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List of All Pink Pokemon With Rankings

List of All Pink Pokemon With Rankings

Whether it be to their pleasing aesthetics or general cuteness, pink Pokemon seem to be the favorite color of Pokemon.

While pink is usually thought of as a cute and dainty color in modern society, in the world of Pokemon both adorable and fearsome Pokemon actually have it as their color theme.

It’s not just the adorable Sylveon that’s pink, the goofy Slowpoke and the mighty Bewear are too!

Some of them are tiny and cute, like Clefairy and Jigglypuff. Others are fierce, with the likes of Impidimp and Bruxish.

Trivia alert: The Pokedex can actually sort Pokemon through color. Each Pokemon is assigned a color, so we used that as a reference for the Pokemon in this list.

Pink Pokemon List

Here is the full list of all pink Pokemon ordered by Pokedex number:

ClefairyFairyGen 1
ClefableFairyGen 1
JigglypuffNormal/FairyGen 1
WigglytuffNormal/FairyGen 1
Slowpoke (Kanto)Water/PsychicGen 1
Slowpoke (Galar)PsychicGen 8
Slowbro (Kanto)Water/PsychicGen 1
Slowbro (Galar)Poison/PsychicGen 8
ExeggcuteGrass/PsychicGen 1
LickitungNormalGen 1
ChanseyNormalGen 1
Mr. MimePsychic/FairyGen 1
PorygonNormalGen 1
MewPsychicGen 1
CleffaFairyGen 2
IgglybuffNormal/FairyGen 2
FlaaffyElectricGen 2
HoppipGrass/FlyingGen 2
SlowkingWater/PsychicGen 2
Slowking (Galar)Poison/PsychicGen 8
SnubbullFairyGen 2
CorsolaWater/RockGen 2
SmoochumIce/PsychicGen 2
MiltankNormalGen 2
BlisseyNormalGen 2
WhismurNormalGen 3
SkittyNormalGen 3
GorebyssWaterGen 3
LuvdiscWaterGen 3
(Trash Cloak)
BugGen 4
(Trash Cloak)
Bug/SteelGen 4
CherubiGrassGen 4
GrassGen 4
Mime Jr.Psychic/FairyGen 4
(West Sea)
WaterGen 4
(West Sea)
Water/GroundGen 4
HappinyNormalGen 4
LickilickyNormalGen 4
MespritPsychicGen 4
MunnaPsychicGen 5
MusharnaPsychicGen 5
AudinoNormalGen 5
Normal/GrassGen 5
FrillishWater/GhostGen 5
JellicentWater/GhostGen 5
AlomomolaWaterGen 5
Bug/FlyingGen 6
SpritzeeFairyGen 6
AromatisseFairyGen 6
SwirlixFairyGen 6
SlurpuffFairyGen 6
SylveonFairyGen 6
DiancieRock/FairyGen 6
Oricorio (Pa’u)FlyingGen 7
FomantisGrassGen 7
LurantisGrassGen 7
StuffulNormal/FightingGen 7
BewearNormal/FightingGen 7
BruxishWater/PsychicGen 7
Tapu LelePsychic/FairyGen 7
HatennaPsychicGen 8
HattremPsychicGen 8
HatterenePsychic/FairyGen 8
ImpidimpDark/FairyGen 8
MorgremDark/FairyGen 8
(Ruby Cream)
FairyGen 8
EnamorusFairy/FlyingGen 8
TinkatinkFairy/SteelGen 9
TinkatuffFairy/SteelGen 9
TinkatonFairy/SteelGen 9
FlamigoFlying/FightingGen 9
Dragon/WaterGen 9
Scream TailFairy/PsychicGen 9

Here is every pink Pokemon ranked on their pink-ness, design, and just all round catchability!

45. Shellos and Gastrodon (West Sea Form)

Shellos on grass and Gastrodon swimming up
Source: Bulbapedia

We’ve got a lot of pink Pokemon to tackle, but let’s take it slow and start with the sea slug Pokemon Shellos and Gastrodon.

Depending on the area it’s from, these two Pokemon can have a different appearance. Its pink form, Shellos, has to be from the West Sea.

