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Release Gaming is an independent website dedicated to gaming, founded in June 2022.

We make guides, share information, and cover news from a variety of games.

So, if you’re looking for info about a map, details about your favorite character, or any other facts surrounding a particular video game, that is the content we want to cover.

Gaming is our passion and hopefully, this is evident from the work we produce.

Editorial Guidelines

At Release Gaming, it is imperative to us that our content is informative and unique.

Our aim is to share up-to-date, accurate, and original content.

If you have any article suggestions or would like to contact us regarding any current content you can do so on the e-mail below.

Our Team

Dawn Lim

As a Mass Communication graduate and an avid fan of video games, Dawn has finally merged her love of video games and writing this year.

Dawn spends many hours on Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter but Pokemon is her main expertise. She’s somewhat of a ‘Pokemon Master’.

Her other creative outlets include digital drawing and cross-stitching.

She writes from the comforts of her humid home in Southeast Asia.

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Mohamed El Ouardighi

Mohamed, known as Medo, is a passionate gamer who turned his love for video games into a successful career.

As an experienced video game content writer, he achieved his dream by contributing to various websites.

He offers guidance on a wide range of games, from RPGs and Souls games to Indie games and Metroidvania titles.

His motto is the same as ever: “There is a video game for everyone!”

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Celsos Ricablanca

Celsos is an avid Tolkien fan and spends most of his playing games and reading books.

His love for video games started as early as 10 years old after borrowing his cousin’s Game Boy Advance SP. He is currently replaying Skyrim for the millionth time.

As a journalism graduate in the Philippines, he uses his writing skills to become a wordsmith for modern gamers.

Celsos wants to travel the world someday and grow his collection of anything related to Middle Earth.

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Rhoje Joseph Jayag

Rhoje Joseph D. Jayag is a gamer interested in RPGs, MOBAs, and open-world games.

He was always a fan of the Pokemon series and is a Pokemon GO veteran.

He is currently focusing on playing Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Unite.

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Ralph Ngo

Ralph is an experienced Filipino-Aussie writer who began his writing journey from humble beginnings by writing down his daydreams and fanfiction with pen and paper.

He has a passion for playing high-quality nostalgic games, which led him to the world of emulation.

Ralph has poured over 500 hours into various emulators to play his favorite childhood games.

More recently he has developed a love for the Elder Scrolls, spending a lot of time playing around with Skyrim mods.

He enjoys writing about these topics so that more people can learn about them.

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Farrukh Jafri

Farrukh is a 21 year old Econ major who has been obsessed with gaming for as long as he can remember.

His favorite games range from Elden Ring to Gran Turismo to Halo Infinite. He loves them all!

He does his best to keep up with the latest games, in addition to writing about them as a hobby.

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If you want to get in contact with us you can do so at:

[email protected]