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Should You Choose Axe of Godrick or Grafted Dragon in Elden Ring?

Should You Choose Axe of Godrick or Grafted Dragon in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Remembrances are consumable items you obtain after beating several of the game’s main bosses.

The majority of them are dropped by demi-god bosses, whereas others can only be found in optional locations.

In light of this, some people are unsure of what to do with certain boss Remembrances and whether to prioritize getting the weapon, the spell, or the incantation related to the Remembrance.

One of these bosses is Godrick the Grafted, who will award you with the Remembrance of the Grafted upon defeating him.

Remembrance of the Grafted Best Choice

The Remembrance of the Grafted comes with two weapon options:

  • The Axe of Godrick
  • The Grafted Dragon

The best weapon to choose out of the Axe of Godrick and the Grafted Dragon depends on the build you’re using.

The Axe of Godrick

Axe of Godrick stats
Axe of Godrick stats

If you mainly intend to increase your Strength stat, then Axe of Godrick is the weapon you should choose.

This powerful Greataxe scales largely with both Strength and Dexterity.

In order to use this weapon properly, you must have 34 Strength and 22 Dexterity requirements.

However, due to the 50% Strength gain that results from two-handing weapons, you will be able to use the weapon two-handed with only 24 Strength.

This Greataxe’s special weapon art is called “I Command Thee, Kneel!”.

With a cost of 15 FP, you can unleash two shockwaves by smashing the axe to the ground.

When you follow the attack with another input, you’ll be able to generate a third shockwave that damages all your surroundings.

The Grafted Dragon

Grafted Dragon stats
Grafted Dragon stats

The Grafted Dragon is a fist weapon that scales mostly with Strength, along with Dexterity and Faith.

To effectively use it, you must have at least 20 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 16 Faith.

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Interestingly, it’s a one-of-a-kind melee armament in the fist class, however, it cannot be two-handed like others.

The Grafted Dragon’s special weapon art is “Bear Witness!”. It allows you to pull the dragon into the air and blast fire across a large area in front of you.

The Grafted Dragon weapon is the best choice if you’re working on your Faith stat. Given the weapon’s low stat requirements, it’s very useful.

Furthermore, it is capable of inflicting both Physical and Fire damage.

Can You Get Both Axe of Godrick and Grafted Dragon?

Yes, there is a way to obtain both the Axe of Godrick and the Grafter Dragon.

In case you wish to acquire both weapons, you need to find giant turtle-like buildings that are called Walking Mausoleums.

These Walking Mausoleums can be found across the Lands in Between. However, the one you’re looking for specifically should have bells.

The Walking Mausoleums with bells allow you to duplicate any boss Remembrance.

To gain entry to the Mausoleums, you must attack the glowing white chunks in their legs which cause them to fall.

Once a Mausoleum has fallen, it will accessible.

Inside, you can interact with a grave to duplicate the boss’s Remembrance of your choice.

Keep in mind that you can only duplicate one Remembrance per each Walking Mausoleum.

This way, you can obtain both the Axe of the Godrick and the Grafted Dragon in one playthrough instead of going on a New Game Plus.