It is theorized that the pinkness comes from the warm ocean waters. Compared to its eastern or blue counterpart, West Sea Shellos and Gastrodon have no problems thriving and growing its population.

Pretty cool reasoning for its pinkness, don’t you think?

44. Bruxish

Bruxish jumping up and showing its fangs
Source: Bulbapedia

Our next entry has an appearance that might make you grind your teeth. Here’s Bruxish, the Water/Psychic Pokemon from Gen 7.

Bruxish’s name comes from bruxism, which is the act of excessively grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. Bruxish actually grinds its teeth when using its psychic powers!

Its pinkness might be a reference to psychedelic art, which is an art style that has bright colors and a surreal flair. When you look at Bruxish’s skin and scales, it definitely shows that distinct style!

Sadly, Bruxish’s design is sometimes hard to love and people often see it as an ugly Pokemon.

43. Whismur

A pair of Whismur whispering
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s keep our voices down because this tiny pink Pokemon doesn’t like loud noises!

A combination of whisper and murmur, Whismur is a Normal type Pokemon from Gen 3. It usually makes a barely audible sound. However, when it gets startled it lets out a very loud cry.

Its pinkness and big ears are said to be a reference to stuffed animals such as toy rabbits. There are stuffed toys that make sounds when you shake or squeeze them, but none are as loud and headache-inducing as Whismur!

42. Hoppip

A Hoppip eating a berry
Source: Bulbapedia

Floating in the breeze, we have the Grass/Flying Hoppip up next on our list!

Hoppip is a pink Pokemon with green leaves. It is round in shape and has jagged leaves on its head that resemble dandelion leaves.

Hoppip loves to fly around in gentle breezes, often looking like a floating pink bulb. Because of its very light weight and propensity to be swept by the wind, you can find this pink Pokemon anywhere in the Pokemon world.

Oh, to spend a lovely spring day relaxing outside with the breeze, having a picnic, and gazing at flying Hoppips!

41. Porygon

Porygon showing what it can do
Source: Bulbapedia

Porygon is a man-made Pokemon that was created using programming codes.

Since it’s an artificial Pokemon and doesn’t need air to breathe or sustenance to live, Pokemon researchers are hoping to send it to space.

Attempts have been unsuccessful so far. However, there is one space Porygon can easily get in, and that’s cyberspace. Porygon will just revert back to codes and data when going to the digital world.

According to the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, he created Porygon as a reply to people who told him to focus on 3D polygonal graphics instead.

They even told him creating a sprite-based game like Pokemon was too late. Well, take that, naysayers!

40. Mesprit

Mesprit flying in the sky
Source: Bulbapedia

Here we have Gen 4’s Psychic Legendary, Mesprit!

Although not fully pink, the Pokedex categorizes Mesprit as a pink Pokemon due to its face and facial appendages which are pink colored.

Mesprit is a playful, albeit slightly mischievous, Legendary. It is said that it taught humans to feel emotions, such as joy, sorrow, and pain. No wonder it’s called “The Being of Emotion” by many.

If you want to see this pink Legendary in action, Mesprit and the other Lake Guardians show up in Diamond and Pearl episodes The Needs of Three and The Battle Finale of Legend. It helped calm down and heal the raging Legendaries!

39. Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime

Mime Jr. happily skipping and Mr. Mime showing its mime acts
Source: Bulbapedia

Miming their way up our list are the mime Pokemon Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime!

Yep, the Mime evolutionary line are considered pink Pokemon by the Pokedex too. Mime Jr.’s pink body and pointy hat make it look like a fairy gnome, which suits its Psychic/Fairy dual typing.

When it evolves to Mr. Mime while knowing the move Mimic, it retains the pink color. Mr. Mime was pure Psychic until it became Psychic/Fairy in Gen 4 and onwards.

In the animated series, James had a Mime Jr. that helped Jessie with Pokemon Contests. Given its knack of performing, this adorable pink Pokemon is perfect for the job!

38. Smoochum

Smoochum winking with lots of hearts
Source: Bulbapedia

Up next in our pink Pokemon list is the Kiss Pokemon Smoochum! Mwah!

Smoochum is Jynx’s pre-evolution. Just as its name suggests, Smoochum likes to, well, smooch! It has a pink body and lighter pink lips.

