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The Love Story of Ash and Misty

The Love Story of Ash and Misty

Ash has always wanted to be the very best Pokemon trainer, but what about who’s the very best in his heart?

Although he has had many traveling companions over the years, his time with Misty has remained one of the most beloved moments for a lot of long-time and older fans.

Let’s take a peek at the love story of Ash and Misty, like how they met, their relationship, and how they currently are.

Ready your hearts. Romance, I choose you!

How Ash and Misty Met

Misty concerned at Ash and Ash taking Misty's bike
Source: The Pokemon Company

Ash and Misty actually met in episode one. At the very start of the show, the two already had an interaction.

Misty was fishing and enjoying her day when Ash and Pikachu suddenly showed up. She thought she caught a big Water Pokemon, but when she reeled it in it was actually Ash and Pikachu.

“It’s just a kid,” Misty sighed. But her disappointment quickly turned to concern after seeing the injured Pikachu.

Misty immediately pointed out that Ash needed to bring Pikachu to the nearest Pokemon Center pronto! Heeding her advice, which he’ll do lots later, Ash quickly turned to leave.

To her surprise, Ash decided to quickly grab Misty’s bike and ride off! She yelled at him that it was her bike, to which he replied that he’ll return it… someday.

Little did the two know that this was the beginning of a wonderful journey. 

While it was unfortunate that the bike got destroyed, while Ash and Pikachu were fleeing from a flock of Spearow later in the episode, it did spark a wonderful relationship between Ash and Misty.

Why Did Ash and Misty Travel Together?

Misty and her ruined bike, Misty and Ash traveling together
Source: The Pokemon Company

At first, Misty accompanied Ash to get her bike back. She needed a replacement after Ash accidentally ruined it while being chased by Spearows.

Eventually, she became one of Ash’s strongest supporters, tagging along in his journey to help and cheer for him. When it came to Water Pokemon, she gave excellent advice to Ash!

It’s always a good idea to brush up on Water type Pokemon combos, after all.

Did Misty Have a Crush on Ash?

Misty blushing at the thought of liking Ash, Ash and Misty wearing kimono
Source: The Pokemon Company

The many moments where Misty blushed at the thought of Ash being her crush seem to point to yes!

In the Power of One movie, Melody teases Misty if she was Ash’s girlfriend, later saying she now understands why Misty joins Ash in his journey.

“Because you like him, right?” Melody says, to which Misty instantly blushes.

In Pokemon Chronicles’ Episode 11, A Date with Delcatty, Misty turns down Georgio’s invitation to a date. Casey then asks if it’s because she likes someone else already.

With excellent timing, Psyduck comes out of his Poke Ball and knowingly giggles at Misty, indicating that this little ducky knows.

Even Team Rocket seems to know! In Episode 83 Poke Ball Peril, Ash and Misty are caught by Team Rocket.

The Rocket trio immediately notices that Brock’s not with them and proceeds to tease the two.

“They’re lovebirds!” Meowth says with glee, as Jessie fawns over them. “Did you two abandon him on purpose to pursue the path of romance?” James teases. “Kissy, kissy!”

Ash and Misty First Kiss

Ash presenting a Pokeball to Misty, Ash and Misty's faces getting close
Source: The Pokemon Company

Speaking of kissing, a lot of PokeShippers wonder if Ash and Misty have ever kissed.

While the anime didn’t show any kissing moments between the two, there is a song about them being under a mistletoe!

During Christmas 2001, 4Kids Entertainment released a Christmas album named Pokemon Christmas Bash. In it, there is a song by Ash and Misty called Under The Mistletoe.

Ash says he’s feeling glad tonight and wonders if it’s the mistletoe. Misty reveals she has a secret in her heart and hopes her true love will show under the mistletoe.

At the end of the song, Misty points out to Ash that they’re both under the mistletoe and Ash gets flustered.

For those who don’t know, there is a historical (kiss-torical?) tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. Ash and Misty kiss under a mistletoe? A lot of PokeShippers hope so!

Misty’s Gifts To Ash

Misty giving Ash her Misty handkerchief and Misty Special Lure
Source: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

Misty has given heartfelt gifts to Ash, like her special fishing lure and handkerchief.

Misty’s handkerchief was a going-away memento. Meanwhile, Misty’s Special Lure is a fishing lure that Misty created herself.

It’s a chibi version of herself that can make fishing for Water Pokemon a lot easier!

Ash is very protective over Misty’s Special Lure. During Diamond and Pearl’s Episode 34, Buizel Your Way Out Of This, Dawn wanted to borrow it but Ash vehemently refused, which resulted in a mini squabble between the two.

After recovering their rods from Buizel, Ash showed immense relief that his Misty Special Lure is back and intact.

Does Ash Like Serena or Misty?

Ash looking puzzled between Misty and Serena
Source: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

Ash likes Misty and Serena as treasured companions for sure!

But romantically, it’s hard to say which one Ash truly likes. He has a lot of cute moments with Misty, and his time with Serena was precious as well.

