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Top 15 Best Bear Pokemon

Top 15 Best Bear Pokemon

A lot of you are probably wondering, “Are there any bear Pokemon in the series?” Surprisingly, there are a few of them in the Pokemon world!

For this Release Gaming listicle, the bears have come out to play! We decided to pore over and think about the top 15 best bear Pokemon from the games.

We’ve considered their stats, moves, and popularity. Some of them are ferocious, some are cute, but only one can handle being both!

15. Komala

Komala lying down
Source: Pokemon Fandom

Our list starts with sleepyhead Komala! 

This Normal type Pokemon introduced in Gen 7 is based on a koala. Due to people mistaking koalas for bears and calling them koala bears, we thought we’d include this sleepy drop bear on our list.

Like koalas, who spend twenty hours a day dozing off, Komala is asleep for most of its life. It gets close to friendly trainers by clinging to their arms!

It eventually learns the damage-dealing Grass move Wood Hammer, where it hits you with a wooden weapon. Komala and her log are perfect for this move!

14. Spinda

Lots of Spindas smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

You might be surprised to know that Spinda is actually part bear!

With its category as Spot Panda Pokemon, Spinda is based on Qinling pandas. They are giant panda subspecies with light brown or reddish-brown fur. 

Spinda also has rabbit traits due to its long ears. Interestingly, its Pokedex entries say that no two Spindas have the same patterns, so each one is uniquely different.

As its name says, Spinda is always spinning and stumbling in dizziness. It will eventually learn the move Flail, which makes Spinda attack and flail aimlessly. Quite appropriate for this spinny bear-rabbit, don’t you think?

13. Teddiursa

Teddiursa confused
Source: Pokemon Fandom

We can’t have a top bear Pokemon list without including teddybear Pokemon Teddiursa!

At number 13, Teddiursa swoops in with its honey-soaked paws. If you’re wondering why Teddiursa always has a paw in its mouth, it’s because it can’t stop eating honey.

It will do what it takes to hoard food before wintertime. Firstly, Teddiursa will combine the pollen and fruits gathered by Beedrill to make its own nectar. Secondly, it will raid a Combee’s nest just to steal honey!

Its claws aren’t just for eating honey though. Teddiursa is known for using Fury Swipes and Slash, even getting a Same-type Attack Bonus from these moves.

12. Cubchoo

Cubchoo sitting
Source: Bulbapedia

This baby ice bear Pokemon from Gen 5 is next on our list. Meet Cubchoo, an adorable polar bear-inspired cub whose nose is always runny!

But its drippy nose is not just for show. Cubchoo actually uses it for its attacks! According to the Pokedex, Cubchoo’s snot can get watery or sticky.

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When it’s not feeling well, the snot becomes watery, decreasing its ice powers. However, a healthy Cubchoo will display a sticky snot that can effectively hit enemies, as well as boost its ice attacks.

Bless you, Cubchoo.

11. Munchlax

Munchlax smiling
Source: Bulbapedia

Munching in 11th place is the Big Eater Pokemon, Munchlax! This Normal type Pokemon might not immediately look like it, but it’s actually based on bears too. 

Bears are known to enjoy honey, and Munchlax can be found near trees slathered with this syrupy sweetness. And like bears, it will scavenge for food in villages near its home. It will go through trash bins looking for food scraps!

With a high enough friendship, Munchlax will evolve into Snorlax.

Ready the munchies, because a way to a Muchlax’s heart is through its stomach!

10. Stufful

Stufful looking
Source: Bulbapedia

At number 10, the cute and fierce Stufful joins our list!

This pink bear Pokemon combines the concepts of red pandas and stuffed teddies together. Stufful will stuff your hearts with cuteness!

But despite its adorableness, it is actually quite an aggressive Pokemon. As noted by its Pokedex entries, Stufful can easily get angry. It can even snap huge trees with its thrashing!

It can learn the powerful Fighting type move Superpower by leveling up. No matter how much you are tempted to pet a Stufful, better stay away. Stufful will stuff you into a tree.

9. Pancham

Pancham angry
Source: Bulbapedia

This kung fu panda punches its way to our list and lands at number 9! Here’s Pancham, the Fighting type panda Pokemon.

Parting Shot, a Dark type move, was its signature move before Gen 7. It can also use damaging Fighting type attacks, like Vital Throw and Low Sweep!

Pancham tries its best to be scary and intimidating. But because it’s small and adorable, it sometimes fails at it. It looks up to Pangoro, which is its next evolution, and acts like a henchman to it.

Confidence is key, Pancham! With a kick and a punch, you’ll get there.

8. Kubfu

Kubfu artwork
Source: Bulbapedia

More Fighting type bears, you say? How about a Legendary one? Kubfu strikes into our list and gets the 8th spot!

As the Legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield’s DLC, Kubfu offers a unique way of training and leveling up. Depending on the tower you train in, Kubfu can either learn Single Strike or Rapid Strike. 

