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All Crab Pokemon Ranked

All Crab Pokemon Ranked

Feeling a bit crabby today? Let this crab-tastic Pokemon listicle cheer you up!

We’ve checked the snakes and the sheep of the Pokemon world. Today, we’re letting the crabs scuttle their way into our hearts.

From classic Gen 1 Krabby to new crab contenders like Crabrawler, we ranked these crabby crustaceans to find the best crab Pokemon among them.

13. Clauncher

Crab Pokemon Clauncher
Source: Bulbapedia

With its huge claw, Clauncher resembles a pistol shrimp more than a crab. We decided to add it here anyway due to its crustacean link.

According to the Pokedex, it can’t swim straight because of the size and weight of its claw. It has to build up gas in its claw and fire it to push itself and swim. 

Life dealt Clauncher with a huge claw and it made it work. Very resourceful!

Unfortunately, it’s not that resourceful when it comes to its stats. Its base stats are all similarly leveled and balanced – nothing stands out.

Its ability, Mega Launcher, can’t be utilized well due to the lack of moves that can use it.

You can teach it U-Turn to give it an edge and move your team around during combat. But other than that, combat with Clauncher doesn’t go swimmingly.

12. Paras

Crab Pokemon Paras
Source: Bulbapedia

Paras’ origin and design are a bit baffling but interesting. Although it looks crab-like, it has a Bug/Grass dual typing. It could be a land-dwelling crab crossed with a nymph stage cicada.

The mysteries don’t stop there. The mushrooms on its back are called Tochukaso. It is based on a real-life fungus that grows on insects. It controls insects and acts as a parasite.

The mushroom-looking Tochukaso on Paras’ back does the same. It influences Paras to drain nutrients from tree roots so it can get these nutrients. Paras is called such because of this parasite!

So is Paras the crab-like creature or the mushroom? No clue, but what we do know is that Paras isn’t that good combat-wise. It has low health and speed, and the weaknesses aren’t helping either.

Paras does have Spore to make Pokemon sleep, but it won’t be enough to make Paras a competitive choice.

11. Parasect

Crab Pokemon Parasect
Source: Bulbapedia

Paras evolves into Parasect at level 24. Like Paras, it also has a Bug/Grass dual typing.

The Tochukaso on its back has now grown into a massive singular mushroom. It makes Parasect look like a hermit crab with a mushroom shell!

As noted by its Pokedex entries, the Tochukaso has now completely overpowered Parasect and fully controls the body.

The mushroom needs nutrients, and so it will command Parasect to drain trees for sustenance. You’ll sometimes see swarms of Parasects draining a tree!

Even though this origin is cool, Parasect’s stats are a different story. It did not improve after evolving. In addition, the moves it can do can be done by other better Grass Pokemon.

Still, we enjoyed your mushroom parasite story, Parasect!

10. Kabuto

Crab Pokemon Kabuto
Source: Bulbapedia

The mysterious Kabuto joins our list at number nine!

This Rock/Water Fossil Pokemon from Gen 1 is based on trilobites and horseshoe crabs. It used to scuttle near shores before its apparent extinction, which explains its Water typing.

Now, you just need to process a Dome Fossil at certain locations to get yourself a Kabuto!

Just like its fossil origin, Kabuto has the Ancient Power move. It also boasts of a solid defense, thanks to its protective shell.

Kabuto is a niche choice to be included in your Pokemon lineup, but it can perform a lot of roles in your team. Just keep in mind that it also has a lot of weaknesses!

9. Dwebble

Crab Pokemon Dwebble
Source: Bulbapedia

Cute as a pebble, Dwebble enters our list at number eight!

Based on a hermit crab, the Dwebble line supports the theory that some of these desert locations used to be the ocean. When it was introduced in Gen 5, Dwebble can be found in the desert.

Because of the lack of shells in the area, Dwebble has learned to adapt and uses a rock as its protective shell. It’s no surprise that its highest stat is Defense!

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Dwebble can be used as a great lead to your lineup. It can set up some stuff with the Stealth Rock move by hurting enemy Pokemon as it switches in. It can also use Rock Blast and can hit enemies a few times.

You still have to manage three weaknesses. But don’t worry, Dwebble is one sturdy crab!

8. Clawitzer

Crab Pokemon Clawitzer
Source: Bulbapedia

Clauncher’s evolved form improves on the pistol shrimp origins and its combat abilities. Its claw is now way bigger, even noted by the Pokedex to punch through tanker hulls! 

Its higher base stats definitely reflect this. Sp Atk has notably increased and Clawitzer can definitely deliver the punches in combat now.

With Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, and Heal Pulse, it can take advantage of its Mega Launcher ability.

You can also add moves like Aura Sphere for its high Sp Atk. U-Turn will also keep your team revolving.

Speed might be a problem, though. Still, great glow-up, Clawitzer!

7. Crabrawler

Crab Pokemon Crabrawler
Source: Bulbapedia

Don’t let this crab’s pompadour intimidate you! Crabrawler boxes in at number seven!

This Fighting type crab has a lot of personality in its design. It’s based on coconut crabs, with its large claws looking similar. 

And just like coconut crabs, Crabrawler enjoys climbing trees. It will even climb up a trainer, just so it can perch somewhere high!

It is noted to be quite aggressive and will look for a fight wherever. Its claws look like boxing gloves, and it seems to perpetually have a black eye.