Smoochum explores things and tries to examine its environment and surrounding objects with its sensitive lips. To keep its lips moist and hydrated, Smoochum applies a layer of tree sap on its lips!

Chapstick, move over. We’ve got a Smoochum-approved lip balm now.

37. Spritzee and Aromatisse

Spritzee and Aromatisse showing its pink feathers
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s fill the air with a sweet scent with Spritzee and Aromatisse’s evolution line!

These two Pokemon have pink fluffy feathers and a face-beak that resembles a plague doctor’s mask. But unlike a plague doctor, Spritzee and Aromatisse emit a delightful fragrance instead.

Spritzee’s scent depends on its diet. According to the Pokedex, royal ladies in the past would have a Spritzee perched on their shoulders in place of perfume.

Meanwhile, Aromatisse can emit both fragrant scents and unpleasant odors. The smelly aroma is a defense mechanism and Aromatisse uses it to deter enemies.

Most of the time, its pink fur releases pleasant scents, but it’s so strong that it even overpowers its trainer’s sense of smell!

36. Exeggcute

Exeggcute clumped up on the grass
Source: Bulbapedia

Don’t worry, these eggs aren’t rotten, they’re just pink!

Exeggcute is a Gen 1 Grass/Psychic Pokemon. It’s a group of six light pink “eggs” all huddled together and communicating using telepathy.

However, despite looking like eggs and categorized as the Egg Pokemon, Exeggcute is more like a seed.

When it evolves, it grows into an Exeggutor, which resembles a palm tree. The Pokedex also describes this pink egg Pokemon as something related to a plant or seed.

Could it be a pun of “eggplant” all along? This thought has scrambled our eggnogs!

35. Impidimp and Morgrem

Impidimp and Morgrem looking mischievous
Source: Bulbapedia

Sneaking up our list are the mischievous and menacing pink Pokemon duo, Impidimp and Morgrem.

Impidimp is the pre-evolution of Morgrem. It eventually becomes Morgrem starting at level 32. Both Pokemon are Dark/Fairy in typing, which is a rather unique typing combination.

The two seem to be based on malevolent and harmful fae creatures in folktales, like imps, gremlins, goblins, and boggarts. Impidimp likes to sneak into houses to steal things and disturb its occupants.

Morgrem, on the other hand, feeds off on negative emotions. Since it’s not physically strong, it would trick its enemies and prey before surprise stabbing them with its hair.

Not all pink are sweet and lovely, after all.

34. Flamigo

A group of Flamigo spreading their wings
Source: Bulbapedia

The fascinating thing about our next Pokemon is that it’s literally just a flamingo.

Flamigo has pink feathers, a black beak, and long bird legs, just like a flamingo. The only un-flamingo trait it has is the knot in its neck. This apparently stops Flamigo from releasing energy from its body.

But don’t feel too comfortable around it. It’s not as harmless as a flamingo lawn decor, since it will synchronize with other Flamigo and attack together! It’s a Flying/Fighting Pokemon, after all.

Sounds scary. Auto-correct, you better learn to respect Flamigo.

33. Lickitung and Lickilicky

Licktung and Lickilicky showing off their tongues
Source: Bulbapedia

Joining this pink Pokemon list lickety-split are Lickitung and Lickilicky!

Lickitung is a Gen 1 Pokemon, while Lickilicky was introduced later during Gen 4. Both are Normal type Pokemon with pink bodies, just like a tongue.

They are amphibian-like Pokemon that use their tongue to catch prey. Lickitung’s saliva is sticky and smelly and is twice as long as its body.

Lickilicky can stretch its tongue more and has space in its throat to store saliva. Lickilicky’s appetite is almost insatiable, which makes its appearance similar to a gourmand-looking pink and dandy.

32. Tinkatink, Tinkatuff, and Tinkaton

Tinkatink, Tinkaton, and Tinkatuff showing their evolution pattern and growing steel hammer
Source: Bulbapedia

They’re pink and cute but oh so tough! Tinkatink, Tinkatuff, and Tinkaton are here to impress our pink Pokemon list!

