umbreon’s fur is jet black. It also has yellow ring marks all over its body that harkens back to the moon. Even its Shiny form reflects the serenity of the moon.

With its red eyes and dark body, it kind of looks intimidating. Coincidentally, its high Defense and Special Defense make it all the more menacing, like a dark wall looming over you.

Umbreon has the highest Defense and Special Defense among the Eevee evolutions. Now you know why there are wallbreakers – because there are walls like Umbreon to break!

But as sturdy as this wall is, it’s got its downsides. Umbreon is pretty slow and weak, having the lowest Attack and Special Attack combined within the Eeveelutions. Its moveset also lacks variety.

However, Umbreon redeems itself in Pokemon Go. If you find one with high Defense and/or Stamina, then you’ve got an Eeveelution that stands a chance for PvP. You can dominate with Umbreon’s Snarl and Foul Play moves!

3. Espeon

Eevee evolution Espeon poised ready to attack
Source: Bulbapedia

You don’t need ESP to guess our next Eeveelution, we have Espeon at number three!

We’re not exactly sure what Espeon is. A cat yokai? A sphynx cat? An alien in its Shiny form?

Whatever it is, it effectively shows how mysterious it is with its short lilac fur and forehead jewel that looks like a third eye.

Espeon’s appearance isn’t the only unique thing it has. As Umbreon’s Eeveelution counterpart in Gen 2, Espeon also needs special evolution requirements. 

Eevee has to evolve with high friendship during the day. We’d gladly give you pats and treats on the sunny patio, Espeon.

And like a true friend you can count on, its stats and movesets are something you can rely on during combat.

Espeon follows the steps of some great Psychic Pokemon, like Mewtwo and Alakazam. Its Special Attack is quite excellent, followed by high Speed. Its Special Defense is not bad either. This is the same case in Pokemon Go.

Unlike Glaceon, you can actually take advantage of its highest stat. Espeon has some great Psychic moves, like Psychic and Future Sight.

And its Magic Bounce ability? Hoo boy, you gotta watch out. It’ll block and pass back certain status moves in a blink of an eye.

But – and there’s a big but to this awesome Eeveelution – Espeon can be fragile. Its HP is low and Defense even lower. 

One wrong move and your Espeon can go down, which is why careful planning and good prediction skills are needed during combat. Plan ahead, young Padawan!

2. Sylveon

Eevee evolution Sylevon with Eevee
Source: Bulbapedia

Dazzling us with its cuteness, the adorable and reliable Sylveon deservedly gets the runner-up spot on this best Eeveelution list.

A lot of Pokemon fans can’t help but be charmed by Sylveon’s pinkness and bright blue eyes. Its flowing ribbons add a fae-like aura to it too.

Introduced in Gen 6, it was the flagship Pokemon for the newly introduced Fairy type. Sylveon was also the newest Eeveelution added after six years since Leafeon and Glaceon.

Technically, it’s still the newest, because Game Freak has not added a new Eeveelution since then. We can’t help but entertain the possibility that we’ll get a new Eevee evolution for Scarlet and Violet this year, though.

Speculation aside, Sylveon stands out among the Eeveelutions not just for its beauty but for its dependable stats too.

While its Attack, Defense, and Speed are quite low, Sylveon balances it out with its decent HP, excellent Special Attack, and high Special Defense. Its Pixilate ability is a beast too, turning Normal moves into Fairy types and boosting them.

It uses its Special Attack well by having moves like Moonblast, Swift, and Draining Kiss. If you teach it Hyper Voice, your Sylveon will knock out opponents – adorably!

This is also one solid Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Reliable Sylveon has balanced stats in Attack, Defense, and Stamina.

Its powerful fast-move, Charm, help it decimate Dragon type foes with ease.

Sylveon is the kind of Pokemon that will sweetly smile at you while sending you to the Shadow Realm.

1. Vaporeon

Eevee evolution Vaporeon about to attack
Source: Bulbapedia

Making quite a splash in the cuteness and coolness department and impressing us with its stats and coverage is Eevee’s Water type evolution – Vaporeon!

Starting with its design, it is an amalgamation of aquatic animals and felines or canids. You can see aspects of fish and dolphins, like with its fins and tail, as well as the limbs and stature of cats and foxes.

Atsuko Nishida, the artist behind Vaporeon, also incorporated the idea of mermaids in Vaporeon’s design. Vaporeon has a mysterious and elegant feel, don’t you think?

But it’s not just its looks that impressed us. Combat-wise, Vaporeon is the best Eevee evolution because its stats, typing, and coverage are spectacular together.

It’s far from being the physically strongest Eevee evolution, it’s not fast, and its Defense is bad. But it shines as a tank that can hit back with its crazy high HP, decent Special Defense, and amazing Special Attack.

With lots of Special Water type moves in its arsenal, plus Ice for good measure, it’s an Eeveelution with really good coverage. To add, Water type only has two weaknesses and is resistant to four types.

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In Pokemon Go, it was close to legendary status among fans for how good its stats were.

Even though it’s outclassed by other Water types now, it’s still an affordable Pokemon for your resources and offers decent bulk, high max CP, and can perform well in PvE.

It’s a great tank, with excellent coverage, good typing, reliable, and well-designed to boot. We can’t help but crown Vaporeon as the best Eevee evolution on this list!

Eevee with a Water Stone, Leaf Stone and Thunder Stone
Source: Bulbapedia

Whew, that was a lot of Eevees. Will future changes alter the Eeveelution rankings or will we have a new Eevee evolution for Scarlet and Violet. Only time will tell!