A Kubfu can start out quite timid. However, with the right training and trainer, it can become courageous and confident with its fighting style. 

In addition, it can also learn Focus Punch, which is a Fighting type move that requires concentration. Focus and train hard, Kubfu!

7. Beartic

Beartic attacking
Source: Bulbapedia

Staying cool at number seven is the ice bear Pokemon Beartic! 

Sneezy Cubchoo trades its drippy nose with an ice beard when it evolves into Beartic. Cubchoo also turns its cuteness into something fierce. As Beartic, it can easily freeze ice with its breath.

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Polar bears in real life are known to be quite ferocious, and Beartic exhibits this as well. In Pokemon Snap, it is noted that it gets aggressive with Mamoswine over territory. Scary! 

Beartic can even make ice claws and fangs for combat. Its attack stat is at 130, reflecting this. Watch out for its Blizzard attack! Not only will it damage you, it will leave you frozen as well.

6. Ursaring

Ursaring angry
Source: Bulbapedia

At number five, Ursaring enters the “top bear Pokemon” ring!

The honey-loving Teddiursa becomes a huge and savage Ursaring at level 30. Like Teddiursa, it will look for food to store for winter.

You don’t want to come across a hungry Ursaring. It can become really ferocious and violent on an empty stomach. Thankfully, it’s good at finding food quickly and uses its nose to track down fruits on trees or food in rivers and underground.

Typing-wise, Ursaring has a lot of weaknesses to remember. Fortunately, it has pretty good HP, attack, and defense that can hopefully help manage things. Hit them with Snore, Thrash, and Hammer Arm, Ursaring!

5. Pangoro

Pangoro furious
Source: Bulbapedia

Another fierce bear joins our list. Here’s panda Pokemon, Pangoro!

Pangoro is a Fighting/Dark dual type bear introduced in Gen 6. Pancham evolves into Pangoro when there’s a Dark type Pokemon with them. To show its Dark typing, Pangoro’s black fur looks like a cape or coat!

Pangoro might look like it’s angry all the time, but it is actually kind and soft-hearted to its friends. Pangoro also dislikes those who pick on the weak, so you bullies better watch out!

This bear talks with its fist! It is noted that if you want to become its trainer, you have to fight it first. Its powerful arms can easily punch a truck or snap a telephone pole. One of its strongest attacks is the Hammer Arm move.

Use those arms for good, Pangoro!

4. Ursaluna

Ursaluna artwork
Source: Bulbapedia

At number four, hear this moon bear roar! Newcomer Ursaluna joins our list.

The Teddiursa and Ursaring line gets a new evolution in Gen 8. In Legends: Arceus, you can turn your Ursaring into an Ursaluna when you expose it to a Peat Block on a full moon.

Ursaluna might have this brawny and intense look, but it’s actually one of the helper Pokemon in Legends: Arceus.

You can use Ursaluna as a ride or mount and sniff out hidden items. It has expertly adapted to the swamps and peat soil around it.

Thanks for the ride, Ursaluna!

3. Snorlax

Snorlax eating
Source: Bulbapedia

Ready your Poke Flutes for our next Pokemon bear. Wake up, Snorlax! You got the third spot!

You might not expect Snorlax to be a teddybear Pokemon, but this sleepy road blocker is definitely based on ursines. Like bears, it likes to eat a lot to store energy before it sleeps and hibernates. A Snorlax can eat up to 400 kg of food a day!

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Despite appearing lazy, Snorlax is one competitive Pokemon. It has high base stats, specifically Sp. Defense. It can be quite the juggernaut with moves like Belly Drum or Curse.

And have you seen its Gigantamax form? Grass and trees literally sprout from its belly!

2. Urshifu

Urshifu training
Source: Bulbapedia

Urshifu, the martial arts black bear, gets the number two rank in our list!

For a Legendary Pokemon, Urshifu is one of the most unique ones. It evolves from Kubfu depending on the tower you train it in. Urshifu becomes a Fighting/Dark type in Tower of Darkness, and Fighting/Water in Tower of Waters.

It even has two Gigantamax forms for its different typings, thus getting two G-Max moves as well. No other Pokemon has this situation, making Urshifu quite unique.

1. Bewear

Bewear standing in forest
Source: Bulbapedia

Put your paws together for the bear we deem the mightiest of all – Bewear!

This pink bear Pokemon is equally adorable and terrifying. According to its Pokedex entries, a lot of trainers have made the mistake of cuddling it, only to be crushed by its overwhelming strength.

Who would blame them, though. Bewear looks cuddly and can even wave its arms in an adorable fashion. It’s actually warning and intimidating you, but hindsight is always 20/20 with Bewear.

No wonder it’s considered one of the most dangerous Pokemon in the Alolan region. Beware of Bewear!

Bewear and Stufful with Team Rocket
Source: Pokemon Fandom

Got your bear fix from our listicle? Let us know which of these fluffy ursines are your favorites!

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