The Tinkatink evolution line is one of the newest additions from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

They are Fairy/Steel types, which explains their pink skin and hammer weapon. They seem to be based on small fae folks like duendes or dwarfs.

Generally, they live near ruins and would gather metal taken from other Pokemon, like Pawniard and Bisharp.

Its hammer grows with every evolution. The Tink family might be tiny, but they’re mighty alright!

31. Miltank

A group of Miltanks standing
Source: Bulbapedia

Our next Pokemon is udderly fantastic! The pink cow Pokemon Miltank rolls into our pink list.

Who could ever forget Whitney’s Miltank and how it destroyed players with its Rollout? Or how about its refreshing drink Moomoo Milk and how it would heal Pokemon?

Definitely not us. Miltank remains as one of most memorable pink Pokemon in the games and we will metaphorically chug a glass of Moomoo Milk the next time we play.

30. Burmy and Wormadam (Trash Cloak Form)

A Burmy and Wormadam showing their Trash Cloak forms
Source: Bulbapedia

Who says trash can’t be pink and classy? Burmy and Wormadam beg to differ!

The Burmy evolution line are Bug type Pokemon that can change their forms or appearances based on certain conditions. Burmy’s cloak changes depending on where it last battled. This will then affect Wormadam’s appearance during evolution.

When Burmy battles in a building, it will change its cloak into pink. The Pokedex in Legends Arceus mentions that it’s from dust and refuse, referencing fiberglass insulation. It says it’s surprisingly comfortable!

Comfy in pink is the name of the game for Trash Cloak Burmy and Wormadam.

29. Vivillon (Meadow Pattern)

A rare Vivillon flying with a Meadow Pattern on its wings
Source: Bulbapedia

Fluttering in the wind, Vivillon graces us with its pink wings!

Vivillon actually has 20 patterns, with the Meadow Pattern as its pink form. Back in Gen 6 and 7, your real-world location affects your Vivillon’s wing pattern. And based on player reports, this pink Meadow Pattern has shown up in France and Catalonia!

Sadly, Game Freak decided just to have one wing pattern for Gen 9. Here’s hoping we’ll see pink Vivillon again!

28. Fomantis and Lurantis

Fomantis and Lurantis showing how they look like bugs
Source: Bulbapedia

You know how some bugs look like leaves and flowers? Well, these two do the exact opposite!

Despite looking like insects, Fomantis and Lurantis are actually Grass type Pokemon. Fomantis’s name sounds like faux and mantis put together, which rings true for this evolution line’s appearance.

While Fomantis looks like a tiny pink bug Pokemon, Lurantis gains a closer resemblance to a pink orchid mantis. Ultimately, they’re orchids masquerading as bugs!

27. Oricorio (Pa’u Style)

Oricorio in Pa'u style dancing in the crowd
Source: Bulbapedia

Dancing with the waves of Alola, our next pink Pokemon is Gen 7’s Oricorio in Pa’u Style!

Oricorio has lots of forms depending on the island it resides in and what nectar it consumes. On the island of Akala, Oricorio eats Pink Nectar from the surrounding flowers and becomes a Psychic/Flying type pink bird Pokemon.

In its Pa’u Style form, Oricorio gets pink feathers, a headdress, and a hula skirt. It dances the hula to focus on its psychic powers. Unfortunately, it gets too focused on dancing to respond to its trainer sometimes.

26. Snubbull

Snubbull all dressed up with bows, frills, and a crown
Source: Bulbapedia

A pink English bulldog that looks fierce but is actually a softie? Only in Pokemon!

Snubbull is a pink dog Pokemon from Gen 1. During Gen 6, its type was changed from Normal to Fairy, which now suits its pink color.

Snubbull might look ready to bite and fight, but it prefers to scare away its enemies instead of fighting them. Sadly, it breaks Snubbull’s heart that others find it scary.

It’s a loyal companion and a popular Pokemon among women trainers. It’s actually quite adorable with bows and ribbons!

25. Enamorus

Enamorus showing its two forms
Source: Bulbapedia

Enamorus comes flying in to enamor us with its pinkness!

This Fairy/Flying Legendary from Gen 8 is part of the Forces of Nature and gets spring as its domain. It flies in from the sea and then goes to the Hisui region to signal the end of winter.