It will punch trees just to get berries, and sometimes hits or climbs up on Exeggutor.

While it does love to fight, it lacks some abilities and moves that other Fighting Pokemon can offer.

Ultimately, Crabrawler is not a bad choice if you really want a boxing, pompadour-wearing crab!

6. Crawdaunt

Crab Pokemon Crawdaunt
Source: Bulbapedia

Is it cray-cray that we’re adding a crayfish-inspired Pokemon to our crab Pokemon list? Some fans mistake the Corphish and Crawdaunt line as crabs, so we might as well!

Like its name, Crawdaunt is a daunting sight to behold due to its violent and aggressive nature. According to its Pokedex info, it will challenge anyone, especially Pokemon that will wander to its territory.

To reflect its aggressive nature, its highest stat is Attack. And thanks to its Adaptability ability, it makes moves like Knock Off and Crabhammer pretty exceptional!

Its low Sp Defense and Speed, as well as its numerous weaknesses, might be a problem. Still, with its unrelenting attitude, Crawdaunt will try to punch its way to victory.

5. Corphish

Crab Pokemon Corphish
Source: Bulbapedia

The ever-resilient Corphish enters the top 5 on our list!

Just like its evolution Crawdaunt, Corphish excels with its high Attack and manageable Defense. You can still use the combo Knock off and Crabhammer, while Swords Dance can increase its attack more.

You still have to manage its weaknesses and low Speed, but with its resistances and good moves to pick from, you should be good.

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Now, why did we rank Corphish higher than Crawdaunt? Simple, the Pokemon animated series featured Ash’s Corphish a lot.

It was a source for a lot of gags in the Ruby and Sapphire seasons, and even sings a song with Brock!

Its Pokedex entries also note that Corphish can survive in polluted waters and can eat almost anything. Now that’s a trooper!

4. Crustle

Crab Pokemon Crustle
Source: Bulbapedia

At rank four, make way for Crustle and its humongous strata shell!

Like Dwebble, Crustle is based on hermit crabs. Its creative name is a play on crustaceans and the Earth’s crust on its back.

Since it was primarily found on land or in desert areas, it evolved to use layers of rocks and sediments as its shell. If you break it, Crustle will immediately lose the fight and will feel weak without it.

Crustle is quite strong, as shown by its sturdy legs that can easily lift the slab of earth on its back. Its claws are also thick and powerful. Due to these characteristics, its top base stats are Defense and Attack.

Although you have to manage three weaknesses, it can be a good starting Pokemon for your lineup with moves like Stealth Rock and Spikes.

You can also hurl rocks at enemies with Rock Blast, and launch huge boulders with its strongest attack – the Rock Wrecker.

3. Crabominable

Crab Pokemon Crabominable
Source: Bulbapedia

Climbing up at number three, here’s the admirable Crabominable!

Remember Crabrawler? Do you recall how it enjoys perching up at high locations? Well, because of its quest to reach the very top of things, it traveled and got lost at Mount Lanakila, the tallest mountain in Alola.

There, it had to survive and adapt to the cold environment. And so it evolved into Crabominable!

Not only does it have abominable snowman references, but this crab Pokemon is also based on yeti crabs and horsehair crabs. These crabs have hair or spines on their body.

It still remembers its combat-loving pre-evolution. Crabominable has retained its high Attack stat and is still quite punchy.

With its Iron Fist ability that boosts its punch moves, this is one Pokemon you don’t wanna face in the ring.

2. Krabby

Crab Pokemon Krabby
Source: Bulbapedia

At number two, Krabby joins the crab fight and (almost) wins it!

When asked about crab Pokemon, Krabby is the iconic one most fans think of first. With Krabby as its name, it is straight-up based on crabs, such as samurai crabs.

With its high Attack and an ability that can boost it, a lot of old players enjoyed using Krabby as their offensive player.

That being said, a couple of other crabs might have slightly better stats and moves than Krabby. However, what makes it a good crab Pokemon is its memorable role in the animated series.

During the Indigo League championship, Ash used Krabby in his very first fight. He only had Krabby to add another Water type Pokemon to his team. However, it performed better than he expected and even evolved into Kingler!

1. Kingler

Crab Pokemon Kingler
Source: Bulbapedia

Winning our crabby crustacean competition is none other than Kingler! 

Conceptually, its design is based on multiple crabs, like fiddler crabs, terrestrial crabs, and the spikey crowns of a king crab.

Its powerful claws are said to be so strong, that it can easily open Shellder and Cloyster. Kingler also gets an impressive Gigantamax form, which makes it look like a Japanese spider crab!

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While you can definitely find stronger Water type Pokemon, Kingler is still capable with its high Attack, a decent set of moves, and good abilities. You can definitely boost its Attack with Swords Dance, then pummel opponents with Crabhammer!

Also, in the animated series, Ash’s Krabby evolved into a Kingler and won him his very first match in the Indigo League competition! Throughout that fight, he mowed down his opponent with just one Pokemon.

The iconic crab can dish out the attacks and gets a Gigantamax to boot. You deserve the crown, king.

Crab Pokemon Gigantamax Kingler
Source: YouTube – Viz

Don’t feel too crabby if your favorite crab didn’t top our lists. Let us know who your favorites are in the comment section below!