With Misty, Ash has a lot of blushing moments. A lot of characters also point out that they bicker like a couple.

In one episode, Nurse Joy even hints that the two probably like each other but just don’t know it.

Ash also shows that he highly treasures Misty’s gifts. Misty’s handkerchief has helped him in a pinch a few times. With Misty’s lure, he is overprotective and doesn’t want anyone else to touch it!

On the other hand, Ash has a lot of history with Serena. The two are actually childhood friends, having met at Professor Oak‘s summer camp. Serena got lost and it was Ash who helped her find her way back.

If The Pokemon Company decides to make a future anime about Ash, let’s see who he ends up with!

Do Ash and Misty End Up Together?

Misty and Ash touching and getting super close with each other
Source: The Pokemon Company

Ash and Misty end up together as lifelong companions.

After all they’ve been through, the adventures they’ve experienced, and the Pokemon they saw, it’s hard not to be very close with someone like that.

Even though Misty had to leave to become the Cerulean Gym’s leader, she would show up in the story every now and then, checking on Ash’s improvement and testing him out with his current Pokemon expertise.

In fact, in Ash’s final season of the anime, you will see him and Misty again!

Does Ash Marry Misty?

Pokemon wedding, Ash and Misty happy
Source: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

No, not yet, according to PokeShippers. But Ash and Misty have been in weddings, both real and imagined.

In Episode 48 Holy Matrimony, Ash and Misty were almost guests in James’ forced wedding with Jessebelle. In the end, thanks to James’ Growlithe, they were able to run away from her.

In Episode 55, The Professors’ New Adventure, of the Sun and Moon series, Ash was at Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet’s wedding. Solgaleo even shows up!

Brock also had numerous imagined weddings with various girls. In these fantasies, Ash, Misty, and other companions are guests and cheer for the newlyweds.

But if you really want to see Ash and Misty married, fanfiction is the way! There are numerous fan-made stories that show their wedding day and their married life.

In one fanfiction, Misty reminisces how Ash proposed to her in the most Ash-like way.

He wanted her to stay by his side and manage a gym as a couple. Misty interpreted it as a proposal, and a flustered Ash tried to clarify, but he realized he does want to marry her.

In another, Ash and Misty talk about their married life over pancakes. One particular fanfiction even had their wedding on Valentine’s Day!

Ash and Misty in Later Seasons

Ash and Misty looking happy
Source: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

After leaving in Episode 273, Gotta Catch Ya Later!, Misty has shown up a few times in later seasons.

In Ruby and Sapphire, Misty and Ash reunited to see her Togepi evolve into a Togetic.

Then, in Sun and Moon, she visited Ash in Alola and spent some time in the tropical region enjoying the sun, sea, and Water Pokemon.

Finally, in Journeys, she watched Ash’s ultimate battle with Leon. Misty cheered for Ash and was even concerned for Pikachu.

Did Ash Ever Buy Misty a Bike?

Misty's bike, and Ash sad over Misty leaving
Source: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

Misty did eventually get her bike back! However, it was Nurse Joy who fixed her old and broken bike instead.

In Episode 273 Gotta Catch Ya Later!, Misty received a call from her sisters that she needed to return to Cerulean Gym to fill in for them. Nurse Joy also informed her that her bike has been fixed.

Realizing she doesn’t have a reason to follow Ash anymore, made Misty quite sad. After clearing a misunderstanding, Ash showed that he felt sad over Misty leaving too. He even cried!

As mentioned above, before leaving, Misty left him a memento – her handkerchief.

Ash and Misty References in Pokemon Games

Ash and Misty cheering, and Ash and Misty holding hands
Source: The Pokemon Company

Because of the success of the anime and how popular Ash and Misty became, later Pokemon games reference the couple a few times.

In FireRed and LeafGreen, Misty mentions that she will go on a journey after improving as a Cerulean Gym Leader. This is a nice Easter egg referencing her anime counterpart’s journey with Ash.

Meanwhile, in Pokemon Stadium 2, Misty has Togetic in her team, just like in the anime. Red, which is the basis for Ash’s character, has Tauros and the final evolutions of the Johto Starters, just like Ash!

Lastly, in the Spanish and German versions of Pokemon X and Y, a male Rising Star trainer on Route 21 has given his Pokemon nicknames that reference the anime. 

In Spanish, his Pokemon is nicknamed Ash Ketchum. In German, it’s Misty. Perhaps he’s a big Pokemon anime fan and a devoted Ash x Misty PokeShipper!

The Future of Ash and Misty

Ash and Misty fishing
Source: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

Now that Ash’s Pokemon journey will soon end, what does this mean for Ash and Misty?

Misty is slated to appear in the second episode of the final season of the anime. As of writing, the episode hasn’t aired yet, so we’ll see what it has in store for Ash and Misty fans.

Honestly, we don’t know where Ash will go after his adventure ends, but we’re hoping his close ties with Misty will continue!

Source: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

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If you want to see more Pokemon love stories, let us know which ones to feature next. See you next time, PokeShippers!