It is said that Enamorus’s love brought forth life in Hisui. However, as much as it gives love, it can also get pretty wrathful and vengeful to anyone who disrespects any form of life.

24. Frillish and Jellicent (Female)

Frillish and Jellicent floating in the air
Source: Bulbapedia

With our next entries, let’s take a dip in the waters of different Pokemon regions and take a look at a few pink Pokemon.

First up in our ocean tour are Frillish and Jellicent. When female, these jellyfish Pokemon get a pink color.

They also look like royalty with their frills, fluffy collar, and crowns. Frillish is like a princess, while Jellicent is a queen.

They might seem like monarchs, but Frillish is not above using poison against its prey and Jellicent won’t hesitate to drag anyone back to its lair. Yep, fancy cruise ships, boats, and crew won’t be safe from her majesty!

23. Tatsugiri (Droopy Form)

Tatsugiri in Droopy Form giving a quizzical look
Source: Bulbapedia

People might have criticized Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for its bugs and glitches, but we should thank it for bringing to us a sushi Pokemon!

Tatsugiri is a Dragon/Water Pokemon that looks like sushi – a nigiri sushi in particular. Fun fact, the bed of rice it’s on is actually its throat sac! I guess that doesn’t sound too fun.

It has three forms: Curly, Droopy, and Stretchy. In its Droopy Form, its color is pink and it droops a bit on its rice-looking throat sac. It resembles a tuna nigiri in its pink form!

22. Gorebyss

A group of Gorebyss swimming by
Source: Bulbapedia

Swimming in all its pink glory, Gorebyss deservedly joins our pink Pokemon list.

Gorebyss gets its pink color when Clamperl evolves with a pink Deep Sea Scale. After Gorebyss has eaten around springtime, either with seaweed or the fluids of its prey, its pink scales will look even brighter.

In the warm waters of Alola, the Gorebyss in the area even gets a more vivid pink color. If you’re someone who loves pink fish Pokemon, definitely add Gorebyss to your pink team.

Oh, and a fun fact, Gorebyss is called Sakurabyss in Japanese! Pretty fitting, right?

21. Alomomola

An Alomomola being caught with a fishing bait
Source: Bulbapedia

We’re not done yet with our ocean tour. Up next is the healer fish Pokemon, Alomomola!

True to its heart-shaped body, Alomomola is a caring and helpful Pokemon. The membrane surrounding its body can be used to heal injuries. So when it sees any injured Pokemon, it heals it and drags it back to shore!

You’ll see lots of fish accompanying this pink fish Pokemon. Even sailors bring this Pokemon on long voyages in place of doctors or medicine.

20. Luvdisc

A group of Luvdiscs, and Misty talking to her Luvdisc
Source: Bulbapedia

We’ve got one last pink fish Pokemon to add, and whaddya know, it’s also a heart-shaped fish Pokemon. Prepare to feel the love with Luvdisc!

When it gathers in groups to find a mate, Luvdisc can turn portions of the seas bright pink. Because of its shape and pink color, it became the symbol of love and romance.

In the anime, Misty got a Luvdisc who was lovesick. Misty encouraged it to be courageous, and it eventually wooed the Luvdisc of its dreams. Aww, our hearts are feeling pink and in love!

19. Cherubi and Cherrim (Sunshine Form)

A winking Cherubi and a group of Cherrim in Sunshine Form
Source: Bulbapedia

Cherry and pink are the theme for these two! Cherubi is based on cherries, while Cherrim’s Sunshine Form is a cherry blossom.

As a Cherubi, it absorbs sunlight to gather nutrients for its body. The more sunlight it gets, the deeper its pinkness becomes, which usually signals that it has stored enough nutrients and will evolve soon.

After evolving as Cherrim, it will get two forms based on the weather. Cherrim is usually in its Overcast Form when the weather condition is regular or normal.

But when it’s sunny or the weather has harsh sunlight, Cherrim blooms and becomes its Sunshine Form. When this happens, Cherrim closely resembles a real-life cherry blossom!

