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Apex Legends Heights, Ages and Release Order for All Characters

Apex Legends Heights, Ages and Release Order for All Characters

Apex Legends has a variety of characters in the game all with different abilities and skill sets to choose from.

The variety of playable legends wasn’t always this vast though.

When the game first launched it only had 8 legends available to play with. The original legends were Wraith, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Caustic, and Mirage.

These characters provided variety in utility and play style which was loved by the OG audience of Apex Legends.

You can find the full list of Apex Legends’ names below, along with their heights, ages, the season in which they first appeared (release order), and their home world below.

Apex Legends Characters Heights and Ages Table

CharacterHeightAgeSeason AddedHome World
Bangalore6’0” (183 cm)40OriginalGridiron
Bloodhound6’1” (185 cm)40OriginalTalos
Caustic6’3” (191 cm)50OriginalGaea
Gibraltar6’5” (196 cm)32OriginalSolace
Lifeline5’5” (165 cm)26OriginalPsamathe
Mirage5’11” (180 cm)30OriginalSolace
Pathfinder6’2” (188 cm)77OriginalUnknown
Wraith5’4” (163 cm)34OriginalTyphon
Octane5’8” (172 cm)26Season 1Psamathe
Wattson5’4” (163 cm)24Season 2Solace
Crypto5’9” (175 cm)24Season 3Gaea
Revenant6’8” (203 cm)359Season 4Solace
Loba6’0” (183 cm)36Season 5None
Rampart5’5” (165 cm)23Season 6Gaea
Horizon5’8” (172 cm)39 to 126Season 7Psamathe
Fuse5’7” (170 cm)55Season 8Salvo
Valkyrie5’4” (160 cm)31Season 9Angelia
Seer5’9” (175 cm)27Season 10Boreas
Ash5’7” (170 cm)122Season 11N/A
Mad Maggie5’7” (170 cm)56Season 12Salvo
Newcastle6’6” (198 cm)41Season 13Gridiron
Vantage5’8” (172 cm)19Season 14Pagos
Catalyst5’7” (170 cm)30Season 15Boreas
BallisticUnknown63Season 17Gaea


Bangalore Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Bangalore is the equal tallest character at 6’0” (183 cm). She is 40 years old and her real name is Anita Williams.

She is an ex-soldier for the IMC Armed Forces and one of the original competitors in the Apex games.

Her utility allows her to cover an area in smoke and call in an airstrike in a short area.


Bloodhound Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Bloodhound is a medium legend with a height of 6’1” (185 cm). His age was unknown but has now been confirmed as 40.

The Talos native knows how to use nature to his advantage. He can scan the tracks of his opponents and even summon the strength and agility of the Allfather.

His real name is Blodhundr.


Caustic Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Caustic has a large hitbox like Gibraltar due to his size and carries the Fortified perk as well. He is a criminal doctor who is 6’3” tall with an age of 50 years.

His abilities revolve around his Nox gas. He can set up traps for his enemies and gain control over an area by throwing a Nox gas grenade. He himself is invulnerable to the gas because of his gear and mask.

Caustic’s real name is Alexander Maxwell Nox.


Gibraltar Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Gibraltar is the tallest human Legend in Apex legends and one of the biggest ones. He towers at a whopping 6’5” or 196 cm and is 32 years old.

Gibraltar is the leader of his team and a defense legend. He can throw down a shield bubble for his team and call in airstrikes over his opponents. He has a Large hitbox along with the Fortified status.

His real name is Makoa Gibraltar.


Lifeline Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Lifeline belongs to the category of Small hitbox legends with a height of 5’5” or 165 cm. She is a 26 year old medic who used to be a part of a band before she joined the Apex games.

She has a drone named D.O.C which she can use to heal herself and her teammates. Her drone can also revive downed teammates without slowing her down.

Ajay Che is Lifeline’s real name.


Mirage Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Mirage is 5’11” tall and is 30 years old. His goal is to prove himself in the Apex games.

He has mastered hologram technology and can make identical-looking clones of himself to fool the enemies. He can also send out many clones at once and can control them.

Mirage’s real name is Elliott Rodger Witt.


Pathfinder Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Pathfinder is one of two legends who don’t belong to the general categories of character hitboxes and have a custom hitbox designed for him because of their character size. His hitbox design can be estimated by looking at his size in-game.

Pathfinder is an M.R.V.N (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) who was customized to be able to fight for the people of Outlands.

He stands tall at 6’2” and although his age is not that relevant since robots don’t age, it is good to know that he is 77 years old.


Wraith Apex Legends Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Wraith is the shortest legend in the game standing at 5’4” (163 cm) and 34 years of age.

She is one of the original 8 legends that were in the game when it was released.

Wraith’s powers let her access the void which she can use to momentarily disappear. She can also set teleport points for her teammates to use.

Wraith’s real name is Renee Hope Blasey.


Octane Apex Legends Season 1 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Octane (real name Octavio Silva) is comparatively a shorter and younger legend being 5’8” tall. He is 26 years old.

He can get high using substances from his father’s company which increases his speed. Furthermore, he likes to pull risky stunts which was the reason he lost his legs.


Wattson Apex Legends Season 2 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Wattson is the shortest character in Apex legends which is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. This is the same height as Wraith.

She is also 24 years old, making her the third-youngest legend in Apex Legends.

Her real name is Natalie Paquette.


Crypto Apex Legends Season 3 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Crypto has a height of 5’9” and belongs to the Medium hitbox club. He is 24 years old.

He joined the Apex games to find out more about his lost sister who was previously presumed dead.

