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Apex Legends Hitbox Guide: Sizes Chart, Differences

Apex Legends Hitbox Guide: Sizes Chart, Differences

Hitbox sizes hold great importance in Apex Legends and understanding the different character hitboxes can help you progress your skills much faster in the game.

Apex Legends has a variety of characters to choose from with different sets of abilities across the board.

You can find out more about these legends in our Apex Legends character guide where we share details such as age, height and dive into each of their back stories.

These legends are constantly being updated and tweaked which affects their gameplay and play style. New ones have been added every season with the latest addition to the game being Newcastle.

Each new legend requires players to learn a new play style. Their abilities play a major factor but hitboxes also play an important role.

Hitboxes Season 17

Hitboxes in Apex Legends are mainly divided into 3 categories: Small, Medium, and Large.

Meanwhile some legends (i.e: Pathfinder & Revenant) are an exception due to their unique body sizes. Consequently, they have custom hitboxes designed for them.

Season 13 saw the introduction of Newcastle, the third legend to have a ‘large’ hitbox size.

Meanwhile, Season 14’s new legend, Vantage created some controversy. Many players believed her hitbox is too big and as a result should be given the fortified perk.

Season 15’s legend, Catalyst, won’t have a fortified perk. Her hitbox is medium.

Season 16 is the first to not add a new legend.

Ballistic was added in Season 17 and has a large hitbox.

Newcastle thumbnail shows how large he is
Source: Electronic Arts

Despite different sizes, Apex Legends characters actually move at the same speed.

So, even though Gibraltar may look slower than the likes of Lifeline, there’s no speed advantage for either.

Size does make a difference, though. Legends can be bulkier due to their bigger hitbox eg: Caustic.

This makes them an easier target for opponents as they have a larger body for receiving bullets.

This may make it seem like the bigger legends have a disadvantage to them as theoretically they should be easier to kill.

However, in reality, this isn’t the case. To balance the legends out evenly, the game developers have added a special “Fortified” perk to the bigger characters.

This means that these legends will have a 25% reduction in the damage they take. This allows legends like Gibraltar and Caustic to feel much more balanced and able to compete with more popular picks such as Wraith.

But how does each legend compare with the others? Since there is such a vast selection of legends in the game, it would be much better if we go over each legend’s hitbox sizes individually and see how they compare.

Hitbox Size Comparison Table

The below table shows all legend’s hitbox sizes and whether they have the fortified perk:

CharacterHitbox SizeHas Fortified Perk?
Mad MaggieMediumNo

An important detail that should be noted about the legend hitboxes is that they used to vary a lot in the past.

With each update, the developers have removed the inconsistencies in hitbox sizes and have streamlined them to fit better in the 3 categories.

Even the categories (small and medium) have been pushed towards each other quite a bit over the past several updates.

The categories used to be a lot more different than each other in terms of hitbox sizes, but now only the large category stands apart. The small and medium hitboxes don’t have much difference between them.

In an interview, Daniel Klein, a lead designer at Apex Legends once said that he thought that making the legends’ hitbox sizes different was a big mistake.

This was back when the legends used to have varying hitboxes, and it is obvious that the developers have tried to make amendments ever since.

Who Has the Biggest Hitbox?

Gibraltar has the biggest hitbox in Apex Legends.

In addition to his 6’5” frame, he also has two shields. This means that Gibraltar’s hitbox is bigger than Caustic and Newcastle’s, too.

Gibraltar thumbnail indicates he has the biggest hitbox in Apex Legends
Source: Electronic Arts

Gibraltar was the biggest legend when the game first started, and 3 years and many updates later, he still holds the title to this day!

Who Has the Smallest Hitbox?

Wraith has the smallest hitbox in Apex Legends.

Despite receiving many tweaks to her hitbox over the years, Wraith continues to have the smallest hitbox in the game.

Wraith thumbnail suggests her hitbox is small
Source: Electronic Arts

She received the biggest tweak in season 8 where her hitbox was enlargened a lot to make her easier to hit. However, her hitbox is still smaller than Lifeline and Wattson.

This was done because many people complained that Wraith was very difficult to play against. Wraith used to be and still is, the favorite legend for many players because her abilities allow her to disengage from a fight very easily.