18. Flaaffy

A Flaaffy jumping in the air
Source: Bulbapedia

It’s fluffy, it’s electrifyingly adorable, and it’s pink! Our next entry is the pink electric sheep Pokemon, Flaaffy.

Due to too much stored electricity, some of Flaaffy’s wool has come off. But to protect itself from its wool zaps, Flaaffy’s body is actually rubber-like. That definitely explains why this sheep’s skin is pink. 

Flaaffy might not stretch like Luffy, but it’s one tough sheep Pokemon, alright. Gomu gomu no zap!

17. Skitty

Skitty laying low on the ground
Source: Bulbapedia

A cute cat? How about a cute pink cat! Clawing up our pink list is the adorable pink cat Pokemon – Skitty.

Skitty is essentially a pink kitten with a foxtail grass as its tail. It joins the ranks of other pink Normal type Pokemon, such as Chansey and Audino.

Skitty can get easily distracted by moving things and won’t hesitate to chase them. It even gets distracted by its own tail! Interestingly, the item Fluffy Tail, which is used to distract wild Pokemon from battling you, resembles Skitty’s tail.

16. Swirlix and Slurpuff

Swirlix showing its hidden legs, and Slurpuff standing on the ground

Swirlix and Slurpuff are put in the white color category by the Pokedex. However, due to the pink hues in their fluffs, we decided to include them in this list.

These sweet duo are called the Cotton Candy Pokemon and the Meringue Pokemon, respectively. Swirlix’s high consumption of desserts and sugar has made its fur sticky and sweet like cotton candy.

Meanwhile, when it evolves to Slurpuff, its fur becomes light and airy – like a meringue! Slurpuff’s sense of smell also gets really strong, which it uses to help pastry chefs detect various baking scents.

Sweet and helpful – that’s the kind of pink Pokemon we like too.

15. Alcremie (Ruby Cream Form)

Alcremie showing its pink form or Ruby Cream form
Source: Bulbapedia

I hope you have more room for dessert! Our next entry is the equally sweet and pink Cream Pokemon – Alcremie!

Alcremie’s Ruby Cream Form takes on a pink color. You get it by having Milcery spin during the day, in a counterclockwise motion, and only for less than five seconds. Milcery will then evolve into a pink Alcremie!

Each Alcremie form actually has unique Pokedex entries. For Ruby Cream, Alcremie’s cream changed its flavor into a sweet and tart combo. Now, I want dessert!

14. Munna and Musharna

Munna floating in the air, and Musharna sleeping
Source: Bulbapedia

After all that dessert, maybe it’s time for a nap, but hopefully a sugar crash won’t give us a nightmare! Perhaps our next Pokemon can help.

Munna and Musharna are known as the Dream Eater Pokemon and the Drowsing Pokemon, respectively.

Munna, a pink Pokemon with floral patterns on its body, was actually foreshadowed back in Gen 1. It eats dreams, and those whose dreams were eaten will forget what the dream was about.

Musharna also eats dreams, but unlike Munna, it can get really grumpy if you wake it from its slumber!

13. Hatenna, Hattrem, and Hatterene

Hatenna, Hattrem, and Hatterene showing their evolution
Source: Bulbapedia

They’re really adorable and squee-inducing! But let’s stay calm for our next pink Pokemon, or else they’ll run away or get angry!

Hatenna, Hattrem, and Hatterene are the kind of Pokemon who will hide or attack back if you show strong emotions and loud noises. 

Whether it’s good or bad emotions, as long as it’s intense, Hatenna will scurry away, Hattrem will try to silence the source, and Hatterene will deal with it with its sharp claws.

Let’s just admire their cuteness from afar.

12. Audino

Audino wearing a nurse cap and helping Nurse Joy, and Mega Audino showing its form
Source: Bulbapedia

Audino fans, we hear you. Don’t worry, we ain’t skipping one of the cutest, kindest, and pinkest Pokemon on this list!

Audino, known as the Hearing Pokemon, has a heightened sense of hearing. It uses the feelers below its ears to hear heartbeats, detect if an egg is close to hatching, and even check how one is feeling, both emotionally and physically.

It’s why you also see it as a Pokemon assisting Nurse Joy. Not only does it have incredible hearing, it even has a kind and helpful heart.