Crypto has a drone with him at all times which he can use to scout the area for enemies and can send out an EMP attack from his drone, damaging his enemies.

His real name is Tae Joon Park.


Revenant Apex Legends Season 4 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Revenant is the tallest legend in Apex Legends being 6’8” tall. Like Pathfinder, he also has a custom hitbox design because of his tall height.

He has been roaming around as a killing simulation for 359 years, making him the oldest Apex Legends character. He was also the one to kill Loba’s father.

Revenant’s real name is Kaleb Cross.


Loba Apex Legends Season 5 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Loba is a walking beauty who is 36 years old and stands 6 feet tall. Although without heels, her height comes to around 5’6”.

She is a skilled thief and has a bracelet that allows her to teleport to places that are difficult to reach otherwise. She joined the Apex games because she wanted to take revenge on Revenant.

Loba’s real name is Loba Andrade.


Rampart Apex Legends Season 6 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Rampart is a 23 year old mechanic and guns dealer. She is the third youngest legend in the game.

Like some other characters, her age was unknown but has now been updated on the official Apex Legends website.

She can set up one-way shields to block incoming bullets and can set up a minigun named “Sheila” and can even carry it around.

Ramya Parekh is Rampart’s real name.


Horizon Apex Legends Season 7 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Horizon got lost in space after she was betrayed by one of her crew members during a mission.

Time moves differently in the black hole orbit she ended up in and therefore her actual age is unknown.

We do know that she is somewhere between 39 and 126 years old, though.

When she came back to earth, she found that her son had already passed because of age and now she wants to find a way to travel back in time to her son.

Her gravitational lifts and robot friend help her fight her opponents in the apex games.

Horizon’s real name is Dr. Mary Somers.


Fuse Apex Legends Season 8 Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Fuse is a 55 year old legend who joined Apex games after his ship was brought down by Mad Maggie, her old friend.

He wants to make a name for himself by fighting in the games and his abilities allow him to hold more grenades in his inventory and shoot them with high accuracy.

He also has a weapon that can surround an area with fire for a short while, trapping the enemies inside.

Fuse’s real name is Walter Fitzroy Jr.


Valkyrie Apex Legends Legacy Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Valkyrie is a 31 year old legend who has a love for the sky!

Her father was killed when she was little and she wants to find the man responsible for his murder. She has a suit that allows her to fly and send down small missiles on her enemies.

Valkyrie’s real name is Kairi Imahara.


Seer Apex Legends Emergence Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Seer is also one of the younger legends in the game at 27 years of age. 

When he was born, people perceived him as someone who would bring pain and suffering. But slowly he proved them wrong as he made his name in the Arenas and now has made his way over to the Apex Games.

He uses nano drones to gain an advantage over his opponents and also has a heartbeat sensor.

Seer’s real name is Obi Edolasim.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie Apex Legends Defiance Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Mad Maggie is an old friend of Fuse and a year older than him, at 56.

When Fuse, her former friend, joined the Apex Games, she blew up part of King’s Canyon to take revenge on him. And for her actions, she was punished to play in the Apex Games.

Margaret Kōhere is Mad Maggie’s real name.


Ash Apex Legends Escape Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Ash was the former crewmate of Horizon and the one who betrayed her and along with Horizon, she has also survived for 122 years because she was converted into a Robot.

When she found out that Horizon had joined the Apex Games, she also followed and joined. Her abilities allow her to tear through reality using her sword and set a one-way teleport for herself and her teammates.

Ash’s real name is Dr. Ashleigh Reid.


Newcastle Apex Legends Saviours Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Jackson Williams, aka Newcastle, who is the brother of Bangalore is 41 years old.

He is a defensive agent who can throw up shields for his teammates and carry downed teammates while reviving them.

Newcastle is the tallest character in Apex Legends, standing 6’6” (198 cm).


Vantage Apex Legends Hunted Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Vantage is the youngest character in Apex Legends at 19 years old. Her real name is Xiomara Contreras (Mara).

Vantage competes in the Apex Games in order to get her mother, Xenia, out of prison. She believes competing will bring attention to her wrongful imprisonment.

From an early age, Mara had a natural talent for sniping. Her Ultimate Ability, Sniper’s Mask, allows you to take full advantage of this.


Catalyst Apex Legends Eclipse Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Catalyst, whose real name is Tressa Crystal Smith, is a defensive legend.

The unapproachable Catalyst’s motivation for participating in the Apex Games is to help her family with the prize money.

Having learned about ferrofluid after running away from home, it’s no surprise that her Ultimate Ability, Dark Veil, uses this. It creates a wall of ferrofluid which slows and blinds enemies who walk through it.


Ballistic Apex Legends Arsenal Thumbnail
Source: Electronic Arts

Despite being 63 years of age, Ballistic isn’t close to being the oldest character – Revenant takes that crown at 313 years old.

Ballistic is an assault legend from Gaea.

His real name is August Montgomery Brinkman and he is a billionaire orphan. He entered the Thunderdome to vent his anger.

Character’s Weight and Hitboxes

The weights of the characters in Apex Legends are not shared by the developers. However, we can see how big they are and this affects their hitboxes in-game.

Although each character’s hitbox is slightly different, all characters in Apex Legends have one of three hitbox sizes; Small, Medium, and Large.

Legends of the same size share the same hitbox. This means Newcastle, Gibraltar, and Caustic have the same hitbox. Bangalore, Octane, Crypto, and Mirage also share the same hitbox.

Along with hitboxes, Fortified and Low Profile statuses were also added to the game although Low Profile was then later removed.

For a table showing all the differences between the legends, check out our Apex Legends Hitbox Guide.