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How to Get All Vivillon Patterns in Pokemon GO

How to Get All Vivillon Patterns in Pokemon GO

Vivillon and its pre-evolutions were added to Pokemon GO in December 2022.

Completing the Vivillion collection is a difficult task because it has 18 forms (patterns).

Not only does it have so many forms to catch but getting any Vivillion in the first place is tricky. That’s because it evolves from Scatterbug which requires 125 Candy.

So to make collecting all Vivillion patterns as easy as possible we will show you how to get Scatterbug and Vivillion forms.


How to Get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

Before you get a Vivillon, you must get its base form first, Scatterbug. Doing so is easy but can be time-consuming.

Here’s how to get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO:

  1. Firstly, make sure you have a lot of friends who send you gifts regularly
  2. Before opening those gifts, pin the postcard by tapping the pin icon beside the open button
  3. Upon tapping a pin, you will receive a Vivillon Collector sub-medal of the region where the postcard came from
  4. If you pin 3 postcards from the same region, you will encounter Scatterbug
  5. The second encounter needs 9 more postcards. Then the third and additional encounters require 15 postcards each

After getting your Scatterbug, your next problem is evolving it into Spewpa, then Vivillon.

Scatterbug requires 25 candies to evolve into Spewpa and 100 to evolve Spewpa into Vivillon.

This means if you want to get Scatterbug and enough candies to evolve it, you need to have a lot of friends who will send you gifts regularly.

You can also turn Scatterbug into your buddy, so you can get additional Scatterbug candies while you walk around.

Where to Get Each Vivillion Pattern

Vivillion Map for Pokemon GO
Source: @PokemonGoApp

The region you obtained your Scatterbug determines the pattern it will be when you evolve it into Vivillion. This is highlighted above the evolve button.

There are 18 patterns of Vivillon and here are the regions where you can get each of them:

  • Archipelago: Carrabean and South Africa
  • Continental: Argentina, Denmark, Germany, India, Poland
  • Elegant: Japan
  • Garden: Ireland, New Zealand, UK
  • High Plains: Eastern Europe, USA West Coast
  • Icy Snow: Greenland, Northern Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden
  • Jungle: Central Africa, Colombia, Indonesia, Northern South America
  • Marine: Bulgaria, Chile, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Spain
  • Meadow: France, Italy
  • Modern: USA East Coast
  • Monsoon: Southeast Asia
  • Ocean: Galapagos Island, Hawaii, Madagascar
  • Polar: Alaska, Eastern and Western Canada, Chile and Southern Argentina, Finland, Norway, Sweden
  • River: Egypt, South Africa, South Australia
  • Sandstorm: Middle East
  • Savanna: Brazil
  • Sun: Madagascar, Mexico, North Australia
  • Tundra: Iceland, Southern Norway, Sweden, North Japan
All 18 Vivillion Patterns
Source: @PokemonGoApp

Getting all the 18 patterns of Vivillon will take time as you need friends in each Region, and they must also gift you regularly.

If you’re struggling to find friends in a particular region, check out this thread of Vivillion friend codes for Pokemon GO.

It’s also important to remember to pin its accompanied postcard before opening them.

On top of that, you only get the Scatterbug from that Region if you’ve pinned a postcard 3 times.

To collect all 18 forms of Vivillon you’ll need 2,250 Scatterbug candies.

So to save some time, if you encounter Scatterbug use a Pinap Berry to get more candies.

Another way to maximize your Scatterbug Candy is to wait until there is a double catch candy event like Spotlight Hours or Community Days.

With all the above considered, Vivillion is not only one of the toughest Pokemon to catch but it makes catching all 18 forms extremely rare.