And when it Mega Evolves, it transforms into a light pink, angel-like Pokemon. Absolutely heavenly!

11. Deerling (Spring Form)

Deerling in Spring Form jumping in the air to attack
Source: Bulbapedia

Galloping in the woods in all its pink grace, Deerling’s Spring Form joins our list!

Back in Gen 5 when Deerling was introduced, you would see its different forms depending on the season. Spring would give you a Deerling with pink hair.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it’s now easy to get all of Deerling’s forms. No more waiting for a seasonal change! You simply have to go to an area reflecting the season. 

For Spring Form Deerling, go to the five areas in the South Province. Watch this pink deer Pokemon spring and gallop away!

10. Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking

Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking showing its evolution and Galar counterparts
Source: Bulbapedia

Slowly inching up at number 10 are the trio Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking!

These pink slow-moving Pokemon are a delight to observe.

Slowpoke is notorious for reacting late and forgetting what it’s doing, Slowbro would rather chill than fight, and Slowking has attained intelligence due to Shellder’s poison!

Meanwhile, their Galarian counterparts are the spicy kind, literally and figuratively. Galarian Slowpoke’s tail is literally spicy, Galarian Slowbro has an aggressive attitude because of Shellder’s bite, and Slowking mutters toxic curses!

Kantonian Slowpoke crew or Galarian Slowpoke gang? Pick your pink Slowpoke team!

9. Stufful and Bewear

Stufful and Bewear swimming and splashing in the water
Source: Bulbapedia

They’re pink and cuddly, but beware – they’re not above a scuffle!

Stufful and Bewear are pink bear Pokemon from Gen 7. Despite their cute looks and stuffed animal appearance, they’re actually pretty strong and aggressive.

Stufful actually hates being hugged and touched, and it’ll flail its arms in retaliation. Apparently, these flailings can cut through trees!

As for Bewear? Oh boy, it’s listed as the most dangerous Pokemon in Alola! It flails its arms as a warning and its hugs can easily break bones.

They might be cute but, sadly, it’s best to stay away from these pink bear Pokemon.

8. Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele floating in the night sky
Source: Bulbapedia

The pink guardian deity of Akala Island graces us with her presence!

Tapu Lele is a Psychic/Fairy Legendary hailing from the region of Alola. Its pink theme fits very well with its dual typing and affinity to heal people and Pokemon with its shells.

However, Tapu Lele also shows the playful and dangerous nature of fairies in real-life stories.

While the shells it scatters can heal with just a mere touch, touching too many of it can actually be fatal! The Pokedex even notes that it won’t feel any guilt for its cruel actions. 

Dealing with fae folk is always pretty tricky, even in Pokemon. Touch shells responsibly, trainers!

7. Corsola

A happy Corsola standing near the shore
Source: Bulbapedia

If we’re talking about pink, we cannot skip everyone’s favorite pink coral Pokemon – Corsola!

Corsola is a Water/Rock Pokemon from Gen 2. Like real-life corals, Corsola needs clean water to live and thrive. This can even bring out its pinkness more!

It can be found in warm and shallow seas with a lot of other Corsola, all living together in big social groups.

However, if the water is dirty, Corsola’s horns change in color and health. And if the water temperature suddenly changes, Corsola gets wiped out and turns into its Ghost type form.

Corsola is a great lesson and reminder for Pokemon fans that we absolutely need to protect our seas!

6. Diancie

Diancie and Mega Diancie showing their diamonds and evolution forms
Source: Bulbapedia

Our next entry is also rock-like, but it’s the shining and glittering kind. Here’s Diancie, the pink diamond Pokemon in all its glint and shimmer!

Diancie is a Rock/Fairy Mythical Pokemon that can make diamonds just from compressing the carbon in the air. It looks like a pink diamond princess and is a play on diamond princess cuts in real life.

It even becomes more princess-y when it Mega Evolves. Mega Diancie’s dress gets longer and it gets more dangly pink diamonds.

The Pokedex notes that Diancie’s glimmering appearance is quite lovely to look at!

If you want to see Diancie in all its beautiful glory, check out the animated short Diancie – Princess of the Diamond Domain, and the movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

5. Sylveon

Sylveon wearing a pink costume
Source: Bulbapedia

When it comes to pink, this Eeveelution can’t be beaten! At number 5, we have the pretty and dainty Sylveon!

