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How to Unlock the Secret Archon Archetype in Remnant 2

How to Unlock the Secret Archon Archetype in Remnant 2

Players in Remnant 2 were eager to get the secret Archon Archetype and now they can.

Everyone was on the hunt to unlock the seemingly impossible Archon Archetype and the steps on how to can finally be revealed.

The Archon Archetype follows the same pattern as many other classes, like the Engineer and Summoner, which are unlocked through specific methods.

How to Unlock Archon Archetype

Archon Archetype Remnant 2

To unlock the Archon Archetype, you need to acquire and equip a lot of items before interacting with the Corrupted Biome Portal.

Here is a list of all items you need to have (the table below this list shows how to get them):

  • Realmwalker Set
  • Void Heart
  • Ford’s Scattergun
  • Labyrinth Staff
  • Cube Gun
  • Zania’s Malice Ring
  • Anastasija’s Inspiration Ring
  • Black Cat Band Ring
  • Amber Moonstone Ring
  • Leto’s Amulet
  • Fortune Hunter Perk
  • Worm Hole Perk
Archon Loadout Remnant 2
ItemHow to Get
Realmwalker SetCan be bought from Whispers after beating the game
Void HeartCan found in N’Erud – Alepsis-Taura
Ford’s ScattergunFound at Red Throne in Yaesha
Labyrinth StaffCan be found in The Labyrinth
Cube GunCan be crafted at McCabe using the Conflux Prism obtained after defeating Labyrinth Sentinel
Zania’s Malice RingCan be found in Root Earth – Ashen Wasteland
Anastasija’s Inspiration RingCan be bought from Whispers
Black Cat Band RingCan be bought from Reggie after dying multiple times
Amber Moonstone RingCan be bought from Cass in Ward 13
Leto’s AmuletCan be bought from Reggie after you flop many times from wearing heavy armor
Fortune Hunter PerkExplorer level 10
Worm Hole PerkInvader level 5

Once you gather all the necessary items, equip them before approaching the Corrupted Biome Portal at the Labyrinth.

Corrupted Door Remnant 2

With the full loadout equipped, you will notice an aura of Corruption, indicating you are ready.

Now, head back to the Corrupted Biome Portal and you will be able to interact with it.

Doing so will transport you to the backrooms.

Strange Box Item Remnant 2

While you are there, you have limited time to explore and find the Strange Box item. If you run out of time, you can return later to try again.

After you obtain the Strange Box, take it to Wallace at Ward 13 to craft the Hexahedron.

Finally, equip the Hexahedron Engram to access the desired Anchon Archetype in Remnant 2.