When Fairy type was added in the games during Gen 6, Sylveon became the de facto flagship for Fairy types. It’s beautifully designed and perfect for its type.

Sylveon has pink ears, paws, and tail. Its bows and ribbons are actually feelers that can help calm and soothe other Pokemon.

For more pink Sylveon cuteness, check out Serena’s Sylveon in the Pokemon XY animated series. They performed in various costumes and wore a lot of pink!

4. Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey

Chansey walking with its egg, Happiny holding its stone, and Blissey looking happy
Source: Bulbapedia

At number four, the Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey evolution line are here to share the joy!

Long-time Pokemon fans would never forget Nurse Joy’s helpful assistant, Chansey. It was always so kind, soothing, and adorably pink!

Chansey’s evolution, Blissey, was later introduced in Gen 2. It upped its pinkness and kindness! It now has pink curls that can detect sadness and low health, which makes Blissey rush to anyone who needs help.

In Gen 4, Game Freak added Chansey and Blissey’s pre-evolution, the pink baby Pokemon Happiny. It wants to be like Chansey and Blissey, so it holds a stone in its pouch to mimic them.

Adorable! If you need a serotonin boost, adding these three to your team might help.

3. Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable

Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable showing their evolution
Source: Bulbapedia

Dancing under the moonlight at number three are Clefairy and its evolution line!

Clefairy is probably one of the most recognizable and memorable pink Pokemon ever.

Clefairy and its evolution line all have adorable and totally huggable round-ish and chubby pink bodies, pointy ears, and curly hair tufts.

All three have a shared fascination with the moon. They’re usually shy creatures who prefer to live in remote mountainous areas, but they all come out to gaze at and dance under the moonlight.

According to the anime, Clefairy and its evolution line might actually come from the moon or a different planet. Does that mean they’re essentially pink aliens? Fascinating!

2. Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff

Jigglypuff singing, and Igglybuff, Wigglytuff, and Scream Tail showing their evolution
Source: Bulbapedia

With a puff and a pout, Jigglypuff’s evolution line gets the runner-up spot on our pink list!

Jigglypuff is another very memorable pink Pokemon. With how it would lull Ash and friend’s to sleep and then doodle on their face, who could ever forget this singing diva?

The Pokedex says that Jigglypuff has an impressive lung capacity. It uses it for singing soothing melodies that can put anyone to sleep. Its rubbery round body can inflate to let air in.

Igglybuff, its pre-evolution, does try to sing. But since it’s a baby Pokemon, it can’t do much yet and even gets sore throats. It’s why it likes to live near rivers, so it always has water to use for gargling.

Meanwhile, Wigglytuff is all about inflating, floating, and bouncing! It truly lives up to its category, the Balloon Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet recently added their prehistoric ancestor – Scream Tail.

It is said to have lived a billion years ago, and is called as such because of its distinct scream and hair-like tail. An aggressively screaming Jigglypuff sounds like a nightmare!

1. Mew

Mew giggling in the air
Source: Bulbapedia

Whew, this list has gotten long, but we’re finally at number one. Taking on the mantle for best pink Pokemon, give it up for the Psychic type Mythical Pokemon – Mew!

When it comes to being pink, adorable, and a fascinating Pokemon, it’s hard to top Mew. Its early designs make it look like an embryo, which explains its pink appearance.

This is also consistent with the Pokemon lore about Mew being the last common ancestor of all Pokemon. It is even believed that Mew contains the DNA of every existing Pokemon. 

It’s why it can do any Pokemon moves. How cool is that!

Aside from the lore, Mew is also quite playful, curious, and intelligent, as shown in the anime. It’s always a delight to see Mew on the screen!

Clefairy with a Clefairy doll
Source: Bulbapedia

Whew, that’s a lot of pink. But if you want to see more pink, there are actually a lot of pink Shiny Pokemon, like Shiny Lopunny, Shiny Dratini, and even Shiny Palkia!

If want to see another color, let us know your favorites and we might feature it next! Maybe blue Pokemon? Squirtle gang says yes.